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    Well its here Thanks again to Ashley for offering this and was a pleasure to meet him. The machine looks in decent condition but does not boot up but that's for the up and coming project thread. The first thing to do was to clean the base and replace those missing feet before moving it into the workshop. That's the last post on this thread as i will start a new project thread ASAP.
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    and after nearly 4 days later the files are ready to be printed front... and the mask for the back as these are backlit, the orange is the cut outs where you see the top layer shining through! the numbers have a clear surround so more difficult to see in the preview, but are the files the printers need, there is also a cutout layer for the outside and holes cutting but that's not shown in those previews ready for the printers, hopefully will get there in the next day or to as also need a post office in another town that is not closed due to staff shortages (off because of coronavirus)
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    its irrelevant now, they was super helpful over there and I cannot thank them enough! it was unfortunate I did not know of there shutdown at the time. Anyway as i said really helpful and everyone was so good to me I got enough points really quickly! they are happy to see my progress even though its mainly a emulation site! Whatever people think of me in this day and age with all this being political correct I suggest some of the people that commented refrain from using some of the derogatory words. It is not right!!
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    Hi-de-Hi, Hi-De-Ho!!!, Bing Bong, Hello Campers, its back to the old skool with this Token slot of the 90's Win some Hard cash or some free beer with a token streak!! Thanks goto- The Original creators of the 2006 Dx layout, Pete, Bugs & Pandy from which i gained the lamps reels etc Shortcuts written within the notice within the game Plays in MFME V20.1 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! P.s do we have any earlier rom versions of this anything under v04?? Ace's Hi-De-Hi £4.80 Dx.zip
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    I did two lots of photos one with lights off and one with lights on hope this helps 👍
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    Evening chaps, well over the weekend and today I have managed to pick up a couple more machines,, creepy is new to me, I haven’t ever seen this one ..
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    Forgive Rich, he doesn't have any machines. 😉
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    And if anyone wants to do the same heres the artwork..... All i ask is that if you do print it and use it you post on here as it took me hours to fix it up 🙂 This is what i used to have it printed....
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    All my machines are on old coins. you just can’t beat the sound of that 10p coin going in or paying out(especially in an S1)
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    Solenoid the only bit that doesn't go and Rich is on the case with that too. Reworked the art and got a new panel printed for it for those who are interested heres the pics now ive painted bits re done gum balls and new front on
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    progress!! so....... does anyone know what the red, yellow green led's mean round the disco buton (on the top glass) means with the various steps??
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    Not much to report, machine arrived! Reel bands removed so I can start to reproduce ones for red dwarf
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    In action 🎬 😎 👌
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    The guy i spoke to was great. He worked there since 85. And remembers these. He said old Mpu3 Barcrest machine's were sent there for stripping down. And they used the parts to make these. They supply machine's to the industry now days. From the same site 😁
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    It is going to be here tomorrow!!! how is that for a delivery service!!!
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    I think what Andrew96 has contributed to everyone over the years should give him a bit of special clearance and tolerance...he could have had a bad day or be stressed out too? It's easy to judge harshly and let rip at the moment I know. I like all you fellas so I don't want to argue, the Point was made but as for the bell end comment tacked on at the end that's a total little dick comment.... Iots of us literally come on here for Andrews teachings and appreciate what he posts no end... I'd argue you're a bell end if you contribute nothing but think you can throw around comments like that... All this in the forum introductions sections too. Looks great. Let's all put the keyboards down, chill out and try and get back to a bit of positivity?
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    Sending away to be dumped hopefully useful cheers Tony. Thanks nifty
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    one thing I had a problem with while working on the reel files!! on one reel there was a 3 which needs to be a 4, and there is no 4 on any of the donor machine reels!!!!!! oh no!!!! where was I to get a 4 in the right style!!!!! suddenly had a brainwave! (it does not happen ofen) look on the donor machine glasses!! so took this picture! after a lot of work in photoshop (and a good few hours disappearing) I managed to put the correct gradient across the 4 so it matches as best as I can with the other numbers ok I am no photoshop expert! and that is well blown up in size!!!! cut down to size and test put over the original 3 and it looks ok!! and now the 3 is replaced by the 4!!! the shading around the 4 is also now sorted!! I think it matches in ok.
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    thank you so much. It cured it. Dip 6 was half way. Must of been happy playing the way I liked. Till it paid out a lot in one go, perhaps enough to vibrate it to play in the other position. Was very skeptic about this. But that’s why I come to you guys. You know about these. I just enjoy playing them. I can take picture of the battery area. It’s been fly wired if that’s what you call it. For a very long time as previous owner explained to me. This is a very common issue and can kill the main board.
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    thought I’d bump this as I’ve just come across this on the net. https://segaretro.org/JPM_International#Softography It says JPM was sold to whitbread in 1988 i always thought the original owners sold out to SEGA in the mid 90s. ive always thought JPM started to lose the plot around the late 80s and this probably explains why that was. if frank ever returns it will be a good read to see what changes they made(good and bad)
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    I was even able to get a replacement plastic button piece so cheap too!!
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    last one, I will delete the eBay email search for these now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pace-MBT100E-Desoldering-Station-w-SODR-X-TRACTOR/254728919210
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    So who is this Allen guy and where is he from.sounds like another pagett