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    Found this interesting article on Project Coin. First it celebrates 10000th Seven Heaven off the production line but not for sale as they were to put it into an already established machine museum in their London factory. This does not say the end of production of this machine so can only guess what the final total was. How many left of those 10000+ machines, Does that museum still exist ?
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    I miss my fringe and younger minge.
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    ok sorry VR3 is a variable resistor which sets the point at which the 5v is shut down when the power is turned of, this is done to prevent the 5v from dropping below 5v and causing corruption to the program on the main MPU and subsequent RAM corruption. when VR3 fails there is no 5v output, but there is also 2 x 3Amp fuses from the transformer winding which can fail because of 'heavy handling' of the psu and something gets shorted out! Indeed the very first one I did had been looked at by someone else and the 12v regulator had its output at around 20v because it had gone short! not something you want up the 12v line! the 12v regulator transistor was dead short not regulating at all. because these are of metal construction power supplies it is dead easy to short something or do more damage, they are not that forgiving if your not sure what your doing.
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    Going back to the previous board that needed the two darlington driver chips replaced (ULN2823) I managed to source some equivalents, more of this in a mo. Anyway, new chips arrived, plugged in and all lamps were restored which was a relief. On soak test though things started going wonky eventually ending up with intermittent then no reel drive! When running the diagnostics this shows up not only by trying to run the reel tests but also the switch tests. Basically the software just locks up and a reset/power cycle is the only way to get it to start again. All the other tests run OK. So what's going on here? The reels are controlled by the TMS7041 CPU which talks to the main CPU through the aysnc controller chip TMS9902 via the peripheral communication link. After swapping out the 9902 the fault was still present so that was a relief. Real 9902's are getting very difficult to source for a reasonable price. Next I got the scope out which I should of done originally and stuck it on the peripheral com line. Data should be flowing both ways on this link but it was only going in one direction from the main CPU to the reel CPU. This proved to be IC17 (74LS09) having a bad gate. The chip looked absolutely perfect and had been running fine ever since I started on this board? Just goes to show. Putting in a replacement and things were back to being hunky dory. Going back to the ULN2823's, these were like the proverbial hens teeth and with a price to match! After a bit of web surfing I came across an ST device L603 which is exactly the same spec and these are a lot cheaper. I got some from a Polish seller on Ebay and the chips look good (and work) so I'm happy about that. As far as repairs go I'm switching off for the rest of the day and putting on my Bob the Builder hat for house refurbishing. There's no peace for the wicked!!
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    Anyone know about the Ace Go for Gold machines, ive tried googling it and cannot find anything anywhere. Ive just bought one and the condition is impecable. It has been sat in a house for 35 years and was given as a gift by ACE to the gentleman. Such great history with all the manual. Just wanted to know are these a sort after machine? Not working at the moment missing 5v & 15v cant wait to get stuck in
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    BFM - The RitzTech: SYS 85 A Nice classic clubber from 1988, plenty of fun and some great tunes for a machine of this era.Should the machine give a System Error on start-up, simply re-load the machine (CTRL +R)Keyboard shortcuts are found in the notes.Thanks to Wizard for MFMEPlayer for the Video and imagesThe rom providerCompatible with MFME V20 or later The Ritz.zip
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    It’s always VR3 that fails!! And that’s the one no one knows how to set it up!
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    I have a mps power supply the original Rifa caps had gone on, I can’t see why people go for the filters when they are a lot more expensive than getting the correct capacitors, you have to take the psu apart to take the old Rifa ones out so it’s no sweat to replace them as you go!! This little lot turned up today, enough to do 10 power supplies and all for under £10 inc vat! to me much cheaper at £1 per power supply to replace! AND they are X1 and Y1 which is rated at higher voltage than X2 and Y2 bargains can be had!!!
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    Here is a little video of the classic i made of this a few years ago.
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    I think the 4mil price tag is a bit high .more like 1.5 -2 I'd say .hes definitely not leaving the machines there that's for sure .but what a brilliant basement arcade that makes .I remember walking down the steps for the first time into the basement about 9 yrs ago and being blown away by how good it was and how i remembered arcades use to be .
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    Article from 1991, Using Barcrest reel mech, Anyone ever see this machine?
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    Hi Everyone, Firstly, a big thanks to Ron for sharing his vast experience - it is invaluable. I recently posted on the newbie section about sorting out the number of nudges and holds (how often they activate) on a Bell Fruit Fore and Aft nudge machine and I was directed to this forum - Ron's. Having read the guide produced by Ron, I think I now have the answers. On a different subject, a cam on my Crompton's Tooty Fruity has just started to stick causing the machine to miss the third 2 pence payout. As it is located at the bottom of the wheel it is obviously getting dust etc and this is causing it to stick or activate too slowly to fire the payout. Before taking it out of the machine, how do you properly clean one of these switches and if it is totally worn out, where can I purchase a replacement? As with my Fore and Aft machine I am hoping to give the Tooty a service when I get some spare time 🙂 Many thanks. Simon
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    Bingo! We have a winner..... ta bud
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    Funny isn’t it!!! Your repairing a tone arm for a jukebox and so am I!! Anyone spot the botch job of a hacksaw blade used as a flat spring! Got to give it to whoever did that a hacksaw blade is a lot cheaper than buying the proper spring!!
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    BFM - Club Premier Tech: SYS 85 Here's another classic BFM clubber from 1989 to have fun with. It's 10p play £100 Jackpot. If it gives a system error on start up, restart by pressing CTRL+R (Wizard is aware of this and will fix in due course) Keyboard shortcuts in the notes Thanks to Wizard for MFME sulzerned for the video The image provider The rom providerCompatible with MFME V20 or later. Club Premier.zip
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    Found this pic in your rest thread Ron, this will help
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    Donations help....in more ways than one. Like everything else in life though..... What you put in depends on what you get out. If you are serious about joining the forum and not just for repair advice etc,there is a mountain of advice and help if you are willing to contribute yourself.
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    I always thought they were dropped crayons. They didnt write very well Ha ha ha
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    Just bought this and was collected this morning but will be some weeks before it gets to me! Might be too old for some but I remember playing one in the arcades back then! Looks in decent shape said to have been in the same hands since 1979! Some knob has cut a piece of wood out round the lock! But I hope to have a matching piece to make a new door. Looking forward to getting it tarted up and playing as it should. Cheers Ronnie
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    This advert from June 1986....
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    Another Black Box Running 😁🙂
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    Why f**king tell us then if you won't name them? Carrot dangler You do come up with some stupid comments
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    ive just spoke to the seller and the machines have been paid for and are awaiting collection . so if the winner is on here and wants to to swop copperwin for any i have mentioned please pm me the seller also told me which bidder used the make a massive bid to become the highest bidder for a few days at 15k and then withdraw it a day or 2 before the auction end, to maybe get somekind of advantage , by finding out the maximum that the underbidder had gone too and maybe casting doubt that shilling is taken place on the item . i wont name the mecca member who actually does / did this on this auction . happy days and best wishes , good luck and health to one and all rich