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  1. Hi all, where can I find a replica bord like this and what does it cost? 




  2. I believe this expansion is because of the file format, when I did my pinball plastics I read that the only way to prevent this was by using a vector format, this uses point to point drawing and not pixels so it is 100% correct. Of course drawing in vector format Is a pain! But all I can say is it worked 100% for my pinball plastics!!!
  3. bet that glitter got everywhere!!! 🤣
  4. Usually they are, but ones in those red packs seemed to fail more! Usually just one in a pack but it does mean 8 diodes to replace because of one gone bad!
  5. as midibob says , the 4049 die with battery vapours, being CMOS chips they bite the dust quicker than TTL. The red diode packs go suspect on them too in the switch area. not available anymore so they have to be replaced with individual diodes
  6. Those Bulgin connectors are not cheap, also you won't be able to buy a complete made up moulded lead your have to wire it yourself when you do find one I think this says a lot when there in the museum of old plugs! https://www.plugsocketmuseum.nl/Bulgin1.html Bulgin no 2 picture is the one you want...
  7. yeah your card is bad you cannot change the security chips between a flash card and a eprom card, they look the same chips but they are not!
  8. This was in one I have, it did have the 14k cpu card which was the last cpu card they made and it never looked changed in its life so perhaps the I/O REV4 assy no 045133 may be the last version???
  9. 🤣 both are a good solution 👍
  10. 1N4003 will be fine, its only to stop any back emf in the reel motor so as to stop damaging the driver chips 4003 is 1A at 300v so will be well good enough to stop the 12v back emf, 1N4007 is 700v rating but still 1A
  11. Andrew96_


    make sure you get one that has the same capacitive component values as mostly they don't!
  12. The patina, that's oxidation which is the death of many pin contact! normally around 7A a pin but when old and oxidised we all know what happens to pins and contacts! they get hot and burn up carrying much less current than 7A!
  13. I have one and it works great on watch straps and jewellery, you see the dirt float off!, when I tried to do some pinball playfield posts which was quite some ground in dirt, it did get it off but being the ultrasonic baths have timers on them it was not enough and if I remember correctly had to set it running lots of times before I could see a difference. for me ultrasonics was too slow to be useful and the bath was to small to do anything but the smaller parts.
  14. Even air duster isn’t cheap for a can of air!!
  15. bet that freezer spray cost you a small fortune as cans of the spray are not cheap these days!!
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