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  2. Yeah I’ve seen it and admired that project big time! This one’s a dream in comparison but I hope to get it as clean as the work Dave did and I’ll be a very happy gamer 👍 Cheers Mike
  3. Nice one Martin, I used to have one, Dave Tilley on here had it off off me, now that one was rough, Dave did a great job sorting that one out! There’s a thread on here somewhere. Great find and enjoy!
  4. I won’t disappoint you I used a courier 😁
  5. I’m not having the doorstep king has had to leave Devon and Cornwall…😀
  6. Miles away 😂😂 I never ever find any local doorstep bargains now 😩
  7. Callington or somewhere miles away?😀
  8. I am absolutely chuffed to get this beauty to restore to its former glory, cost me more than I’d like but having been looking for this machine for years I’m happy to have it and won’t be leaving me for ever lol I’ll post progress when I get round to the restoration 😁 it even has the 10p glass set too! And it works! Cab is good/salvageable just a new plinth I think and some touching up. Inside is in remarkable condition really. All the buttons are jammed and usual age stuff present. Was originally Supertubes I know most prefer MPU3 original but for me this was always the one that I grew up with 😁😁😁😁
  9. Quick question: What is the PIC chip number for Jedi, i.e., RTC RG70, RTC Tr09 etc... Thanks
  10. The cardboard artwork is badly faded, but the cabinet AND the 'works' are really clean. I can't wait to get some more spare time on it.
  11. Looks to be in lovely condition and a credit to you for saving it .
  12. Last week
  13. Difficult to find mate, others have tried and not got a response. Good luck
  14. Anyone selling a Astra IO3 piggy board or a integrated IO3 board?
  15. Thanks, Ron. That's definitely the original machine. The remains of the right-hand counter are still present, behind the new top-glass. I'm well on with it. It has a fault I've met before: The control timer has push-in microswitches, and they don't clip firmly into place. It's because the plastic frame of the timer cracks with age. I've reinforced it with Araldite. Should be set tomorrow.
  16. Crack Shot was the original build from a company called Thesis, A manufacturing company based in the Rhondda Valley in late 60s into the 70s when bought out by Associated Leisure Games who being the parent company closed Thesis in 1974.
  17. A pal who uses Facebook has put me onto this ACE-style E/M three-reeler with a top-box shooting-gallery feature. It's a lot like Ring-a-Bell, but I think it is an original machine, and not converted from an ACE. It does have a second relay diagram behind the Cash Shot one, which shows a slightly different game, called Crack Shot. A Kenmar conversion on an original Kenmar game, perhaps. It's interesting for its counters: The usual 3-digit one for credits, but for shots at the target feature, a Nixie tube, no less! Must get this one working.
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  19. There must of been an emptier for this back in the 90's. I played one of these in a quicksilvers, on bold street Liverpool. Not a sausage for 20 quid, then I land a pity 2.40 repeat. Which didn't. Kind of put me off this machine for life, I'm looking forward to the download, so I can give it a good thrasin' Office Space style. Statto.
  20. Excellent, thanks ever so much for these amazing looking layouts Vectra!
  21. I think there is one but a very old one it’s in a silver trim cabinet, could do with a new updated version.
  22. Dont know much about the psu s but i think the voltage trim pots go down from old age so worth checking them .
  23. Now back to finding a fault, put the mechs back and the mars mech light won’t work. Shows 3v not 12v?? Off to work so can’t play but anyone know what this may be? All other bulbs spot on just the coin mech one. 2p mech bulbs on no issues.
  24. I am sick mate, still got mental issues with the old PCP 😂😂 hope your well mate, been too long. Can’t help doing up PCP machines, mrs not so keen on the overspray in the dining room mind 😂😂😂
  25. If Graham can't help I might have a spare cart too mike
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