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  2. Fantastic mate, very much appreciated. I wanted it for the likes of test mode and the menus etc. which should be the same or there abouts so that's a great help 👍
  3. Here's the only sc6 manual I could find... familyguysc6.zip
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  5. OK, the picture when zooming in is grainy but it appears the through holes between DP1 and the battery look green. The blue capacitor to the left of the battery looks green around the bottom of it, again possibly around the through holes..Green = battery leakage, battery leakage = damaged board. It only takes the smallest amount with an Mpu such as Epoch. I am also trying to remember without powering a machine up and going inside it but I am not sure all the lights on the psu should be permanently on.
  6. Evening all just brought a maygay mario kart 64 fruit machine some help would be great.
  7. Hi all,just wondered as my quiz machines hard drive is knackered the machine is no use.but it has a new note acceptor that works.is it possible for me to make a note to coin change machine with some parts and whats involved.it has a £1 hopper also.
  8. Hi Everyone. Looking to see if anyone has a manual for my DOND Daddy I recently bought. I'm used to Barcrest so a little in the dark with this one. I guess any Scorp 6 manual would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Mavroz. Picture attached. All lights that should be lit on the board are on when powered up. All lights on the psu are also lit. Thanks for your time.
  10. It's been a while since I wrote an MPU3 fault up. Just when you think you've seen it all yet another one comes along to bite you in the bum? This one came in as not working/untested and after the usual suspects had been swapped out I noticed that IC23 (74LS08) was burnt! Swapping this out and then powering up on the test rig I was pleased to see the reels moving and the lamps flashing. The triacs were all pulsing correctly too. So moving on to the switch test and ....nothing?? Now IC23 is fed from IC11 (74LS138) and here there were no outputs because there were no inputs! Hmm what's going on here? The inputs to this chip come from 3 of the 6821's IC3,4 & 5 and there was nothing leaving on all three on pin 39. A quick resistance check to ground showed 2.1 Ohms 1k Ohms and open circuit (should be approx 5K) so although all 3 PIO's were working in their other functions all the pin 39's had popped!! What a bummer. IC21 (9602) is also connected to pin 1 of IC11 and this had also popped. With all parts replaced things were back to normal thank goodness.
  11. Never played that one as yet. Don't seem to be many about of them.Ive seen that E service your on about but I think I tried them only once with an email or phone call many years ago and probably had the same outcome as you but forgot up till now you mentioned it.Got mine all packed up and ready so always get a bit excited that I could be getting nearer to it going again but still got to figure out why it doesn't pay out so I do hope the board repair might sort that out altho by looking over previous topics on here might have to change the payout tubes as still on old coinage but will wait and see.Well I hope you get yours sorted out.
  12. Tried e-service as they took over from barcrest but a complete waste of time with them. Weren’t interested in helping at all
  13. I have a barcrest Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. Battery on the program card leaked so won’t start up. Sent it to Maggi as they said they can hopefully sort it
  14. A good insight on Charles Weekes role in JPM. With the picture you posted a while back of the R&D team I had the image of a grand old gentleman with the aroma of pipe tobacco or cigars and likes a drop of the old scotch after work on a Friday.😀 it looks like his knowledge and experience over the years brought a great deal to the table for JPM. sounds like he was a great mentor.
  15. i will be perched here for a while longer yet...(😅)..more insights i'm sure, but also some 'dark days' to go through yet. Cheers guys.
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  17. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    Try 20ps... if it accepts those it probably the coin mech wants updating to new coinage (£1) If it doesn't accept any of a handful of 20ps, then you will have to check the wiring. Bottom left side of the main board and on the mech a 17 pin plug pushed home, a divert control plug (smaller block one or two wires) then a plug with some curly wires all going back into the mech which is for the coin routing. Sounds complex but it's not to bad
  18. Yes it’s amazing and I hope he sticks around enjoys the Mecca and there’s many more stories and he dosen’t give us the bird.... sorry couldn’t help myself.
  19. I would like to personally thank frank for sticking with the mecca and sharing his very interesting life with us all.. Looking forward to more stories from the birds beak We are indeed lucky to be able to share franks experience in the industry in such great detail and 1st hand.. Thanks again mr bird
  20. Rangers

    No sound err 93

    Hi it did seem to be the door open thing I typed all switched closed and then no £15 credit......... but when I go to put coins they are still just coming right back out
  21. I should have asked jones what machine do you have and what was the fault it had.
  22. Hi.jones I've had 2jpm impact boards repaired by them with no troubles so this will be my 3rd I did see on the internet another place that does them too in Nottingham but will stick with maggi.
  23. My winter project.A 1960 united model c.Ive had the model a now nearly 2 years.This is cosmetically good,though i may spray a few bits.Not currently working and not sure why yet,but the inside workings are same as mine,so that should help.Its complete and ive only just got back with it from oxon.
  24. Have you tries chopping my files in half to see if the emulator only covers MMM upto 24 pin ROMs? I'd guess this 2764 MMM board was really short lived as procon plus soon came along. There don't seem to be any external interlocks (like system 80 has) as the board boots with just 15V applied to the smoothing cap. So nothing external to the baord on any ports is holding it in reset (unless my ports happen to be stuck)
  25. Jumper is just a temp solution but so glad to get it going. Here is the mess that got it running Edit - Pin 17 is the (not) NMI (non maskable interupt) so I knew a low signal was not good as it holds CPU in interupt state. I really don't like not been able to use the Cro. Almost gave up on this one!
  26. Thanks Bob & everyone. I got it to do a reset beep repeatedly and got stuck without being able to probe it. I tried linking a load of batteries together and putting around 15V across the big capacitor - same repeat beet but batteries didn't last long. I borrowed 777h PSU and put the 15V line across the big cap and could probe it without blowing the 16.A fuse on that PSU. Finally I could see CPU pin 17 was low (should be high on procon so didn't look right). the pin has a pullup resistor bit is also linked to a bit of the board which has missing components (look like never been fitted) and not east to see where track is shorting. It didn't seem to bell to anything. So pullup resistor jumped directly to CPU pin 17 and we are in business (in a kind of resistor half hanging off the board and CPU leg not in socket linked by wire temp. hack) I still don't really know why I can't probe it with it's own PSU. One of life's mysteries I guess. only draws 0.003uA from a 3.6V battery.
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