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  1. Yesterday
  2. Unbelievable condition for the age looking forward to see the progress mate
  3. Last week
  4. Yay! Now I have the £4 version.....Thank you!
  5. Thanks for these. Good old fashioned, simple game play, just what this granny likes.
  6. Thanks for this. I THINK I remember playing it in the wild.
  7. Hi, can anyone help with decals Barcrest Celebration Club please? Thanks
  8. I thought you were after parts for a Barcest Monty Python Holy Grail when I read the title 😂 Nice pick-up, 👌 Hope you find the parts 🤞
  9. Wasn’t the best time for filming. It was stuck in reset for ages, probed a few different points and all of a sudden of she went couldn’t believe it. Today however stuck in reset, I do need to get a battery wired up now don’t know if that will help, but the pcb tracks aren’t great.
  10. Sorry to all who’ve missed the video, it was just done on iPhone, think it said .mov file? I’m not sure what to do to put it right, I’ll ask the mrs if I can pull her away from Netflix, she’s the tech in this house
  11. Im telling you! Classic background noises I think his Mrs might have came in the shorter vid.
  12. Great stuff. They look like a lovely couple!
  13. Video ok for me (Firefox, Win10 if it might make a difference?) Looks good that. Well done.
  14. Looks absolutely beautiful Martin fantastic job chap 😄
  15. Not done the vid yet but will do soon 👍
  16. Lastly the bottom glass, I've been looking for this machine for years so don't want to touch this. Would love one! 🤞🏿 This a really sentimental and special machine for me so please keep an eye out. Thanks 😎
  17. Jackpot decals £250/£500/£1000 These are huge decals about 200mm long so should be reasonably recognisable if you seen any in your hoards 😎
  18. Very unusual dot matrix board. Would love a spare. Marked as Mini Matrix
  19. Hi people... I picked up my holy grail machine today, I've been after one for years. Its nothing special to most but I played one with my mates back in the day. These old Maygay clubs seem rare because they usually get broken up. It looked like it hadn't run for years but I've got it back to life... It was an old shed specimen so the condition isn't great sadly. I'm looking for the following and would be grateful if anyone could keep a look out in your spares piles I really would be over the moon with any of the following. P.s I did pay a little for it to secure it 😆
  20. Looks great.fab job.vid not long enough.
  21. Can't see the video...following text comes up... We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
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