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  2. Yes ive got that machine and looks like definitely Addders and ladders
  3. You could never bank nudges on either versions of Andy Capp, I’m pretty certain of that. Sometimes features were planned but never made it into the game for whatever reason. Often even removed or dropped after glass art was printed. If you have proof of this banking nudges on Andy Capp Id love to see it. J
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  5. I would not really know. I don't have access to anything like that these days. It could be, that there are 2 wires going to contacts inside the bucket, which get shorted by coins?
  6. Hi all, new to this site and looking for help. My Hells Bells machine has suddenly stopped turning on. 4 green LEDs are alight inside but there is a flashing red LED ( says reset and above red SW1 button). Any suggestions on what's wrong and how to fix?
  7. Looks fantastic mart .very smart .I dont think the 20p game was as.good as the 10p .not played it but only what I've been told
  8. Cheers yeah sounds similar the thing i cant understand is the new mpu5 board has come out of a worker and soon as its in this machine it shows low battery error same as the other even after ram clear downs.. Its got to be coming from somewhere else now 😕 the psu seems fine too :s
  9. Looks similar to this issue, have a look at @DrewKrewUKpost page 3 link here all sounds very similar?: https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/topic/11333-mpu5-error-after-battery-pin-removed/page/3/
  10. So tried the ram clear still the same Tried another game cart still the same Replaced the mpu5 with a worker and still the same Cant get my head around it .. Soon as its switched on check it out 12 green and 2 red leds saying battery is flat The battery isnt flat on any of them :s
  11. Thanks Frig. I don't suppose you know what the outputs on the 6 pin plug on the middle picture's hopper are do you? I cannot find any documentation for this hopper anywhere!
  12. These are similar to what I use (very reliable). The High - Low just refers to the voltage drop or increase. You can actually buy 12v relays with jumpers to switch between high and low, which should make things easier for you to experiment with.
  13. Thank you for the reply and diagrams. I have now removed the metal plate and it does indeed have a 4 pin connector. Sorry to be a thicko but what do you mean by "make sure the opto is pulled high"?
  14. They are both parallel hoppers. I believe they can be used on a MAME cab. Parallel hoppers are simple to use. On a compact hopper (the small one you have) you just make sure the opto is pulled high ("Coin count output" to stop it floating) then when you activate the motor you just check for 0v on the sensor (that gets pulled down each time a coin is despensed). Serial is a totally different ball game.
  15. Crazy fruits or crazy gang you can see the plum
  16. Vivid adders and ladders I recon, the top-box multi game version https://youtu.be/TR3OyVoVahQ
  17. Hi Generation, non of the above was aimed at anyone as such, I thought I'd go into more detail to explain why the project interests me, as I've mentioned in regards to crazy fruits, there are some game play features that are completely missing in the rebuild version, such as nudge banking and the ability to hi low to the jp. Am unsure if they were removed because of the age the machine was targeting, or what the reason was, nudge holding is on the glass of the machine tho. I guessing it depends on how you imagine the machines were created, did they have the original code and literally just do as am suggesting and change the values? Or was the code partially reworked, or even completely new code developed? Am guessing by what your saying you favour a quick change of values, although crazy fruits would suggest with the removal of features at least a partial rework. If it was the case of just a simple value change, the hex code would be near identical, it would be easy to identify the value changes and that would be that, identical game. Orchid thanks for the imput and the offer of roms, I really appreciate it, so my understanding is that the chek error is the thing of the past (for andy capp at least), basicly the roms had the test removed, one of the people that worked in the project was nice enoght to respond to a pm I sent, and was able to provide me with both the original video that he found that helped solve the problem, and basically gave me the info on which value to change to disable the check, so I'll be able to edit the hex without the hassle of the check error. I completely understand the veiw that, say on the 5p compared to the 20p you'll have 20 spins to work thru compared to the 5 I guess that's part of the intrest I have, to know one way or the other. My view is that the game is a edited version of the original, bits chopped out hear and their, maybe as younger people were the target ordinance, it was decided a simpler game would suffice, Who knows? Any additional thoughts on any of the above would be very welcome.
  18. Last week
  19. The only way to keep a better game on 10p would be to half all original 20p prizes, so maybe £3 jackpot, you would also need to change the entire pay table and feature board. A massive undertaking but possible. J
  20. I’m sure we 10p play versions for BWB Andy Capp. The gameplay mechanics didn’t change, the main difference is that the price of play was halved to 10p, that’s going to slow the machine down as a result. IF you need some original BWB Andy Capp roms for 10p let me know. Will need to know what your original BWB rom version you were running so you don’t get a CHR error. J
  21. I spotted these machines on the back of a 'Highway Maintenance' truck on the A1 in N Yorks a couple of weeks ago. I don't recognise them - a bit modern for me 😁
  22. Thanks 😊 I agree I’d much prefer the 10/100 but with this machine I’m not sure I’ll get one - I may put the roms in tho and enjoy that profile. Yeah @sulzernedtells me there was a £150 version, now that would be awesome! ! Are the £150 roms available I wonder, must look.
  23. Looks fantastic, you've done it proud. Great machine, was not a lover of 5p £75 clubs much prefer the 10p £100 version. Was there ever a £150 version of this?
  24. As the title suggests, I got these 2, with tray from a scrap S4 club machine. I was assured that they were of the parallel persuasion, so took a punt. £12 + £7.50 postage. Once arrived I immediately saw that the big hopper only has an 8 pin connector rather than the 10 pin ones that the newer "U" type hoppers have. I can't even see the connector on the other hopper as it's covered by metal. Both seem to be separately connected to an 18 pin connector that I assume once connected to the s4 payout system. Does anyone know if they could be used for an mfme cab, and if so how? Does anyone have a manual for the big hopper? Or the small one for that matter! Thanks in advance. Dave
  25. The whole first 2/3 of that I assumed wasn't aimed at me, as it's pretty much exactly what's been said/ is known anyway. whilst I understand what you're saying, the game is defined by the prizes/stake.. 5p feels flat as it takes 4x as meany presses per quid than the barcrest version does. So ultimately, it's going to be a slower game as the machine runs to a percentage
  26. All done, just waiting on the coin mech should be here today (thanks Ron) - I decided to leave on old 10p’s and 50’s (have loads!) but upgraded the £1’s. Tests out all ok with my spare mod 2 MPU4👍 Original MPU will go in once Mick does his magic (cheers Mick) 😊
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