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  1. My mpu3 frames are away getting done in leatherette matt, that's all they had! So I will need to coat them with clear laquer once done
  2. netdent

    E10 60V bulbs?

    Thanks Rich, yes it all helps mate, maybe like everything else the prices have gone bonkers!
  3. netdent

    E10 60V bulbs?

    £7.20 for 10 bulbs Rich! That's dearer than Rue where I found 100 for £40?
  4. netdent

    E10 60V bulbs?

    Cheers Rich will have a look, and yes if I populate 1 of the 4 channels with bulbs they light but stay on? So not sure if that's a fault or if it will come right with all bulbs in 4 channels? Cheers Ronnie
  5. netdent

    E10 60V bulbs?

    I'm restoring some old arcade signs with running harper lights round the out side, I need 64 bulbs, they are bloody dear! cheapest I found were for a 100 and that was £40 plus vat and carriage making them £55. Anyone know where to buy cheaper or have any to sell me? Cheers Ronnie
  6. Ah not Johns then? I though he was too cheap!
  7. Bloody bargain John! Have you won the lottery?
  8. Cheers Ron, I will give that a bash
  9. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Ron, the Cs21 was on the wrong contact, swapped it over to the other lug and light is correct now. I toggled the switch with 3 wires on the reel deck and will see what happens, I might need to live with payout issue Cheers Ronnie
  10. Thanks Ron, should these be wired N/C or N/O? I suspect N/C to switch lamp on when timer not rotating. Looked at the switch on the reels with 3 wires, the spades are secure, so not sure on the payout issue or how to troubleshoot. Thanks Ronnie
  11. Thanks for this Ron, will try and find Cs 1 on control timer and Cs21 on the payout timer and make sure the switches are good, I have replaced all the spades on the timers I'm sure I put them all back correctly Cheers Ronnie
  12. Thanks Ron, it seems to pay a 10p coin for all wins I have had, oddly it paid out 2 x 2p coins for I think 2 pears and a star! I will look at those switches on the reels, not sure what switch is what as the labels must have fallen off, I noticed the reel deck also has 2 relays fitted? The insert coin light I'm not sure how it should behave? It comes on when I insert a 10p coin while the counter is pulsing credits or whilst the 2p slider is pulsing then goes out when the lockout coils energise? Cheers Ronnie
  13. Well I picked up an mpu2 board on ebay for peanuts a couple of years ago, but I live in hope of getting a machine to put it in!
  14. I have to admit I no longer have a BB machine! But should one come along I have what looks like a nice spare. I opened it up as the 2 test switches were broken off, so I replaced those, also a case mounted resistor had it's wires broke of, the wires were brittle with heat, I replaced those, this one does not have the ram board with battery so no damage from that, all else looks good and chances are it could be a worker. Another tech to try and find along with mpu2?
  15. I will do a video too as soon as I extend the very short power lead
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