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  1. Perfect thanks, never noticed they were marked hi and lo on the labels
  2. Ah I see, that makes sense, so the lo and hi are pairs of game rom revisions, how would I know the correct location on the card for the 2 roms? Thanks Ronnie
  3. Brilliant thanks, not what I expected! lots of files in that folder? Would not know what to burn to the 3 eproms or am I being daft? Thanks Ronnie
  4. Does anyone have the roms please for the platinum club machine? Only thing left is to burn a new set of roms!
  5. Thanks, I think I have that in a document, it was a picture of the actual 22 way plug I was after so I could copy the jumpers. Cheers Ronnie
  6. Adman that would be epic, cheers mate
  7. Brilliant, yes a picture would save me loads of time, thanks Ronnie
  8. Yes it's now working with a new processor card fitted, just need to clean it up and sort out coin routing as I fitted a 126dfx mech
  9. Thanks guys learned loads
  10. Is this the cofig card? if so is it 8bit or the other cctalk? https://www.coinoperatorshop.com/media/products/nv9usb-nv10usb-config-card_aus.pdf
  11. I think I tried all that but all I could get was demo mode, it must be me because I can't get any scorp5 into test!
  12. Thanks Digby this all helps, still need to figure out how to get them into test I have always struggled on that
  13. I know a tad new for most of us including me but I help an op friend out with his sited machines. I got an NV10 usb updated for new £20 to replace one thet never took new £20, upon fitting it threw up note mech error, so I pressed the red button on side of mech until the changer flashed red and reset the machine, the error went away but the mech rejected every note? put the old one back and it worked again? The new mech was set for cctalk no idea what the old one was on or how to check change? So I tried the same mech in another scorp5 machine and it's own mech had a cctalk sticker on it, no errors but still rejected every note tried? The BNV key was mentioned as a possible issue but both of these machines were running NV10 usb mechs and as far as I know they are the same default 123456 key? Of course I am yet to get a scorp5 into test mode to check! Tried every combination of door open pressing test same time as top up switch etc, no joy! If anyone can give me instructions I can print out to take with me onsite to resolve the problems please do, I know the newly updated mech has been programmed and tested from a trusted source. Thanks Ronnie
  14. To save my brain ache working out router plug jumpers! A picture would save me loads of time. Thanks and please Ronnie
  15. Oh dear stuck thermostat possibly, now land fill🤢
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