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  1. i have one these and it does the job
  2. looks great dave dont forget the vid when its all done thanks for sharing the project with us mate
  3. Hi,

    Do you know where to find electro mechanical drawings ?

    I am searching for jpm cabinet drawings



  4. how can i fck up your boards when they were already fucked ,if you would not have said to me do not send them back we wouldnt be having this shit now ,unfortuantely nothing i can do as they went in bin long time ago ,end of ,and thanks to all the mecca members who saw my side
  5. be fore you move on look at this
  6. right now my side of the story,yes i was sent all these items ,first 2 boards you sent me they were beyond repair ,you then sent me a third board which was bad as well ,i replaced most of the ics with the chips and socket that you sent to me ,then could still not get it to boot,i then told you that there was bad damage under the program card socket which meant i would have to cut the socket off which the print was all damaged underneath ,and too much work ,you then said im not bothered as the 2 maygay machines i have now are playing up and im going to get rid of them as they are a shit tech and too much problems ,you since then sold the machines on and would not need the boards back as you dont want to bother with maygay again ,you then said to do what i want with them,this was in 2019 ,you also said that you have been contacting me ,the only email i have had since 2019 is 2 messages within 2 to 3 weeks ago,why has it took over 2 years for you to put this message on the mecca ,u did not slag me off when i was fixing your mpu4 boards ,and you was happy with them,is this all because i had a go at your mate andrew96,by the way a dictionary is no good to me as i am dyslexic ,,and by the way because it has been 2 years your boards went in the bin ,i have nothing to hide ,i have fixed a fair few of boards for people on here and never had a problem ,thank you for reading
  7. thanks rich ended now
  8. im sure i will not be the last person on here to have words with you as we will see now go away and haunt some one else
  9. why dont you make a nice cup of tea and go through all the posts that people have asked for help then read what you say to them and see who is nasty to them
  10. now your true colours are coming out now at least i dont take the piss out of people like you about there spelling mistakes and there projects i heard a lot from people on here about you now i know thay are right
  11. see you carrn leave it can you now i know why you got banned from other sites
  12. not going waste my time on you its only a matter of time before some one says some think back to you on another post that you do good luck in your quest
  13. go and boil your head titty come back when you have growed up
  14. like i said i dont know about that tec and carnt help him all you do is criticise other people and dont like having it back
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