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  1. Thanks again for your advice after taking it apart several times the track is in place and it now pays out. Don't suppose you know how to change the jackpot amount on it by any chance?
  2. Hi all, i have just finally managed to get my Club RAGS to RICHES machine going with many thanks to ARK AID REPAIRS who fixed my epoch board for me. Couple of things, when i plug the machine in it alarms and displays "4.8 on/off error". Also the hopper does not pay coins out. I can hear it doing something and there is around £40 in it but after trying it just displays the money owed. I also tried a hopper dump and again nothing comes out. Just wondering if these need replacing. Many thanks for your advice.
  3. Ok mate well thanks very much for all you help and advice. The machine was given to me and haven't spent too much out so will probably bin it👍
  4. The port on the board has 2 rows of pins and the plug has 1 row of pins
  5. When i got into the machine these 2 orange leads were unplugged. The one in the separate picture will plug in both sides. One way only 3 LED's the other way 4 led's.
  6. Could it be the Eproms? The guy that repaired the board suggested it could be the problem?
  7. At the beginning of the thread one of the plugs was the wrong way round which there was only 3 LED's. The reset and security ones do not come on at all, also the display has just started showing this. Just a lot of crackling from the speaker. Thanks
  8. It was looked at by a board repair company that doesn't specialise in fruit machines so couldnt test it however they said they repaired the tracks and tested all components around it and it was all ok. When i first got the machine i have no idea when it was last switched on or even if it worked. As soon as i plugged it in the display was full of "?" and then went dead and since then all it does when you switch it on is crackles through the speaker and nothing else happens.
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to get my "Club rags to riches" machine working. I have found this pink wire that has a connector on the end laying loose in the machine. It comes out of the main wiring loom behind the epoch mpu and is a long wire. could anyone tell me from their machine where it is from? Also would be very grateful is somebody could send a picture of all the boards so i can see where the plugs connect and also which LEDS are supposed to be lit. I found the board pictured below has an LED but it does not light up. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  10. So have had the board looked at and track work done but still the same fault. I did notice that this board has an LED but does not light up however there is power in the plug going to it.
  11. Thanks for the reply, i actually have 3 and 1 seems to have a pin clip on the end of it?
  12. dazza2471

    Epoch repairs

    Hi all, is there anybody here that repairs Epoch boards? Many thanks
  13. Yeah too right, i have cleaned it off and there is some track damage will try and get a repair quote but considering you can get working ones reasonably cheap i wont worry too much. Thanks again for all your help
  14. Thanks for the advice mate. It was given to me by a friend that found it in a house he has just bought. I will take the battery off and see how bad the damage is. If i flywire a new battery to it does it have to be exactly the same as not having much luck finding one?
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