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  1. I wouldn't have thought so, it wouldn't be very helpful if it did. The Coinmaster RAM dump routine didn't clear the RAM, if that's any help.
  2. It probably sends the entire contents of the RAM a byte at a time through the dataport socket. Useful for debugging the software during development. I found a similar function in one of the Coinmaster quiz machine ROMs when I reverse engineered it.
  3. £12 (+VAT) for 100 from E-service.
  4. I think you missed out a comma.
  5. Make sure the reel bands aren't slipping around on the drum. I've been caught out like that before and it's no fun!
  6. It looks too late to me, the battery rot has spread to the CPU socket which is a pain to remove and replace.
  7. CanonMan

    Impact mpu

    I don't honestly know. Andrew96 would almost certainly say replace them like-for-like, but I think tantalum caps are overkill 99% of the time and electrolytics would be fine instead.
  8. CanonMan

    Impact mpu

    Tantalum capacitors like going bang for no good reason! I'd replace them all with electrolytic just like the other board.
  9. More likely to be Panelwire Controls Ltd of Derby, who did provide early techs to Project Coin.
  10. I can see a small ball of solder that is shorting out one of the pins to the track running next to it.
  11. Give him a chance, he's probably still in bed at 7am! Have some patience for pity's sake.
  12. No, but you've been sold a lemon and by your own admission you don't know the first thing about how to repair it.
  13. Get shot of it, that's my opinion.
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