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  1. Theres £15 roms. I have done a couple for other people.
  2. I have mpu5 and game card without roms if any good?
  3. Ive had the same issues, one was the lamp loom. The other one was mpu 4 as no 12v coming out. Sorted a pontoon and black jack about a year ago
  4. Also would pic chips work too?
  5. Hi, would any body know how many different chr chips used in barcrests mpu4’s? palce16v8h… would a lattice gal16v8h work? So on… cheers
  6. I can burn new sound roms... In box me if u are intrested
  7. hi, just tested that rom, nope! but i found v1.0 but the file too large for some reason....
  8. I have no idea till next week mate
  9. A mate has the 4.0 version. reels spin first!
  10. I have a few scorp1 opto boards working....
  11. I can help, the earliest is 3.0 I've burnt a rom for a mate's fruit machine ready for next week.
  12. Hi mecca members! Worked on this machine, sorted other small issues, but no lamps lit on all the buttons. So I put it in lamp flash every bulb Inc buttons lit. I then went in lamp step mode, to find start gamble button, hold a, hold b, hold c so on as it says on display... none lit! Then not in use came on display then the buttons lit one by one with not in use on display. Either wrong loom for the buttons, Got me thinking, bwb gold mines were rebuilds, I would like to know how many different mpu3 tall cabs machines did goldmine fits straight on... Surely all the original looms for buttons should be the same.. Getting there! Any ideas/ suggestions much appricated!
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