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    all fruit machines from 1979 -1985 restoring old 1960 s railway diesel loco s
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  1. Looks fantastic mart .very smart .I dont think the 20p game was as.good as the 10p .not played it but only what I've been told
  2. Look forward to seeing a video of this one .Hope you can get it fixed as sys1 is very problematic
  3. Would have been nice if it had gone to someone on here mart .that really was snapped up too quickly for my liking.
  4. Looks really nice dave .Great addition
  5. 🙈 cheers mart missed that pic
  6. Wow not seen one before .looks to be a conversion by mdm possibly .
  7. Great jobmart Looks greaat
  8. Ah ok mart thought they had changed the cab again by 89 but I stand corrected
  9. Probably a bit earlier than 89 mart more like 87 I'd have thought. The gambles in these aren't generally blocked its the features that have been like the note climb .
  10. Very odd how it was missing the base and yet it was in otherwise great condition
  11. Nice classic mart and glad you are giving these old clubbers the love they deserve
  12. Ha ha it has to be done mart.they jazzed the same tune up for crackpot and potluck .I doubt you'll ever see main jp on real play .
  13. Absolutely brilliant stuff bob and another rare tech to crack and sus out .it's always interesting to see what the various companies were upto in the early days of mpu building and this one is particularly inventive. Good luck with the repairs .
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