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    all fruit machines from 1979 -1985 restoring old 1960 s railway diesel loco s
    non league football+ground hopping
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  1. Nice to see you doing blackbox again bob .yeah ihad some.of those battery boards off you as well which were very good .luckily.a lot of the bb machines didnt require this boards to operate .
  2. They look brilliant and id say thats a close match. I did recently respray some mpu4 frames and found quite a close colour match in a can .came out pretty well .
  3. You just have to love those kipper ties. Great picture thanks frank
  4. Great write up frank and fascinating stuff and truly enthralled by it all.
  5. Most definitely frank .cant wait to read the next instalment
  6. Best of luck finding mpu2 ronnie .id love a few more myself especially an AL machine using mpu2 tech .Happy with my 5 early crests for now .
  7. Always loved the fire crackers and tuppenny chance /fiesta s .
  8. Would be great to see a small vid of her working
  9. Great electros these are and jpm were every bit as good as bellfruit in my opinion. Nice cabs too
  10. Fantastic project and well done to all concerned .haven't a clue what all the techy babble is about but the end result and idea is brilliant 👏
  11. Probably got one lying around ronnie .I'll take a look
  12. Afraid so .same here theres nothing to view sadly .always better to use YouTube and share the link.
  13. L9ook forward to seeing this work on a nice vid
  14. Thought it was a mpu based machine??
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