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  1. It's a great machine, there can't be too many of them left. Good luck with it
  2. I would love to see a Nifty Nudge working...I have some partial reelbands if you need them? Unfortunately one of them is broken, but the other two are good
  3. When I was a teenager, time was available. It wasn't profitable because I used to reinvest the money in other machines. Kids eh?
  4. I used to work for Paymaster and I vaguely remember the money collectors used to have some gadget that they plugged in for auditing...not sure if it was the same data port
  5. We used to do the on and off trick (later more sophisticated with a piezo lighter inners) on a game called On Target. When it used to give nudges, you could reset the machine so that the reels would spin one revolution...if you reset it again during the reset spin you could alter the position of the reels until you had a favourable reel position. Another one was sparking a Nifty Nudge - used to pay out 10p each time. Same on Bear Climber. Can't remember the names of all the games we used to hoodwink
  6. Cheers good shout. Already flywired it away from harms way thanks
  7. Runs fine without the data board
  8. Looks in fabulous condition...Nice one
  9. I've disconnected it and I'll power up without it...see what happens...
  10. It is fitted in the mpu enclosure. I was opening her up to fly wire the NiCad and saw the scorch marks.
  11. Does anyone know what this board is for? Is it a data port board and do I need it? Can I just unplug it? One of the caps has cooked on it. Machine plays ok tho...
  12. I will do, cheers. Keep the fucker away from the good stuff
  13. Ok thanks. That's good to know....I'll desolder it...obvs worried about corrosion
  14. If I remove the NiCad from my MPU3 board, what are the consequences? Is it just loss of memory? What happens if you run the machine with no battery connected?
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