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  1. new enlarged version uploaded, basically enlarged the art(s) from the mini version play it in mfme v20.1
  2. Thanks for the info I had a Nickelodeon 2p £1.20 set and that kept alarming
  3. These are only the rom part of the machine you need to load them up within Mfme along with a layout
  4. Iphone will do you can still get decent photo's from it
  5. no got the top box bit but any chance of some nice hi res images of this machine (switched off) one of the full machine in view like above and a couple of the top half and bottom half please you can turn the showtime feature off via the dip switches if needed, not sure which one it is
  6. I think mavroz has them as I think he was re dxing the layout via DIF https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/939-mazooma-king-kong-cash-25p-£25-sc4/
  7. Great vids there seem the cash counter on YouTube earlier
  8. Here’s a shitty image lol
  9. There’s a classic layout already but really could do with a sparkly dx as one of the last Jpms to be dxed ftom this era
  10. Nasty disc reel in that something I haven’t done plus would need better images of bottom half
  11. Does the classic wip layout work perfectly now or is there still bugs on the bank switching if so I take it the one above is practically complete
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