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  1. I'm pretty sure now that the original Each Way Shifter that you've included the pic of is the one I had in mind and got mixed up with the Sidewinder name. Thanks
  2. Thanks Steve Each way Shifter looked possible but now pretty sure it was the Sidewinder by PCP as the name had stuck in my head and thta's exactly the shift mechanic I remembered although oddly the cab itself doesn't look that familiar. Many thanks
  3. Sorry might not have made myself clear, the one I'm thinking of was not by Ace nor had a video screen.
  4. Thanks but if you mean the Ace one, again with a video screen then no not that one. This one had normal reels.
  5. Hi I'm trying to identify a machine from the early 80s, probably somewhere 81-83. I thought it was called Sidewinder but it's not the one that comes up in searches, by Ace with the four reels and video screen. Seemed to be fairly common back then but not come across more recently. The main distinguishing feature was that there were 3 rows with around 12 blocks per row on the top glass and you had arrows where you moved the blocks to line them up in a column iirc. This is where I thought the Sidewinder name came from. Appreciate any help. Cheers Greg
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Yeah it's such a vague memory that unitl I see the one I can't be too sure about that much. It was just the reel on that vid that prompted a memory of playing something similar. All I can say is that I think it would have been something reasonably common and not that obscure back then. There's also something about the £ symbols that's jogging a memory but I do wonder if I'm getting mixed up with a similar machine? Really bugging me now cos the memory is so vague but defnitely there!
  7. Mnay thanks for all of those. None unfortunately look familiar. I'd expect it was one that was relatively common BITD and as I say can't be 100% sure it was Maygay, just that the symbols and numbers looked familiar and not come across a machine with those when browsing online.
  8. Thanks Chris. Can't find pics/vid Freeplay given the name will pull up other stuff in search but definitely not the other two and don;t remember Freeplay name. Maybe the game was similar in style but made by someone else not Maygay. Difficult to remember that well after nearly 40 years!!
  9. I've just been watching some of Chris's vids on youtube and then stumbled across one someone else did for Cash or Nudge from Maygay from around early 80s. This rang a bell for me with the style of the fruiit symbols and I seem to remember a machine with the same style symbols but with a purple grape with a 4 on it on the reels (this one had a yellow grape). Not come across thistype of machine since back in the day and never realised it would have been one I played until watching the vid. Pretty sure though the actual mahcine I played was not Cash or Nudge but ANO. Anyone have any suggetsions as to what it might have been ie what other games like this one did Maygay release? Cheers Greg
  10. Cool machine. I don't remember it being blue maybe blue was the Deluxe and a pink? the standard? Don't suppose its been emulated?
  11. There is one machine that I know is missing that I'd like to know the name of so can try to find info on it . It was a 2p version similar to Exchanges Unlimited ie with the 3x3 grid to award 2 nudges for 3 in a line but had no exchange function. It was actually 10p for 5 plays with a £1 jackpot for Bars or Pounds. I remember it also featured apples like in Smash and Grab. The cabinet had buttons on the side like Nudges Unlimited but was a lot smaller than the standard size fruit machine. There was also somehting like an @ symbol which would give you 10p or 20p on a gamble.
  12. I've spent the last few days compiling a list as best as I can of all the 80s fruit machines I could find. Without specific release dates, to try to keep to 80s, I've basically excluded anything with a jackpot less than £1 and more than £4. May of course spill over from late 70s and either miss some from late 80s or have some from early 90s. I used the Barcrest list I had earlier as the starting point (hence only dates on this one) and then went through this and a couple of other fruit forums for pictures and flyers and then looked at games I have seen emulated (from a disc I bought off ebay years ago). I've listed: Name, year, manufacturer, machine converted from (if a conversion), price of play, jackpot, if I saw a flyer for the game on line, whether I have the emulation By no means is the list complete nor might it be 100& accurate. If I didn't know for sure I tended to leave blank rather than guess. I hope this might be of use to some people and maybe if anyone is inclined, it could be added to and updated by those much more knowledgeable than me - I only have my experiences from BITD to go on and what I could find online without spending forever. I would be inetersted to know if any of the games I've noted as not emulated are actually available (most keen on the Barcrest ones and mpu3 conversions, with my holy grail being Fruit Banker (VFS, 84)) 80s Fruit Machine Database forum.xlsx
  13. I've realised I've posted on here (not very often admitedly) over the years and never properly introduced myself. I grew up on the Isle of Wight and spent a lot of time in the late 70s through to early 90s in the arcades there and also in Bournemouth where we used to go every school holiday to stay with my grandparents. One of the main reasons why I ended up in Dorset where I have now lived for almost 30 years. I only got into the fruits with Line Up around 83 (and this was my most played fruit machine ever) but did enjoy playing some of the earlier Barcrests like Spot Light and Hi Lights afterwards. My main passion is for the Barcrests of the first half of the 80s but I did love some of the mpu4 like Stop the Clock and Way In. I continued playing intensely until the mid 90s but the machines were just not as good as those in the first half of the 80s. Since 83 I spent almost all my time in the arcade on fruits for the rest of the 80s whereas pre 83, almost all my time was on the vids. Not interested in the newer fruits as tend to lose too much too quickly and the fun is no longer there. My holy grail would be Fruit Banker (VFS conversion of mpu3 in 84) which I have posted about in another thread. In the 90s I got heavily into pinball when they were in the pubs everywhere and now own 17 mostly newer ones. I used to run the UK pinball league for almost 10 years and compete in many pinball comps both here and abroad when allowed. I love the classic videos from late 70s through to mid 80s and got my first cab, Joust from the local arcade in Ryde on the Island in 92. I've since owned over 20 but only have 9 now. Some of you may know me from ukvac and pinball info forums where I have been a long time member. I don't own any fruits and as much as would love (with unlimited space and money) to have a collection like some of you on here , they don't hold the same appeal to me when it's your own money so have focused my resources on pins and vids. It's great to be able to play them on the emulators and would be amazing to have just one machine which plays them all but with both top and bottom glasses emulated so it's not apparent from a distance that it's not the original (excluding differences in shape of different mahchines). I have seen a few of these on youtube. I go to various video and pinball meets and would like to do the same for fruits to chat about and play the old games if/when there are any in future. Cheers Greg
  14. Cool find, so that answers where I must have got the list from and why there's only one for Barcrest, not other manufacturers. Although actually my list went up to 89....so i wonder if it was posted elsewhere and updated as the format is also different. Mine is dated 25 April whereas this post is 8 May so I must have got mine from before Captain Haddock's post but maybe Barcrest released info to others at around same time?
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