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  1. Reminds me of the things I played on holiday in Benidorm 1984 as a 15yr old,done most of my spending money in them,I remember thinking I’ll take autoroute etc over these things.
  2. He’ll probably get his sixth sense when he wants a spotlight nick fire up eBay and they’ll be one two streets away! Buy it now £40 😀
  3. The amount of highlights spotlights and all the conversions they became you could go up to and just press cancel and the right arrow nudge down button and it would step down was unreal!! it wasn’t uncommon to find one…you could credit them normally they’d pay out fine but seemed to be in test but with the back door on,now you could have played it cool and just nudged little wins and just a few nudges,but being 13/14 years old you just nudged jackpot in over and over!! And it wasn’t long before an attendant had you in a headlock and you were barred.😀
  4. Mds used to have one probably the same machine,for the bingo hall sector I was told.
  5. Hi -lo silver,nudge blitz,cash lines.
  6. I only know this as some had the new me126 mech on them😉😉instead of the ms115
  7. Pretty sure there 1990 nick we have history together lol,and the last clubber in that style cab..
  8. Same sort of thing as yours with the staking but it has a gamble on it and it’s £150 jackpot.
  9. I have club gold ace system 1 ten/twenty’s big brother.
  10. Great machine that.
  11. Not a bad idea that,I might build a revolving bookcase where you remove a book and it spins round to reveal adders and ladders and exchanges unlimited….like in the equalizer2
  12. Been on and off eBay for years that no takers.
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