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  1. The reels on them pcl maxi machines like superstars,double bonus and link3 used to kind of slide to a stop,maygay quickly moved on to mmm with cash or nudge freespin wild hold etc.
  2. I doubt I’ll be the only one googling Colin blunstone.
  3. My mates used to do this trick but say it only worked on £2 line ups...but there might have been other tricks in the £3 version I don’t know.
  4. In the comments for that video he says it has a £3 glass but pays £2 for bars and bells.
  5. Were there tricks on super line up as well as line up then...anyone?
  6. You got one back!! Not amongst my mates you never.
  7. Anybody know what alarm cy is on a famous games cash replay machine?
  8. He’s obviously a hard core seller.
  9. Yeah mad innit seems like yesterday someone would have a porno vhs tape and it would do the rounds between you and your mates.
  10. I’d rather have a photo of a ctl each way shuffle than a mk2 ews.
  11. Have a look at the tattooed ones YouTube site there’s plenty.
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