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  1. Bernard has uploaded his latest project. Barcrest Lucky Strikepu3 clubber ZX Spectrum style. Tbf,I quite like it. What do you reckon chaps?
  2. Super Nudge Belle video on my Facebook group. Is this the one you mean? https://www.facebook.com/groups/232441521989016/permalink/493334799233019/
  3. Some dance tunes there. I would have included My Jackpot is for reel😆😆😆😆 https://youtu.be/YTvEEBIuMik
  4. Very nice indeed Mart. Great to see it back in service. Like Nick says,would be good to see a vid of this in action. Well done mate.
  5. It's been a while so here's a quick session On JPM Eachway Shuffle blue before I head off to work
  6. I suspect those are CTL rebuilds. Original JPMs From what I remember.... Eachway Nudger,Nudge Double Up Nudge Double Up mkll. Nudge Double Up deluxe/Double Top Lite a Nudge,LAN deluxe EWS Red/EWS blue Lucky 2s/Two Step Hold n Nudge,Double Shuffle (converted from EWS's)
  7. Thanks chaps. Cannot see any bent pins tbh. Can anyone advise me of routing plug details for £1 coin entry that puts coins into the hopper. And when full diverts them to the box. Might have a go at making my own lol
  8. Thanks Matty Not sure what I am looking for. There is the big loom that sits on the side of the mech. Then there's,a white lead in the middle and the routing plug to the left of it on my cashflow 126. The dial is pointing on letter F. The hopper top up is pressed and when the refill coin is turned it says £1 requires 0 coins. But all coins still going into the hopper. I am using the larger routing plug of the 2 that are with the machine. The smaller one puts coins into the box even when it's not full. Need to know which routing plug is for 126,then try and find out the wiring diagram that shows the correct links so that £1 coins go into the hopper until full,then divert into the box. Thanks Everyone.
  9. Thanks Ron. Just as long as the £1 diverts into the cash box when the hopper is full. Not really bothered about other coins.
  10. Hi Everyone I am after a routing plug for my Club Monopoly Wonders of the World running on scorp4 tech. It has a cashdlow 126 mech fitted. My machine has 2 different routing plugs. One is a large size and the other is smaller. The problem I have is one diverts all pounds to box. The other put pounds into hopper even when full. There is a dial which is set on position 0 But have had advice to put it on position F. Done this but has made no difference. So ideally I could do with a diagram for routing that puts pounds into the hopper until it gets fully,then diverts to cash box. Thanks to anyone who can advise.
  11. I think it had switchable stake and prizes. 2p,5p,10p and 20p play with £2,£3 & £6 jackpots.
  12. This looks superb. My machine has the 10p roms but wired up for 5p play so still has the £2 tokens jackpot. Would love a bottom glass for the 10p game,then I would convert it.
  13. It's a Nudge A Way jackpot😁
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