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  1. Bernard has just uploaded this for me on youtube lol. Hope you can support him by watching and commenting on his video. Many thanks🤗
  2. Thanks J Don't have the means to burn this or have any chips unless someone fancies a quick jobby lol😂😂😂 Mine is 20p/£4.80 with Blue Moon jp tune.
  3. It's not done on dip switches as slotto tried all of them. Also he tested all 3 tube sensors. It seems to have more wires on the orange switches lead. Also,we tried the rom card in my cloud 999 and Nickelodean. On Nickelodean it paid out a 20p token vice a 50p. The roms show as 0.3 on power up. I have tried a few sets of roms that were offered on here and they all alarmed for bad chr. And one set had lights not working and hold buttons not working 0.3 version roms must be a test set or a trial set of early roms!
  4. I have a Blue Moon here that pays out an Invisible 50p when I have wins that have 60p or 80p in them. There is no 50p solenoid,and I have tried the rom cart in my other machines. Duane tested it all for me and reckons I have an early software version and I need a new cart with the later roms and chr chip to test his theory?
  5. Yes,I did it many times,eventually emptying the tokens lol. That's when we used to hold the 9s all the time😊
  6. If its a Super Line Up Then it will be a,£3 jackpot version. Version 1 roms are the elusive ones with the glitch for the JP trick. Not all £2 rom sets have the glitch though.
  7. After some consideration,mostly to everyone that is subscribed to me on yourube,I have decided I will continue to upload onto YT,but will be taking a more relaxed approach since I have my own Facebook group too which will always feature more content. A lot of people commented about the adverts,now being the norm unfortunately and as annoying as they are to me it seemed,most were not that bothered! Anyway,thought I'd share this video. It's Maygay Wild Hold being very happy lol. Hope you enjoy watching. Thanks to everyone here for your continued support.
  8. Looks great tbh. Anyone tried the silver mirror pens? https://www.facebook.com/396544407742492/posts/877647762965485/ I have bought a couple to have a go at tidying up My Eachway Nudger bottom glass which I need to get out when I have some time off.
  9. I ain't closing it down Grah,I will keep it open So people can still watch but won't be uploading anymore. I made a promise that I would never monetize my channel hence you would never see adverts in my videos. They are truly annoying tbh and I didn't ask for them to be put there. Iam not interested in making money as I love our hobby. But I don't expect other companies to profit on what I basically do for free for everyone's enjoyment. I made a promise and I always keep to my word. That's me!
  10. Hi Everyone It has come to my attention that YouTube has started putting Advertising on my YouTube videos against my wishes. I have never intended for this to happen and made a promise to everyone I would never monetize or have annoying adverts on my channel. So I have decided to call it a day with YouTube. This should explain everything! Thanks to Everyone on here who has ever tuned in
  11. Nice looking electro. Bargain price for a change lol
  12. Well,today I took a rail trip out to Worcester to see our friend on here Rob T who kindly invited me to play on his collection. And for the first time in 40 years,I got to play on this absolute beast of a machine. Whilst enjoying Robs collection,I felt that what we all do here to try and preserve the Golden days of playing and remembering the memories each machine holds to us enthusiast,that what we do is not just for our own pleasure but for everyone else that shares our enthusiasm. Not just for doing them up or playing them,even repairing them when things go wrong. I come to the conclusion that it's always worth it. Thanks Massive to Rob T,I had a fantastic day. The hospitality was great,the machines was great. I love what we all do😊 Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching as always
  13. Double helping of SRU Goodness. Expect some jackpot jingles lol
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