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  1. Progress made on my Maygay Super Poundbeater Thanks Massive to midiBob for this. All working as it should. Tight as always haha😂
  2. Spray contact cleaner on both ends of red and green leads And inside the sockets they go on to. I would do all the smaller green ones on the reel driver board too as an incase. The white power input lead with the scorched plug will become a major problem eventually. Some resort to removing those top 2 wires and hard soldering the wires on the back of the board with the ends fitted with male female connectors for easy removal.
  3. Not sure on these mate. It's defo one for a hopper machine tho. Never really dealt with them tbh
  4. If its been converted from pay slides to hopper Then I would say it needs the appropriate PSU on mpu4s. The PSU for hopper machines usually has a green label on. Normal PSUs for mpu4 are for solenoid payouts.
  5. Agree 100%. Has it been in cold storage? When did it last work. Does any lights come on? Has it got a prom cart fitted? Post pictures so we can work out where to start.
  6. If its tripping your electric you will have an issue with PSU to Board fault. First I'd check the lead that goes from the PSU to the board. White plug,bottom right of the board. Check the top 2 pins. If the plug is scorched then there's the start of your fault. Unplug psu from the board and switch on to see if it trips your supply.
  7. Loved the Castles. Great jackpot jingles.
  8. JPM Nudge Shuffle jackpot hold Pair of mpu5 jackpots in this video Barcrest Chances Unlimited
  9. I'm spoiling you all now haha Barcrest Spotlight mpu2 Maygay Wild Hold triple M tech AL Big Apple mpu1 as £2 jackpot Go on then. Feel free to post some of your jackpots🤗 Keep this place buzzin'
  10. Go on then.... A few more for you all Maygay Cash Pack Barcrest Viva Las Vegas Six mpu4 Barcrest Fortune Numbers mpu3
  11. Thought I'd start a new topic featuring clips of Jackpots with jackpot jingles. Feel free to add your clips. Here's a couple to get you started JPM Hot Pot Happy birthday to me😂😂😂 Barcrest Red Hot Roll mpu4 JPM Hi Note
  12. Ha looking at the Maygay conversions I have a Son of Kong as 10p/£3.
  13. Do you have any gen on the mpu3 conversions by VFS Ron Especially Exchanges Unlimited conversions Cheers mate. Trying to trace the name of one I used to play as 10p/£3
  14. Nice find Duane. On 10p/£3 that should be a decent game. Looks like an ex Adders & Ladders cab.
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