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  1. I would look to getting a replacement open red button insert without any token security plate fitted rather than the tokens. There will be far more of the plain red buttons around and with that your machine will take any 20p tokens.
  2. BF74

    Ten Up

    This is mine at the moment stripped and getting the full works service.😁
  3. The Gambler Club electro from AFD (Automatic Fruit Designs LTD)... Like many other manufacturers of the era, this company was based in Cardiff too.... Built in 1976 this machine had the the most used feature of being able to gamble by doubling up wins by as much as 8 times. known for their much used large reflective glass made them a good looking machine. Great to see a back view which apart from some dust looks in very good condition and a plus, the very rare schematic is with it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265768434258?hash=item3de1087a52:g:aH8AAOSwOqBixXk9
  4. Looks like it came from Louth Coin...
  5. BF74

    Ten Up

    Apart from a chunk missing bottom right of cabinet and not a £100 jackpot😁, I does not look too bad for 18 years in storage.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/195178307200?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. Yes its an AWP. its a conversion but not JPMs. It started as a JPM called The Hit back in 1976. with a 40p token top win line, Apart from the win lines it had the "hit" feature when started the feature reel (Reel 1) the player has a number of skill attempts to stop the reel on hit symbol, every successful stop would payout a token. As the payouts went up to 50p tokens It was then converted to a machine called The Marksman in 1977 this was not a JPM conversion. Same game, same feature just different glass, reel bands and background colour from blue to green with new name. This next conversion to The Hot Shot is again the same game, same feature but now on £1, probably on all cash. The conversion is from a private operating company up here in the North East.
  7. Not from the same machine but most transformers were wired the same. Here is a scan of a Bell Fruit transformer wiring for a Dutch electro machine
  8. Received a message from Frank for the forum.... Hi guys, I know I have to finish the history but I have had to look for a new employment. Unfortunately the Williams formula one team took my previous employer for a few quid, like £30 million. I didn't want to wait around, and to be honest they just may brave the storm but I wasn't ready to sit back and be thrown on the scrapheap as I am not ready to put my feet up. I have a new task as Project manager to develop 17 acres of development land and 3 WWII Aircraft hangars so that should see me through to retirement. Promise to come back. Regards to all, best wishes, stay safe!
  9. BF74


    Here is an industry advert from 1981..
  10. The move from 50p cash £1 tokens to £1 cash £2 tokens was actually introduced in Jan 1981 and stayed that limit until Jan 1983 when increased to £1.50 cash £3 tokens... £2 cash £4 tokens did not appear until Jan 1987. I don't expect them having used brand new 83 machines so, they probably just filled the token tube with 10p coins or with it being a Bell Fruit machine, Had the supplier wire the token to the 10p slide in the episode to get the £2 payout. Still £2 cash would have been illegal at that time.
  11. The hold selector board does get a cover of dirt and grease on it's contacts. This timer does not need any lubrication as it acts as a magnet to dirt which insulates the contacts. if you remove the rotary stud board it might look a bit like 1st picture and you can see the difference in the 2nd picture. There are two wires connected to the top of the board, one to the solid centre ring and the other to one of the top studs of the outer ring. wired loops from the 2nd wire will be connected to studs around the board, these are known as 'Live' studs. Towards the end of the game, The hold timer stops for a fraction of a second to search for a circuit via the wipers that run around the centre ring and studs to give holds before quickly restarting. If it stops the wipers on a 'live' wired stud unless a win line appears you will get a hold on the next game. if it stops on a dead or studs with no wires then no hold. To increase the amount of holds, simply add more wired links, all the wired links must be connected in series to the top wired stud without any breaks. Too many holds and reduce the amount of wired studs.
  12. Look at that refill switch, It looks like the small button under the lever arm is in the open position, the switch levers should keep the button pressed. When the refill lock is turned, the lock cam opens the switch and puts the machine in refill mode. The cam arm of the refill lock in that closed position should keep the refill switches closed. Back door open only isolates the meters not the payout's
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