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  1. Interesting that This was the machine that brought the final demise and cause of Video Fruit Services to go into liquidation in 1988
  2. We can blame VFS for their part in the loss of many machines to conversion
  3. Golden Chance. An unknown companies conversion on what started life as a JPM SuperChance circa 1975. Many of these oddball conversions were usually built by local operators rather than main suppliers so the machines were limited to a small local area circulation, Without any names or Identification labels then only those that have seen or know the actual re-build company will know their origin. With a main glass and reel band change, the original JPM £28 jackpot has been reduced to £10 is the only noticeable game change. Looking at it, someone has gone to some expense for little change to the better original machine. Description says temperamental which was later added about the 50p too but looking at the dust in the back , I expect it is many years since this machine has seen a good service. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284587589767?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. Nobles Railroad .One of the many of their conversions on a Bell Fruit based machine. The won't start fault should not be anything major to sort out and a great auction start price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175075692617?hash=item28c3531049:g:SqEAAOSw3kVhwkmQ
  5. Speed Kings electro, Here is an early 70s machine by the 10p max payout. I believe It matches machines built by a company called Qual Tech based in wales. Formed in the late 60s but disappeared around 1973. I have seen this machine before, The last time the glass surround was in a more rusted condition but this may have been cleaned OR this is another machine, If so then there are at least two still about.
  6. Having worked in the service side of the industry most of my life, It's great to read especially from one of the major manufacturers side Frank.👍
  7. It's got to be the highest price to date for an Electro-mechanical.
  8. If you can picture the relay base you think the wiring is wrong please.?
  9. I expect the usual has happened, either someone has gone in with a price to get it removed or the totally crazy person that's constantly intervening, telling them their machine is the Holy Grail which has got to the seller who will hold onto it for a short while then we will see it return with a much higher auction price. My thought's are we will see it again before long.
  10. Yes electro mechanical, think I might have that schematic too Rich.
  11. sounds more like it's an electro mechanical machine with relays and sockets. If you have mixed up the wiring on a relay socket the chances are it will blow the 50v fuse Any chance you can post some pictures of your machine please.?
  12. Each Way Nudger was 79. Not many machines around in late 70s early 80s with an overhang but one company that produced machines was Thesis and this was one of their cabinets. It was 1983 when Maygay released their cabinets with the payout tray located mid machine. Hot Dog is a £100 club electro but did not have a reverse nudge. Summit Coin produced machines in 1982 with the nudge buttons on the top glass.
  13. Not many machines used the two sets of buttons for nudges, The only machine I can think of with those rectangular nudge buttons is Nudges Unlimited
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