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    Been a while, but I've got another old-skool favourite done. A DX for a JPM system 80 machine called Fortune Trail. The 2p version of Mystery Trail/Spin. Use MFME6.1 to play. Huge thanks to the following people that made this layout possible. alex74: Classic Layout, And Roms. Louie Bee: Pictures. riche100: Cabinet Picture. Road Runner: Reel Images. Enjoy! Fortune Trail DX.zip
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    Got the layout-making bug again, so I decided to get another one out there. This time it's for an all-time favourite of mine called Top Streak. An old JPM machine on system 80. Set to: £3/10p/82% Use MFME6.1 to play. Anyone over forty (lke myself) will remember this one. It's more, or less a copy of Winsprint; which came out later I believe. The only difference being Top Streak shows you the best win streak of the day, on the segs, and Winsprint didn't. Credits go out to the following folks: alex1974: Classic Layout launton, And Nick Sulzer: Roms Road Runner: Reel Images. Hope you enjoy this fantastic JPM once again! Top Streak DX.zip
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    Love this... As well as processor card trashed, Had faults on PSU board, I/o board, reels a bit stuck and battery rot had traveled up the ribbon cable. Oh a duff triac causing 10p lockout chatter. but got there, just the I/O board to do another day.
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    Sorting through a load of my fruit related stuff, came across these roms. BWB BIG SHOT 2p play (MPU4) JPM DOUBLE UP DELUXE Not tried them in mfme, so please let us know if they run, used to love the Big Shot 2p rebuild. J BIGSHOT_BWB2P.rar NUDGE_DOUBLE_UP_DELUXE.rar
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    I released this over at DIF a few weeks back..... Special thanks to Riche100 for the hi res pics resources... I do plan on fixing a couple of minor bits, token mech isn't correct but not going to get chance to take a look for a while. CROWNJESTERDX.zip
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    Massive thanks to riche 100 for the roms supplied and stan marsh for dumping them and the upload. should have it finished soon, just a couple of images to find and some lamps and sort the meters. 2p play with the jackpot at a massive quid. play great , and a damn sight better than all the clones
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    Got reelbands and game card can post if someone wants them:)
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    I've the game card for this can post it to whoever would like to make it for online use had this machine from January but had to make space and use the mpu4 inside
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    Under reel is... NUMBERS ON REELS LIGHT WORD NUDGE EACH REEL CAN BE NUDGED ONE POSITION <-----------------LEFT OR RIGHT----------------> Under nudges..... Patent Application Number 2639307 Under bank...… ONLY HIGHEST WINNER PAID
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    I was the same. Couldn't afford the 10p play machines back in 1984. Played the 2/5p machines a lot more than the 10p games. Glad the layout is being enjoyed.
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    OK Rich, this is the best I could do fella, should be ok for you. J
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    It may of been a while but if your going to hit us with a layout like that then don't rush back on your next one😉 A big thank you to all the above Alex74, Louie Bee, riche100, Road Runner and of course yourself Ploggy for such a classic saved.
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    I thought it was about time to cut my teeth on Sys80. Quite an interesting tech which I need to get my head round. All in good time. First a couple of 8K CPU boards that had work done previously due to battery vapours. The first one would fire up but only if the board was flexed near the RAM area. It didn't seem to matter how much or little it was flexed as it didn't always start. As luck would have it I noticed a tiny nick in a track just under the negative battery terminal. You couldn't really see it with the naked eye, certainly not with my eyesight! Holding the board up to the light made it a bit easier to see. Once patched out it started everytime. The next one was purely a visual check as I've not powered it up for testing yet. Look at the track next to the green patch wire! After a clean up, a bit of careful adjustment, resoldering and a bit of green mask we end up with this... Another issue I've come across which I'm sure the Sys80 boys are aware of is there are two types of 8K CPU cards. I was looking at doing a RAM adaptor for testing being as I don't hold any 5514 RAM chips. This is the Heath Robinson version ... This was all very well until I tried to plug it in to the second CPU board and noticed the RAM sockets were further apart, by another pin space! Any thoughts of making a proper PCB means there would have to be two types. I'm sure others must have hit this one before. Another thing I've noticed was the PSU connector. Quite a few of the Molex crimps connectors had lost their tension and weren't mating too well. I'm sure this is well known by the Sys80 sage's but once retensioned made a noticable difference to the supply voltages. So it's all good fun for the moment and reading other folks repair reports there's going to be a lot of horror stories to come. Wish me luck.
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    I’ve got win-a-gain but not in greatest nick, still love playing it tho
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    Thanks for those, will give them a bash after the ryder cup.
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    A couple of machines that use the Mazooma card flip reel. These may be a bit new for here, but without the resources from here, in particularly the manual for Wet n Wild, they wouldn't have been possible. I have proper release thread over at Fruit-Emu and Desertislandfruits if you want to see more details. Just be sure to install any missing fonts to make sure they show correctly. A big thanks to Mecca Members - jonwarby and notallbad1 Wet N Wild.zip Stir Crazy.zip
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    Thanks for that riche,😃 i see it has two buttons on top( one is nudge matic) the image i have only has one button on top. mmm!!!! time to have another look at the layout i reckon.
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    You are never going to be able to copy or clone it. I also seriously doubt a pic chip could be used without being on a daughter board and having the software written to emulate the original which would be quite a task in itself. This page suggests that a replacement was built but it's lacking any details: https://www.fullcircuit.com/content/tms9902-replacement
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    Well there's a coincidence. I found this a couple of weeks back at a boot sale and the guy wanted a fiver for it. I knew these were expensive 20-30 years ago so I thought it was a good buy.
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    here you go its here hopefully mecca wont compress it too much
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    take some close up pics of the board were the battery is on both boards
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    Set the door switches to 22 and 14, and Refill to 23
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    Hopefully get one up of the mpu3 associated leisure 2p winspin up too but only got one good mpu3 board out of 4 at moment and don't want to blow that one lol someone's coming to give me a hand with it soon