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    Barcrest crystal maze team edition.No keys and its locked,but screen comes on and fan blows in the dome.Another project.Soon see inside as i need to cut bsttery off.So may drill it tomorrow.
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    Hi Barrie thank you for the reel bands they look great 👍,I will be popping down hobby craft over the next couple of days to try and find some suitable black backing plastic or paper to block the tube light out like you said , anyway thanks again mate and your hard work is very much appreciated cheers dave 🍻
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    After a very long 5th day, I have finally finished the graphics:) On schedule for a weekend release!
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    I didn't say people weren't prepared to pay, I just never charged that much and it was never about the money
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    Being as though at work this is a really quick shot of the reels. Look good, now for backlighting
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    Next up is a 90's machine on £8 tokens its Bfm's Make a Million, whether you made a million or it took a miilion well that's your story it comes from the popular slots of the era with the likes of jumping jack flash, showtime spectacular, easy money, money to burn etc Thanks goto The original Bfmeumalator layout and its creator, of which tommy c kindly converted for me a few years back The Ebay seller's image of which i made this layout from which incidentally is a tad rough in places but can't be helped!! Mavroz for the small section of reel band used for some symbols Richy1976 for adding coin effects Shortcuts are Start = Spacebar Play the Game = P Stop/Collect = S/C Holds = 1,2,3 Hi = 2, Lo = 3 Cancel = ` Take the Feature = F Tokens in = 9 £1's in = 0 THIS LAYOUT PLAYS IN MFME V19 or above (currently 19.1 available from desertislandfruits.) Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Bfm's Make A Million £8 Dx.zip
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    This is what you need to do it fix it, don't waste your time with different ROMs Paul
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    Reels coming ups tomorrow...... watch this space. Then for the backlit challenge. Ordered grey primer as the originals are grey then will see how it goes. Hope they look the part
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    Well After day 3, I have almost finished the bottom glass. Only the reel windows to do, which I know is going to be a pain, and then I can do the top glass.
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    Probably so, all screen printed I presume would save them cash. I’ll stick to this plan. Think I can do the machines proud with this technique. one a1 sheet for three bands. Tape original reels to the back, stick symbols I’ve cut out over the front on to a1 sheet. Spray and dry, 3 coats should make solid black and light proof. I did one coat today and it was “ok” on paper so more on transparent should make it spot on. then cut the light masks out attach them to the reels with double sided tape after a day of drying and then build the reels I hope that will give a good result, I’ll update everyone when all the bits arrive. This week apparently the reels are being printed. Lets see
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    Some more progress today.
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    thanks guys for your input but i just like to help the mecca members out on here to keep these old machines going with out this forum we are stuck for bits and bobs and fault finding tips many thanks mick
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    Glad they went to a good home, was a test of the printers and although good expensive. Like me though, it’s not about money it’s about making them good Glad your happy. Look forward to seeing them fitted mate.
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    Work continues for a perminent backlit set of Hit Money, Blue Streak and Test Pilot prints.... Using Jonnos art I've now managed to also make these... When done and tested ill print a set of all of them. Currently waiting for hit money on the light box poster material. Ill see how that looks. Artwork now scaled properly to 80mm x 770mm in Photoshop and saved in JPEG for colour bands, PNG for masks. Ill zip the lot up when clean tidy and done, just meed Cash Pot Symbol and Bar Symbol from Test Pilot scanning at high resolution. I did them a while ago and sent them to Jonno but never posted them and can't find them now! Sods law. If anyone has a set of Test Pilot reel bands and access to a scanner to scan the Bar & Cash Pot symbol at stupidly high resolution please post it here i did them originally at 1200dpi. Heres where I'm at so far, complete for BlueStreak and Hit Money, will post the lot when done
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    Hey, yep all sorted thanks to MattyL... legend. And here it is up and running! A868532F-33F5-4058-8C86-04694BC77AD0.MOV
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    Sounds like a broken track had same problem on my match of the day could only read high side of the chip, have a look at magik video on YouTube I fix mine in about 20 mins after watching it
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    Sorted this one... was just the voltage regulator on the processor card. Fix vid - 20190723_212405.mp4
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    Nice Bit of CRT tech at its best.... You wont need those reel bands printing again mate!!
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    I've been copying liveries for old chocolate machines recently and there is a quite smart font detection system (upload a picture type) at www.myfonts.com which is owned by industry giant Monotype. I was surprised how accurate it was even with pictures of rusty machines at funny angles. They try and flog you the font of course, at silly prices, BUT, you can generate samples to your text on screen so I simply generated the text in the exact size and colour I wanted and copied them off the website using right click + save . Whatever you see on screen - and you can go big, say 70pts, it will actually generate it almost double the size when you save it off so can be scaled quite a bit without getting pixelated. They have every font you could imagine going back 100 years or so. It's ace. Nice work btw above.
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    Stencils for next time....
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    Here's some classics for you 90s fans First off is BWB/Maygay Simpsons m1a. Sorry about the alpha display. It has a mind of it's own!
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    I have found out that you can have a very high quality result for a low price for non-backlighted reels: Here below my reelbands I created in photoshop for a fruity I build and didn't had the original reels, only a reelplan and similar symbols from other reelbands to scan. Originally this is backlighted but I couldn't find a copier who could print this in a silk screen print method. (I assume that the method for reelbands is silk screen printing, or is it another technique?) I had them printed at a professional printcopier organisation on a high-quality photopaper (with high gloss) in adequate resolution (300 dpi). I payed about € 35,- including cutting the reelbands for 2 copies. (so 12 reelbands in total, 6 fronts, and 6 seperate reelbands with the black masking). Sitting next to other fruity's it is almost not noticable that these reels are printed compared to originals. If I turn them on you can see that the backlighting is not so nice as an original reelband. But if you don't have backlighting in your reels, and want to save some money than this is a real good alternative. But for now I am actually only interested to have reelbands printed for backlighted reels, which I believe is a silk screen print method. If I can have reels printed with this method, I have several reelbands (about 10 pairs of 3) which I would orderd. And I will be willing to pay a good price for it 😉 So I am still on the lookout for the silkscreen backlighted print option.......... 🙂 (Edit: I cropped this image, so the resolution looks sh*t, but it is a high resolution originally)