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    Look it up on Teletext, they have program listing's there.
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    ACE - Golden Streak Tech: sp.ACE Here's a nice little lo-tec from Ace. It plays on 3 win lines, either get a reel win or 3 gold bars on the matrix to play the streak game. Just a shame it's mute due to no sound roms. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator and the latest update that allows this to run. The image and rom provider. Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play Golden Streak.zip
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    Nothing that involves The SImpsons or shitty second-rate soap operas. No point continuing really is there?
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    Been through everything with Ben's machine. The problem is that it's a conversion and not a good one with no paperwork and not even a schematic for the original machine. Without the machine in front of me now, I have really gone as far as I can with possible causes.
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    Don't worry hes sending it to you as your Christmas present we all know you love maygay secretly lol
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    Send them when you sent that other stuff and i'll dump em...... in the bin ;). No, seriously, i'll dump em.
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    put it outside your house with free written on it then advertise it on a local facebook page i reckon itll go in a few mins then you can move on sadly collecting old fruit machines is a hobby and hobbies cost money, i dont think you should be thinking that you can make money out of it . this owes me this and etc etc .. i am thankful at the moment that i dont have a machine to worry about and get rid of . good luck whatever you decide
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    You have more chance of finding out what Teletext is than getting any help with anything, especially when spamming the site with the same request in multiple sections.... Good luck.
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    I remember those fucking stupid lights on the top of these machines. Ridiculous idea!
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    it may be working but for how long
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    Not me either I have one also and the restore is on here somewhere
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    Looking more like a M1b board now, but not complete yet!
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    He has none, cause he's not allowed
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    You can dump 'em in the bin with that fucking revolting Dr Who fruit machine that you got!
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    10uF at 16v or better. Doubt it will make a difference. Does not need to be a tant, regular will do. BTW, I did replace the 3 big caps in the PSU on my Stop the Clock and it did not change anything. I measured the old ones and they were 100% perfect....good olde Philips caps.
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    https://www.skiphireuk.co.uk/ Ring these guys if you want rid of it!
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    Here are a few photos from a other m1v motherboard from maygay. The battery has leaked a little bit. A bad connector pin, totally burned out. Old pin whas gone, put in a new one en filled up the hole around that spot. A little acid underneath the game card connector. And one broken line underneath the battery. ( the reason why it wouldn't boot) no +12 volt on the motherboard. After all that, I got a fully functional machine again. Hope that it is useful for someone . Greets Ramon
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    check c55 on the mpu4 board its by the volume pot i have had theses where the top of it had popped this is probably what he heard
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    Quite a bit of time spent on this today! I am now up to where those kynar wires were! so the CPU area is now complete! Have posted a larger file version to what I normally do so if anyone is interested they can now see the work involved so far! I think I started this last Saturday so not bad in a week for progress!