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    The answer to those questions (in order) I know the images are too small, they are a PREVIEW for what I have. Can you see them high res, err not a fucking chance. You're very rude. @tommy c if you want any then please let me know and i'll send on to you
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    Well to be completely honest, I probably have but seeing as you can't even be arsed to click on a thanks or like i won't fucking bother searching. No "please" words in your requests either!!!
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    Well had a bit of time today! Managed to fit the new leds and they work an absolute treat, another job ticked off the list! 😂
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    Some SRU goodness for you. Expect some jackpot tunes lol
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    That's not what he said, so one of you is lying!!
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    First one built and prepped ready for lamping.
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    Look what i found..... . Suppose I can release these now.
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    I can help if your struggling, means i'll have to travel a quarter of a mile to your house though Steff ;). You still got your beer fridge????? You got rid of those shitty maygays? I don't wanna be in the same room as them. I don't really want to touch a shitty epoch board to be honest
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    @tommy c now has all the files. Sorry to the people who PM'd me asking for stuff. I don't really know about the FME scene etc. Know Tommy for years and he's done me favors (not sexual) so has has them now. I can't be doing with individual requests. Hope your all cool with that
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    Yeah plenty but everyone can bollocks now. I have deleted everything. Fuck everyone!! Here's just a few. I have reel bands and buttons for all machines.
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    Judging by the recent abortion that made my fucking eyes bleed, maybe it's best if you don't bother at all!
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    I couldn't have put it any better john.
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    Crystal - Club Carousel Tech: MPU4 Here's another clubber from crystal, a late 90's machine I think. It plays a fun game which is something different than the usual hi-lo cash or trail games. OK it's a hi-lo game based on three trails - cash, picks or nudges. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks as ever to Wizard for the emulator Geddy for disc reel help The Rom and image providers. Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play. Club Carousel.zip
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    Uninstall the RCD and go back to fuses, this should fix it. If the fuses blow just use foil
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    Please can these be put into the Mazooma and QPS gallery on fruit-emu.com, cause they have not been updated lots?
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    Yeah alright alright, well done. Seriously (and it pains me to say it! ) well done on getting this lot. The designers will have a field day with these (and some might even thank you as well!) Good work!
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    It's fucking aweful 😂. I had one many moons ago. Poor poor poor programming. Those games just drop the jp straight in. Don't even give you a bit of adventure. Bugged off everywhere. Total shite. Scrapping this is the best thing that could happen!
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    @superbank is one horrible bastard! Don't tar me with that brush!!!
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    Never forget that time when you pulled your green screen Nokia from your pocket. Remember thinking "tight cunt"
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    Yup, they didn't make the bin once I had seen them
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    just to let you know Hitthesix has already started this prior to you, but if you instist on dx'ing it then do a good job this time and take people's advice