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    Just got a big haul of a few 100 roms, from an arcade / Circuit board manufacturing unit Hopefully something decent here that’s not been emulated lots of photos coming tomorrow.
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    Hi folks,here's my photo based dx of another classic jpm game of the 90's set on 20p play with a token jackpot,Only had two pics to work from and had to do alot of flash removal and editing plus redraw the barcode features,turned out okish in the end,massive thanks to -Crest- for providing the images and also for the reel photo's,very much appreciated and to wizard for the new mfme. All shortcuts are the normal then the first letter of the pocket names for your feature trail. USE MFME V 19.8 AND ABOVE ONLY. Jpm Give Us A Break Wdx.zip
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    Hi all. Made this earlier. It runs off XML so can be set up with images and file paths. Thanks to @Wizardfor the awesome MFME, and thanks to @Pook for such great DX's :). If anyones interested I can forward this on. It currently only works on 1920 x 1080. MFME frontend.mp4
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    Neon Lights rom, James popped these round to me earlier to upload for everyone. Cheers, hope they are to some use.  neon.BIN
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    I can get some pics of this machine if needed..I used to own it but gave it away...
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    Hi all, Here is a game called Roll Up running on Ace's System 1 tech. Machine was released in the early 90's and was a conversion kit made by PCP. Used to play this machine a bit back in the day and have done the layout from memory as I don't think a pic is available for this one. Plays quite well with lots of feature entries etc but rarely hits the jackpot! Thanks also to Hit The Six for help and feedback. Enjoy! Roll Up.zip
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    2 new machines shipped to NI 😁 Absolute classic machines that I am glad to finally own ! Rollorcoaster is running JPM roms just Crystal glass Road hog is fully original
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    Not advisable, the chassis still remains upside down so the heat will just burn the monitor chassis pcb! there not the best quality pcb's to take heat even the right way round! no no no no, then you have convergence problems, don't mess with turning the coils! the colours will never align on top of each other again! turn the whole tube chassis round, they definitely are designed for that, and remember to put on the safety strap back for the extra security!
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    Just got this today from usa.been looking for ages and cant find one in uk.This is in great cond and has its box and instruction sheet.Lights up and is a radio cassette player.nice little novelty i thought.
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    Hi all... I show you my actual collection of three Fruit Machines at Moment: Left: Admiral Superstar 100 (1993) from Novomatic Middle: Crazy Joker 20+20SG (1984) from Barcrest mpu3 Right: Super Cherry Jet (1995) from Golden Games Wish you all a nice Day... greetings
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    Rollercoaster Rollercoast Club Give us a break club Give us a break AWP Las vegas Sonic Snakes and ladders Pot of gold Big banker Casino Crazy Casino Crazy club Big bucks Indy Monopoly 60 Maverick Goldrush Bonanza Footballfever Each Way Nudger Lucky Lottery Outlaw Thriller Hilo Silver Money Talks Hi lo karate Gold Mine Big wheel is my collection atm.
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    As per title here we have a little classic of maygay's wild hold on mmm set on 10p play with the jackpot at £2. thanks to midibob for the roms sulzerned and line up chris for the videos and the pre release players/testers tommy c, dad , player, stoneyat421, superbank, and player. shortcuts as usual and for nudge up =u wild hold=h wild reel=w respin=r botttom respin=x and finally a massive thanks to wizard for the effects help and the amazing emulator. WILD HOLD.zip
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    i've got all these, lucky lottery, gold rush etc i will do you some high res photos once i am able to get to them. should be later this week i hope.
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    Welcome aboard. You may have more success once you get yourself established on here and donate to our cause although it's not for me to say outright. I hope you find what you are after,and can contribute to this excellent site to make it as great as it's become.
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    Connectors arrived for the program card pcb, so finished building it tonight, just the bare essentials as this one is only ever going to be for the test rom so not bothered fitting all the sockets! I even found some ptfe sleeving for the wire links!! and pleased to say a mps2 board its just fine with it!! all good!!!
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    MMM goodness - love it! Thanks to everyone concerned for getting together to allow this to be released. Love these old Maygay machines. All wins over £1 paid in tokens. Love it!
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    Awesome!!! I am pleased with them!!!
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    looks better this way up cheers for this will have ago later
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    happy days .... oh and 10p is fair , not because they have a face value but because somefolks have to have jpm 10p tokens, if i had a machine it would accept anything i am sure . soi wouldnt care .
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    Where's Frank? We're all looking forward to more JPM stories.....
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    Here's a compilation video featuring some jackpots. Thanks Massive to Nick for another top day at the Palace and all the free entertainment 👍👍👍 Hope you all like the video and thanks for watching 🤗 https://youtu.be/XNlhLY9dXyc
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    Morning everybody, I've probably read everything in the section, with fond memories, and dare I say it, thought I'd might have a quick contribution, and share my hazy recollections, of this brief tech. With a tip of the hat to Cavey.. Let me say, I've not played all the Castle machines, Crackerpot, and the club machine being very elusive, but I did play the rest. Late 80's I did the rounds between Liverpool - Southport - New Brighton, and played in most of the arcade in those areas. Southport, was the most interesting, with the biggest arcades, diversity, and there must of been over 20 arcades back in the early 80's. Caesers Palace, was on the main strip (Neville Street), and they had two, a Revolution, and a Tensation. The large LED, screen, was the attraction, sounds where different, seemed taller, and ahead of anything else in the arcade. Reel symbols, where high quality, and well lit. And watching the gameplay, I knew this was going to be dangerous, as I found it very addictive. And it was. There was always something going on, exchanges for feature holds, skill stops, the 20p or £2 exchange. Revolution was very good, with fairly easily skill stops, cash pots, that could be gambled, and a repeat feature afterwards...what more could you ask for? Tensation, was the main pull, with the hint of a £10er with the 1 to 10 cash climb, with ideally the pound or two pound repeater, offered in a way, you thought you had a chance, of guessing the correct window, the win was behind.. Yes it had nothing to do with skill or luck, but you was fooled that it just might. Best streak on this was £5, and I was just hitting the first window each time. The 20p gamble exchange for hi-lo, I had never saw done successfully. Anyone else do it? The Jackpot was not that easily, and always nudges that achieved this. Never gambled to the jackpot, although the cash pot did could fill for the jackpot, or be gambled, once again, I have never seen this done. The cash pot, was an awful feature, never more than a £1, and would wipe out that nice nudge pot you was holding out for. But like I said..there was always something going on to aim for, and it went from 10p a go, to throwing in the pounds, and I could and did lose quite a bit, but all n the name of amusement. Cashbolt for some reason, I played, but would move on to another castle machine, I think there wasn't enough features, and the main feature.."Cashbolt" was a tricky one to complete, for relatively low wins. Drum roll.. So this leaves Big 50. This machine with the biggest balls in the arcade. Quite a few in Liverpool started out as £4 jackpot for the bars, but, that was changed quickly to an all cash £2 option. For those who have never seen or played it. The top glass, was lit up with a matrix of 25 £2 notes. So big, it was used to scroll messages in the attract mode. The gameplay was simple. Complete the word "Big Fifty" with overlaid numbers on the reels, and you was offered a yes/no chance to win £2. Get lucky, and it would light one note on the top glass. And it would keep on going until you hit "no" or..the dreaded no credit, where you had to complete repeat feature of yes/no AND THEN continue with yes/no for another note. High rollers where logged on the LED display, with best ever wins, and today's best, similar to Moneybelt / Supatrack from JPM. Personal best was £10, and I witnessed £22. But what happened to these machines? They seemed so popular, different, and must of been good for the operators, but they disappeared, within a few years. Several years later, when ACE, brought out Play It Again, I thought it was a new castle machine, but it was not..well not totally, as I have learnt the tech was warmed over for the SP:Ace platforms?? If this is correct. Anyway, what is other peoples recollections of these machines?? Oldskooler.
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    For the cost of them it's not worth not doing.
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    Probably start with spelling it right