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    I've made a few reel bands/decals here and there for people but I'm packing that in, so I'm posting them all here for you to do with what you want. No instructions but you will need Microsoft Publisher to view and print these files out, also only (AFAIK) Epson printers can print the length needed (most are up to 89cm), and you may need to create new paper sizes in your printer/application settings. Some were printed on A3 before my printer died and some are on A4 (21cm) width and anyone who knows how to use DTP will be able to tweak them out. Most Printer shops can deal with these but you'll get better results at home on glossy paper on a roll. Merry Christmas. It's a 390mb zip file. Click top right 'down' arrow for that otherwise you won't get them all Download Now
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    Is there any reason why you're releasing my layouts here? I'm not paricularly bothered but most people know where to find them if they want them.
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    Chunks so they aren't lost I will remove the first link off my google drive in a few months plusmoneyreelsFINAL.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 1.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 2.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 3.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 4.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 5.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals - 6.zip Reel Band Publisher Finals.zip
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    Back to the old-school with this one. A fantastic old JPM lo-tech machine called Hi Ho Silver. Set to the classic £4.80/20p. On the system 5 tech. I remember playing this all the time when I was younger, and playing it again on the emulator brings it all back. A great suck, and streak machine that JPM liked to do back then. Expect a good four, or five repeats on the jackpot when the time is right. Unfortunately there is a slight issue on this when you get the jackpot on the Red/Blue Sevens. There's a bit of slowdown, mainly because all the lamps that flash during the jackpot sequence are 'Blended'; which has a big effect on the speed. The issue only happens when you scale the layout, down, on smaller monitors. If you play it at full size, there's no slowdowns. Another oddity is the lamps on the buttons. They sometimes light, erratically, and I'm not sure why. It might be hold-hints, or an emulator issue. All the credit in the World must go to Paulgee. If it wasn't for him, and Jonno, this machine might never have got emulated. Not only did Paulgee send me the new rom dumps (that Jonno kindly dumped for him) from Paul's own machine, he also sent me reel images/order, and a video of the lamp sequence which helped my an huge amount in getting it completed. High-fives all around! Use MFME6.1 to play. Full list of credits are: Jonno: Dumping roms. Paulgee: Offering roms to be dumped from his own machine, plus reel images/order and lamp sequence video. SPA: Flier that was used. Shortcuts are: Hold/Nudge 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge 2 - 2 Hold/Nudge 3 - 3 Hold/Nudge 4 - 4 Cancel/Take - ` or T Start - Space 20p Token - 9 £1 Insert - 0 Enjoy this great JPM once again! Hi Ho Silver DX.zip
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    Is it rare no,is it worth over a grand no,was it popular yes very,are the new versions worth anything no fuck all....and then there’s razzle dazzle,ah I think I’ll leave it.
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    Thanks to louie bee for the roms ploggy for the started blank layout, and coin images riche 100 for the flyer orchid and louie bee for the pre release bash and as per usual a massive thanks to wizard for the amazing emulator, and the images provided. set on 2p play with the jackpot at £1.50p usual shortcuts apply reverse start=r feature stop cash=m feature stop nudge=n save it autonudge=a gamble=g This N That.zip
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    Yeah. I follow, mate. The '.png's' I converted from the '. pub' files will only be used for emulation purposes, and not for the actual real fruit machine. Here's most of the work you did converted to '.png's', in one zipfile. P.S. Only to be used for emulation purposes, and not for 'printing-out' on real fruit machines. Launton's Reel Images & Decals.zip
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    Some fantastic stuff you've done there, mate. Great to see some nice bands for Bigbanker as well. The bands I used for the old DX I did are really bad, so the ones you did will definitely get used. Managed to convert a lot of them from Microsoft Publisher. Will upload them to to the downloads on here for other folks to use on emulation, and such. Don't want all the great stuff you did to get lost.
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    and there we have it!! rom A address 56EE is corrupt on the rom device I have here! rom B address 23BB is corrupt on the rom device I have here! knew they was bad!!
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    I have one for sale I'll post pic later this evening, I'm in Blackburn Lancashire and pick up only
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    Just like to say a big thank you to orchid for taking the time to convert the programs to all cash for me and wouldn't take nothing for his work, many thanks again mate.
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    So I have been asked how I get the wires following the tracks, so here is how I do it, a Sunday afternoon repair thread! firstly pre tin the track and wire, tack the wire onto a good part of the track and tack in place, in this case the via is a good place to start! then bend the wire in place and hold with tweezers or fingers! use the hot end of a hot stick so solder it to the track, to the corner bend in this case then poke it down the via where you want it to go! straighten the wire up and solder! then make sure the whole wire is soldered nicely down onto the track to finish that wire then same again with the next! tack the wire in the via bend it to follow the track turn the corner! while bending the wire I held it in place with tweezers same as before into the via hole, then make sure it is soldered along its length next..... the same really, solder, bend follow the track and solder as you go Bend round the corners until you reach the end of where you want to solder to, cut the wire to length hold it onto the track and solder so it is as flush as possible and then admire your work! clean the flux off and it looks so much nicer!!! that is that bit done!! that is how I do it, there are other ways of course so use the way you like to repair tracks
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    I got the info I was after but forgot to update this thread. All sorted now.
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    Get your hand in your pocket you tight, miserable cunt!
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    Nice one Darren, glad it was easily sorted Ronnie
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    I don’t know I have heard of the hack but not something I am interested in doing and no info was ever posted, check the audio going into the 8 pin chip and see if it is there if it is check it’s coming out, if it is then check the amplifier
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    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323571484056 One that may interest some guys here hopefully
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    Yeah I should start donating too as I suppose I use more than a newcomer now. Only reason I haven't is I'm probably younger than you lot and like newer machines of the 1995-2000 era... so not that welcome generally. I'm always restoring machines but when I have posted my projects I got the old "smash that up" type mecca welcome lol. That doesn't inspire new members... or donations... so I haven't bothered to post many of my projects... You fellas have to admit this place is clicky AF sometimes. That's why it's only core people that post on here.... do you lot want new members?? Are you sure?? I will donate what ever the Bronze donation after xmas just cause I am grateful to help of Mick and Andrew so guess I am happy to donate now. Not having a moan just trying to offer a different perspective.... There's groups of 3000 people on FB that might like this place if they can get 'in'
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    yes I agree we have all given information quite freely so I for one will be withdrawing any more help until such times some donation is made, I think the ' settling in time' as mentioned in the rules has been long enough now, and after all no one has to help anyone if they don't want to for any reasons.
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    Im guessing your machines are missing mechs? A tip with coin mechs is to look at the type of bezel (coin entry slot and reject) on the outside of the glass. There's also a plastic chute just after. These will identify the last mech that was in machine and what it's set up for and what you need to get. You will also need some routing plugs made up... these plugs are part of the coin sorting process.
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    They can be repaired but people don't want to pay repair costs. Repair costs and time far outweigh the financial gain, reselling them. I can buy dud mpu4 boards, repair them and sell them on fully working but any profit made would be very little and not worth the time and hassle after using expensive components etc etc. Non runners are not exactly cheap unless you buy a job lot. This topic has been done to death over the years on here and never goes anywhere due to the factors mentioned. It only works out if I repair them for my own use or acquire them cheap enough to make a bit on to make it worthwhile.
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    Just put your non working machines in one of these! No permit to get from the GC! no ebay fees! no buyer to be unhappy! no complaints from the skip! win win!
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    It was in the dat as an unk socket 3 rom. All in Body Match now. Thanks.