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    I released this over at DIF a few weeks back..... Special thanks to Riche100 for the hi res pics resources... I do plan on fixing a couple of minor bits, token mech isn't correct but not going to get chance to take a look for a while. CROWNJESTERDX.zip
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    Thought id try out this new forum format with a few pics of some flyers i have dotted around the house .
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    BOO! Hehe! Hope I didn't scare ya ;) It's 90 days until Hallowe'en so what better way to celebrate than play this classic layout I've knocked up for Ghost Buster by BWB. It's set to 10p play, Β£6 jackpot and 78% payout. Keys are - ` - CANCEL 1,2,3 - HOLD / NUDGE F - FEATURE C - COLLECT SPACE - START Many thanks to whoever it was that uploaded the ROMs (there was quite a selection but I went for 10p play as that's how I remember the game), and also Wizard for MFME and for taking the time to get this particular one-off game running as I believe it was a bit of a sod to sort out. I had a bit of trouble with the TREASURE HUNT lamps always staying on for some reason, maybe it's just the ROMs? Also, there's a strange noise that gets played sometimes after pressing start. Maybe a hidden secret in the game but I couldn't work out what it is for. Lastly, if you get three mixed 7's on the winline you get a mystery feature, which I didn't even know until a couple of days ago! Any issues let me know and I'll fix and re-upload :) Have fun! Stevedude2 Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip
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    I posted the correct chr above. Here is the revised layout with the lamps renumbered, sounds, token input and lockouts added Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip
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    Few maygay flyers here, Eastenders is in there, https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BzZMCJWHMHMBWnU2U3NOczNGN00
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    Hi all I'm tony from Nottingham I have a club vegas machine that I would appreciate advice with issues with the board I took the board to a friends house who has a working machine the battery had leaked on my board and had got pretty much everywhere we gave the board a quick clean and put it in his machine the 3 led came on but the io board didn't go to reset as it should. I was also advised to try and get the roms backed up but am struggling to find anyone who can do these roms hoping someone can advise on my best course of action I'm not really up to board repairs yet so any help gratefully accepted cheers tony
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    hi fellas i finally had and hour to sort out some pics and bit of write up to start this thread .its took a long while to gather together the necessary parts in order to attempt a rebuild but thought it a worthy project to do as its one of those early mpu3s i remember playing as a kid along with nudges unlimited . its took a few years to to start but the final two parts i needed i got last year (bottom glass) and cab !i was still missing a correct coin plate and reel bands both of which have been sourced as will be seen later in this thread . anyway here are the first lot of pics . the first 5 pics show the cab i managed to obtain. it was i think from overseas and was originally a snappy or options . a company called eurocoin converted it to a hyperpots . i could be wrong but it think they must have had something tto do with vfs as the fruit symbols and sounds look and sound the same. as can be seen this machine didnt use a proper lower deck reel deck and there were no payslides either . the coin sorters were therefore different as well which just allow the coins to the cash boxes instead . its never straight forward back converting is it !πŸ˜‰ as can be seen the cab is in great shape . the next 11 pics show the strip down of the cab .notice how small the reels are in the hyper pots machine !the loom used the mpu3 connector plugs but the wiring had been completley replaced by eurocoin so i couldnt really use this loom . luckily i have a few spare mpu3 looms and choose one more closely resemlbing a replay loom !one other r point to mention is that replay cabs didnt use a hindge system for the bottom frame but as this was a later build small cab it was present here so for maintainance and ease of rebuilding i decided i wanted it back in . more of which later . the last two pics show the stripped cabinet . also to note was the fact that eurocoin had butchered the top inner coin mech frame in order to fit thier game . they had cut quite a large section of this mdf frame away as can be seen . i will start the next lot of pics with more pics showing this.again luckily i had a couple of spare intact original mdf frames so i offered it up to illustrate the missing sections .
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    Here is a DX for Lucky Lady by BWB. Played these a lot back in the day, great little machines. Thanks to... Wizard - MFME/technical help with triacs Steve L - Pics of his machine and roms supplier Roadrunner - Dumping and supplying the 2p play roms J LUCKYLADY_AE_DX.zip
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    Thanks for that Dave, actually a pretty decent machine. I could still look at Jet all day!
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    Thanks for the sarcasm Brains of Britain 😁 As a new member this was only place I was allowed to post πŸ‘
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    Got this added to my collection today. Always wanted a coin pusher,but this one is a fruity as well. Here is a quick vid I did earlier. Thanks for watching.
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    If you wanted it to print, I'll fish it out and scan in at high res for you.
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    Thanks chris .a video at the end of this project is a guarantee!
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    ok here are the next lot of pics . as mentioned the frame that holds the top glass and coin mechs had been cut to the point where a replacement was needed . i had a replacement frame in good condition so decided to take the old one out and put my one in . so out with the old and in with the old !so the first 9 pics show this . i was ablw to use screws rather than dowels to secure the frame in place . the last 8 pics show the base was removed for cleaning and repainting . all the nuts and bolts were cleaned up along with the metal cashbox door strip which allows the door to fit snugly. run out of time so will resume with this thread next week .
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    It’s wicked, I played it and it came back in seconds. Plays really well. Trying to sort the coin mech for it then will make a 50p slide until I can find the proper one also after lunch going to start having a gonat fixing the original mps boards
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    Right, if whats in the zip is useful for emulation let me know and when i get the rom ill picture it with lights on
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    Thanks for all your comments chaps much appreciated .will post more pictures on the nwxt day or two
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    Sorry but quick question, why are you messing about with an old acceptor? Why not just put an up to date one in? The only reason is if your one of those people that wants every part original :). For me i hate messing with old temperamental coin acceptors, I just fit a cashflow. Great posts by the way, great machines PCP, much better that the JPM's they originally were
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    ok fellas here are some more progress pics . ill try not to over do it on the amount of pictures ! just the last few items to strip off the cab including the frames of coarse and meter deck and token refill switch . all the parts taken off were either powder coated /polished or chromed . next up- was the rather large issue of making up new masking for both the top and bottom glasses . they had been removed by their previous owners so it was a very time consuming job of laying out all my spare masking and choosing he right part for each lamp . i got lucky with the top glass fruit matrix found a an old mask with appropriate squared masking in a 9 lamp configuration and also the word replay on the top glass too ! the whole excercise took me four days from start to finish including the spraying . moral of the story is " never throw your old masks away "! as can be seen i now have an empty cab to work to and refit the parts once claened up .
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    Awesome machine thanks a lot.for this layout. A keeper for sure.
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    Wow! That looks really great Ron. What would we all do without our Resident Electro Genius 😁😁😁
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    Everything now cleaned and ready to reassemble the reel mech. Without dragging the thread on too long, Basically this is done exactly in the reverse of the above, The spacers (3 between each reel board and end plates) consist of three largest are for the motor end plate and reel board 4, Nine which go between the three reel boards and three small between the opposite end plate and reel board . No other parts to add or remove will see the mech rebuilt as it should look.
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    Really nice to hear and see ron .and interesting to hear about the turn around times back in the day .thanks for a great thread
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    Looks the part there Nick. That Super Bell is the machine you see in the arcade on Brighton Pier In the film Mona Lisa. Quick divulge lol😁
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    Just right for a ploggy dx???