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    It does for me too and fingers crossed popeye has good news for us tonight. If... if .... if he says it works then this means that when people save an mpu4 barxrest machine with no card they can get their machine running. Do you know why i done all this? Because people said it was uncrackable so i said HOLD MY PINT
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    What the fuck are you on about??? None of what you have said has got any relevance to what I posted at all.
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    ffs get a room you 2 ha ha bff's
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    Can't you arrange your own courier? It's not exactly difficult.
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    This is so most can do it themselves. Thanks.
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    Well I now have 2 super cobra machines. 3 if you count my back. Picked this up last night. Had to be lightning quick at my age. Not sure what I'm going to do. I will get it working and see 😉
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    Picked this up today. In a bit of a state internal. But the artwork is great and the cab. It's a pity its 2p £1.50. Would be nice to see a 10p £3 one. But now I have the full set of 3 😃😚
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    nothing interesting about it, the white port is usually used to drive a additional lamp board on models which need more lamps, so no way will it accept coins plugged into the WHITE connector! The black plug SHOULD have a stopper in it in the keyway to STOP it being plugged into the WHITE socket, put it back into the black socket and leave it there!
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    I tell you something - I wish finding fruit machines was as easy as you seem to think it is!
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    can someone test and burn to see if it works if it doesnt without a character try ANY CHARACTER just to fill that empty space it. if dont work i will do the character when i get back. if im able to succeed i am away for a week please TONY SCOTT if you can test it hard ware wise message me on facebook i cannot log into this MECCA while away 07851 026938 message my phone if anyone tests it and it works let me know. the emu works but it works even if i delete the character anyway on the normal rom. the CHECKSUM is defo removed so we are on the right track JAMES PS sorry for the C**T word on naming the rom but i just lost my temper with hacking and naming it if that dont work try the other one but i think i changed too much code on that one PLEASE TRY THE C**T rom first PS: im sure someone wanted a cracked HOT ROD the other day CUNT 1 .P1 CRACKED RR6S.P1
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    put it back together (except top and bottom covers) so turn on time finally arrived! Quite amazed it actually worked! and worked well too!
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    Too easy, that is. He's expecting somebody else to do all the leg work for him like he usually does.
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    Reels look nice and smooth now. VID_20190401_112528.mp4
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    There are loads of good maygays.Too many to even start listing lol
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    Bump*** working fine now chaps, so go on you know you want to.😄
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    What's an xtube Jonno?
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    well on the promise of that (and hopefully it won;t then appear on ebay), I will sort the program card out, will PM tomorrow details etc
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    Check the links and resistors match the above picture or post a pic. Just lk3 needed. Also check the prom pins are not bent. The ones I sent worked in the card in the pics. Make sure the pins ain't bent which mate with the mpu too.
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    Who fixed that? Stevie Wonder?
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    Probably all the ones nobody else can fix. Once the rot gets in, even chips that look good from the outside it can be a nightmare. What with the solder joints going crusty too. Still at the end of the day to see one come back to life is a magic thing!
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    Everything cleaned sorted and replaced back onto the main control panel now completed...