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  1. Here we have yet another bar x variant set on 30p play with the jackpot @ £10 thanks to @ loo for the roms riche100 for the flyer and to the late great genius of a man chris j wren aka wizard golden arrows.zip
  2. Set on 30p play with the jackpot at £15 thanks to @loo for the roms riche 100 for the flyer and the late great genius of a man chris j wren (wizard) r.i.p Jackpot junction.zip
  3. Set on 10p with the jackpot at £4 thanks to the rom and image provider and the late great genius wizard (r.i.p) NUDGE BONANZA.zip
  4. Set on 10p play/£2 jackpot thanks to the rom provider, and to the late great genius of a man wizard NCU.zip
  5. Nice one, thanks for the layout.
  6. Top man, much appreciated for all you have uploaded. 🙂
  7. Looks like the Door is open, that's why when you hit cancel/collect it will give you £15 credits. usually if you have this error, the alpha will say " read meters" does it do that???
  8. I was talking about link3 game, i should read posts, properly as it is running on plc maxi, no wonder i couldn't get it to budge money drop doesn't want to play ball
  9. So that's what it looks like, many thanks for the image mate pook and i were trying to get this to run a while back and i think chris had fixed 1 of the roms for it to run, but !! for the life of me i can't get it to budge on mmm tech
  10. Clone of quickshot, on proconn tech,
  11. Yeah that's correct, lo and hi are the game roms.
  12. Just tried it in my w-i-p layout, (but have no sounds) anyhow it runs after giving " error 902" and here is the other rom in case you need it, this ends in 990, but it is the same p-o-p and jackpot 25p/£15 tot rom.zip
  13. Here you go fella, those are the 10p play/£5 jackpot roms not too sure if you need the sounds or not, if so i will see if i have them later, king kong cash 5 quid roms.zip
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