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  1. Has anyone ever had the golden roll on this?? I've never seen it Statto
  2. Firstly, was it a club or a AWP machine? Head height can be subjective. I was 10 in 1980..so..could be anything. My thoughts are with an early Barcrest MPU1 (or MPU), but most machines in the 70’s only nudged down. Was the original EWN released in 79, 80, or 81.?. It was definitely in that range So..If it could be nudged either way 1982 onwards really, with EWS. Racking my brain, for cabinets of that era, that were tall, with buttons at the top. Possibly Marion electronics, or an oddball maygay cabinet. Besides that, I haven’t a clue. Statto
  3. I'm afraid "EPOCH" and "Non-Working" are two words we see a lot here. Assuming you haven't moved it down stairs, bounced it off a kerb, then everything will look good from the PSU. If you can look at the EPOCH mainboard where the battery sits (Usually a green battery) look for any amount of battery leakage. Even if it looks good, damage can be underneath the battery. Hopefully it's not that. If it is..well, there's not a lot of options. Try reseating some of the connectors between the boards. Working EPOCH main boards are something that are extremely rare, and not cheap. Good luck Statto
  4. OOoooooh!. Not seen one of these for a long time. Barcrest was a bit miffed by ACE sidewinder success. so they released this, which wasn't that bad, and another Video machine which had 5 mini 3 reel set up's called Take 5ive. I was wondering if you could win 10 quid in tokens off one game, but that was illegal I suppose
  5. The follow up to Haunted House. That game had some many features, that at first glance looked like a lo tech
  6. Don't know how this flew under the electrocoin radar but it did.
  7. Another Project 5 quid. Played this in several seaside arcades, but not long enough to see what kind of streak it had
  8. oldskooler

    cash kicka.JPG

    Rare JPM machine. Released in the Superbars cabinet.
  9. oldskooler

    gold strike 1.jpg

    Great colourful machine from early MPU4 era. Shame it was let down, by a flat profile.
  10. oldskooler


    Locomotion. Nobles clone of Bell fruits Nudge Gambler. There was several of these at Knowsley Safari Park. Absolute dead weights
  11. oldskooler

    multi money.jpg

    Another Maygay lo tech. Never saw this one, but the double win line and cash bank, indicates it was a rebuild (or the machine I'm thinking of, was a rebuild of this??). Machine I'm thinking of is Double Money. Switchable 10p/20p stake
  12. Summit coin. They made a batch of oddball machines
  13. oldskooler

    prize finder.JPG

    Looks like a rebuild of Nobles rail road
  14. Brenco. Great machines, and could be a bit of a buzz if the ground / earth connection was bad
  15. oldskooler

    Crazy cash.jpg

    Cheap rebuilds from project. Could go nuts on the crazy cash holds, same game play as Jokers wild
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