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  1. Iv a full scimatic somewhere but think its in spannish, ill look at some old hard drives for it. edit, i have attached it here S30C-921051115240.pdf
  2. It might be you hold test then press top up. Depending on the machine under the reels can be a hidden test switch. One thing to note is you have a micro switch that detects if the lock is open or not. This needs to be open as well. Some people wire this shut so you don’t get the door open alarm im sure as well when it says read meters you press cancel before going into test. Been a while since I’ve worked on one and when I do I’m the same where it’s trail and error getting it in test
  3. On scorp 5 I think you press and hold the hopper top up switch, press the test and release all at the same time. or press test followed by top up or the other way around. on scorp 6 all doors must be open not sure if the same is on sc5
  4. Keeping the button pressed sets the note acc to SSP. It needs to be on cctalk. To check protocol press the button twice quickly and the BNV will flash to tell you the protocol. 1 flash is SSP 6 flash is CCTalk. to change to cctalk,google nv9 config card and you have to cut it out. Colour in the box and press and hold the button for longer than 5 seconds, this will allow you to insert the confit card. One set to cctalk the you may still need to pair. The BNV key is 123456 but go into test to register as the serial number has changed of the NV10
  5. it is easy but you need either a cpm programmer https://e-service.co.uk/product/cashflow-programme-module-cpm-unit-725934001-blank/ to programme the programmer, you need software and a license called cashflow STS https://e-service.co.uk/product/sts-configuration-tool-for-cf9500-series/ or you can update the 9524 just using STS but then you need this loom to do so https://e-service.co.uk/product/727410001-727410001-cf-programme-hii-adaptor-loom/ easy, yes cost effective, depends if you have 100's to do or not
  6. Digby

    More giveaways

    I’ve have had another good root in another location and found these. Again untested but I know people on here have the ability to repair. 3 x system one PSU 1 x impact PSU 2 x barcrest comm's pcb 1 x impact game card 1 x unknown PSU (please let me know what it is) 3 x barcrest top box with MUX pcb 2 x barcrest top box with MUX pcb
  7. Digby

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    I find IPA just makes my pcbs really sticky after, sometimes a wet wipe helps some times not.
  8. Thinking of getting an ultrasonic cleaner, anyone have one or recommend one to buy? Main use will be to clean flux from pcbs.
  9. Nice, I’m guessing 70s/80s? Posted yesterday so you should have it Monday or Tuesday
  10. All have found new happy homes 😃
  11. Something way before my time. any pictures of machines that use this tech? netdent took the gamble in taking this from me
  12. Found this in a storeroom at work but have no idea what machine it’s from or even if it works. Guessing a PSU? have no leads to unable to power up. If someone wants to take a punt with it let me know
  13. I still have these available if someone wants them
  14. I have also used this in the past and had no complaints
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