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  1. Your board looks very clean. The battery sits where I've highlighted above in red. Can you take a picture of the other side of the board please?
  2. These old MPU3 games are very collectable now, especially the 2p versions. It doesn't look like the button legends are even right on this machine so for my mind it's a very high price for a project.
  3. Nice find, and very playable on 10p/£3 too. Well done!
  4. Fucking hell, I thought I'd logged into Fruit Forums....
  5. The auction ended - did you win it?
  6. Thanks for these two, never seen either of them before!
  7. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/soldering-stations/4691076 I've got one of these, not cheap but a great piece of kit. Get your wallet out you tight cunt!
  8. I've got one of them Matty. I can't part with the card but I will take a picture of the game card and ROMs for you. You'll need to give me a few weeks though because it's in storage and I won't be going there for a little while.
  9. They did. One of the plans for The Fun Ship was an amusements arcade covering an entire deck. So when it closed over 50 arcade machines "from the golden era" were sealed shut inside the ship. That bit was true, but they were all hoovered up in a mass raid years ago. There are some class photo's of the raid. I believe that everything was taken.
  10. Thanks Tony Is it possible to be done do you think?
  11. Excellent news, and thanks for sharing the information! I have a friend who has a Cash Counter machine missing the CHR so if this could be done so that the machine actually runs then he'd be over the moon.
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