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  1. Very nice, thanks @Clo06 Love these old Castle machines, will be giving this a bash.
  2. Not like you to turn down a bit of beaver!!
  3. I suppose it might be worth £400 to someone buy way over prices IMO. Rare maybe but it's probably shit gameplay on 5p ply and the MPU4 is bound to have a few issues. Hopefully someone can save it though.
  4. You on Facebook?? Contact Tim Harrison, he always has Impact stuff available and he's a top bloke! I think he's on here too but I can't remember his user name for the life of me!
  5. No idea mate, but I doubt it's in the same condition as it was in the pictures! I want my twenty quid back, plus interest, Call it a ton.
  6. Seeing as this was back in 2009 and he's only ever made three posts on this forum then I'd say the chances of a response are pretty remote!!
  7. Spot on Vectra, lovely work! Thanks for the layout.
  8. Excellent, thanks for this @Clo06
  9. Those old £4 ACE machines were pretty good, quite a playable game too this one. Shame about the glasses they look pretty poor. They all seem to suffer from flaking paint around the button panels and coin bezels. I guess they either used a cheap powder coating or the metal wasn't cleaned up and primed properly beforehand.
  10. Grab yourself a bargain then, it's been on eBay for fucking ages and I'm sure he'll be delighted to get rid of it!
  11. Love the Big Money tune.... Nice one Zippy Nice one son Nice one Zippy Let's 'ave another one.
  12. Thanks for this @Clo06it's a great machine!
  13. I'm gonna do a road trip with @Zippy and empty all those old ACE machines now that I'm an expert on playing the lines!
  14. Looks great, and well done in getting this and restoring it to its' former glory! Does the 20p play button actually work on this machine? I've never seen that option before.
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