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  1. Thanks Tony Is it possible to be done do you think?
  2. Excellent news, and thanks for sharing the information! I have a friend who has a Cash Counter machine missing the CHR so if this could be done so that the machine actually runs then he'd be over the moon.
  3. Haha I remember when I got a copy of the Tommy Lee/ Pamela Anderson tape when it first came out. I loaned it out at work, came back stickier than a jar of marmalade!
  4. No worries Baz, and if anything is made available then it will be shared among the community.
  5. Unfortunately not Baz. Whatever he did have was either in his head or on one of his many computers (which are with his family now). I have asked that in time I can have access to the software and files on them, but that may or may not ever happen. I have implored them not to throw them away and they have assured me that they won't so fingers crossed.
  6. Looks great @Clo06 thanks very much for this. Thanks to Tony too for the resources.
  7. Never really been one to watch the YouTube channels, but I do know that your channel, along with @stevelancett are very popular among the community. Shame to see that you've closed this down, I'm sure it will be sorely missed. Have you actually received payments from YouTube for your channel? I know some people make an absolute fortune from them (but probably not fruity nuts like us! )
  8. I found him very reasonable Tony, and reliable too.
  9. How could I refuse such a polite request?
  10. Lovely - thanks for this!
  11. Nice, never seen this on anything other than 10p/£4 Thanks mate will give it a bash.
  12. Top banana, thanks for this Seb!
  13. Very nice, love the way you've done the target lamps, looks really cool! Thanks for this release @Clo06 its good fun to play.
  14. Very nice, thanks a lot @Clo06 Thanks to @Playerfor the resources too, so good to get this emulated and preserved.
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