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    little story for those interested .. as a nipper in cornwall i remember sitting in front of for what seemed like hours on numerous occasions a bank of small fruit machines in a arcade in cornwall called the "pot of gold" amongst other establishments of the time, the mid to late 80s as a rough guess . the machine was called cash and carry by now i believe barcrest (back then i didnt know or care) anyway when i joined the mecca i dreamt of owning such a machine, various posts were stuck up, nothing happened apart from tumble weed blowing in .. anyway 4 or 5 years ago maybe more .... i was in cornwall on holiday at our static caravan when we owned one , and i was told to call somebody as they had seen my post . so sitting on the caravan step trying to get a signal i rang this number and spoke to the fella on the other end anyway he said he had a cash n carry and that i could have it, however he liked "deals" not money, so what had i got ... well i dont have fruit machines so couldnt offer him any , so he said well .......ive got a list of some machines i want if you get me one of them we can do a straight swop . i had a paper and pen with me at this point and he spilled out aload of classic titles like fruit snappa, silver ghost , reel crazy, amoungst others and right at the end he said bellfruit pussycat .... and i thought to myself well i reckon i might be able to get one of those , so after about 4 hours on the phone chatting what must have been shit to eachother about our lives and what he had etc , we left it that if i could find one on his list then the deal could / would be done . off i went , within 2 weeks i had seen brought and secured a pussy cat bellfruit clubber for 50 or 80 quid locally , i let the cash and carry man know straight away . however he was having some tuff life lessons and happenings so couldnt do anything until he was sorted and clear of it all, we all know life and family etc are more important than a fruit machine ever so i left it . he made me aware he was a man of his word so i didnt need to worry as it wasnt going anywhere else, no matter how long it too , but he should be sorted soon . anyway months passed , years passed with the odd message back and forth in between ourselves . well ............ as of a unplanned last minute road trip of 7 hours (round trip) and a swop of bellfruit pussy cat clubber i have the machine you see in attached pictures . i cannot say how happy i am to see one in the flesh etc and actually own it now after such a long time its going to be a marmite machine for many, as many will class it as boring but for me it holds a very special bond with me . so if the fella is reading this who now has a pussycat bellfruit clubber whom i met last night after so many years and things happening thank you so so very very much for allowing me to do the swop with you and for you keeping your word about the machine happy happy days .. if i could cartwheel i would .. i cant so i wont haha p.s there wont be a long resto thread about this machine, i want to get it working , the roms dumped and play and enjoy it
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    Think these also run in lucky 2's. Mirracles.zip Not in rom dat so looks like Barrie has unearthed mpre PCP rareness. Thanks for letting me rip & share.
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    I released this over at DIF a few weeks back..... Special thanks to Riche100 for the hi res pics resources... I do plan on fixing a couple of minor bits, token mech isn't correct but not going to get chance to take a look for a while. CROWNJESTERDX.zip
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    Been a while, but I've got another old-skool favourite done. A DX for a JPM system 80 machine called Fortune Trail. The 2p version of Mystery Trail/Spin. Use MFME6.1 to play. Huge thanks to the following people that made this layout possible. alex74: Classic Layout, And Roms. Louie Bee: Pictures. riche100: Cabinet Picture. Road Runner: Reel Images. Enjoy! Fortune Trail DX.zip
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    These run in the emulator in super stepper so appear to be a good rip. CV_Sysyem80.zip Thanks for letting me rip & share. They are not in the rom dat so were not available. Don't be put off with no credits showing... the real machine is wired up differentley it palys for me That's good news Tony as everything else can be replaced / repaired but totally useless if the roms had go corrupted / wiped
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    AMOT sent me some rips he had done to check if in the ROM DAT & share if not. A few were sys5 sounf files which were in rom dat and correctley named so no need to re-up. The ones I did not find by CRC32 were MPU3 winspin (2 files), MPU3 jakpot clubber (1 file) and monopoly jpm sound. Amot roms.zip Thanks for letting me check and share AMOT
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    Got the layout-making bug again, so I decided to get another one out there. This time it's for an all-time favourite of mine called Top Streak. An old JPM machine on system 80. Set to: £3/10p/82% Use MFME6.1 to play. Anyone over forty (lke myself) will remember this one. It's more, or less a copy of Winsprint; which came out later I believe. The only difference being Top Streak shows you the best win streak of the day, on the segs, and Winsprint didn't. Credits go out to the following folks: alex1974: Classic Layout launton, And Nick Sulzer: Roms Road Runner: Reel Images. Hope you enjoy this fantastic JPM once again! Top Streak DX.zip
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    BOO! Hehe! Hope I didn't scare ya ;) It's 90 days until Hallowe'en so what better way to celebrate than play this classic layout I've knocked up for Ghost Buster by BWB. It's set to 10p play, £6 jackpot and 78% payout. Keys are - ` - CANCEL 1,2,3 - HOLD / NUDGE F - FEATURE C - COLLECT SPACE - START Many thanks to whoever it was that uploaded the ROMs (there was quite a selection but I went for 10p play as that's how I remember the game), and also Wizard for MFME and for taking the time to get this particular one-off game running as I believe it was a bit of a sod to sort out. I had a bit of trouble with the TREASURE HUNT lamps always staying on for some reason, maybe it's just the ROMs? Also, there's a strange noise that gets played sometimes after pressing start. Maybe a hidden secret in the game but I couldn't work out what it is for. Lastly, if you get three mixed 7's on the winline you get a mystery feature, which I didn't even know until a couple of days ago! Any issues let me know and I'll fix and re-upload :) Have fun! Stevedude2 Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip
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    Thought id try out this new forum format with a few pics of some flyers i have dotted around the house .
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    Had a look at the CRC32 on my rips... Nudge_Money_.zip Had sorted by CRC32 to make sure I'd not accidentely ripped the same rom twice. the first 2 proms are already in the rom dat -... but the last one I looked at is not... my prom 2 has a different CRC32 - proms 1 & 3 are the same. Runs in the emulator on Lucky 2's but don't know about crashing... it's not ovvious what's happening but the beeps don't stop. Good find Barrie
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    Great to see the new roms work like intended. Was a pain having to avoid certain features with the other roms we had, so huge thanks for getting the roms re-dumped so vectra could get the layout finished properly. I redid some of the affect, and meter settings from the original layout as they weren't configured correctly. The multiplier should have been set to '2' instead of '1', etc, so I had to reset the ram and start afresh. Fixed layout attached. Nudge Money £2 Dx Mfme6.1+ fixed.zip
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    I've the game card for this can post it to whoever would like to make it for online use had this machine from January but had to make space and use the mpu4 inside
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    Love this... As well as processor card trashed, Had faults on PSU board, I/o board, reels a bit stuck and battery rot had traveled up the ribbon cable. Oh a duff triac causing 10p lockout chatter. but got there, just the I/O board to do another day.
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    Also must be a right buzz owning your first ever fruit machine
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    Brilliant fella. I didnt forget you helped me out with some images before mate. I might get this done tonight for you is the background that colour or is it a true black. I’ll try to redo the whole panel, that way it will look like one piece. What are the natural colours? Black background red lettering and gold bordering? Like I said might get a chance this evening, if I do I will upload to this thread Richie, cheers dude J
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    Friendliness and laughs come along when members get to know each other and get involved in the site / hobby. The Mecca is about older machines, not so much newer ones but there will always be a cross over as time passes as newer machines become older. The issues start with people / members who come on here and instantly know better than people who have been involved with machine / board repairs for 20, 30 and possibly 40years +. The know all's and do all's. Many of the things they say, do and know everything about have been tried over and over again and failed miserably. For example the case here of someone having a non working / battery damaged Epoch board repaired or replaced for £39....it just isn't going to happen whatsoever. I stand corrected if it does but it has been said and done many many times, leading to disappointment. When the company get the board they will just return it, as Andrew says, stating it is beyond economical repair. This is standard procedure for repair companies suck as Lectronix, Maggi etc. If it needs a new cap or connector replacing for pennies and a couple of minutes work, they will happily do it I am sure but they will not spend hours on it or replace expensive components for the pricing stated. As for the Mecca being a happy place, I feel it is most of the time and as for making it happier to get donations.... well what can I say. If people are willing to have a say and comment how they would want to see the place but can't donate a fiver or so to keep the place ticking over, until it is happier then imho you don't belong here, sorry. Use the site, comment, get involved in threads, give opinion, then please feel free to support the Mecca to keep it running for many more years, if not, well is there anything else I need to add? The Mecca is a goldmine for info, advice and resources about machine repairs / pcb repairs for those that wish to take it amd learn.
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    Found version 2 of Topup (tumble) roms today and are not in the rom dat... £10p play £3 JP Enjoy & thnaks Gary Tumble_V2.zip
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    Found it Rich, 15 months after Sidewinder but only a couple of adverts in July 1982 for the machine but not on it's own...
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    And a really top bloke.
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    let me know which, one and give me a couple of days to service and try the board, and i will send it up to you to try it for your self, if you are satisfied just pay a fiver post and donate to the forum.
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    just had a look in the shed there is three mpu 4 boards with little track damage i can fix one of them and send it up to you if it helps
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    Hope someone can use this pack, put a Test Pilot ROM in and light test mode seems to do the trick Images of the machine off and on hopefully good enough for emulation! Let me know, ill do Nudge money on when i get 5 as well.... Mirracles.zip
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    I posted the correct chr above. Here is the revised layout with the lamps renumbered, sounds, token input and lockouts added Ghost Buster [release v1.0].zip
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    Few maygay flyers here, Eastenders is in there, https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BzZMCJWHMHMBWnU2U3NOczNGN00