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  1. Cheers dude,worth a try.
  2. Cheers,I'm not sure.my quiz machine worked one minute but then not load.it seems the hard drive is not running.
  3. Long shot.is there anyway of getting info or programs off a hard drive that dont work.
  4. Looks cool.i quite like nobles machines.did they always use bell fruit or did they use other makes.
  5. I think it's not used much as machines swap hands without the need to advertise.like people queuing waiting for a member to release one.i usually advertise here as most sites like Ebay are full of idiots.plusvit helps others and keeps in colle tors circle.
  6. warlord


    It's not just running the site I'm assuming the server will need repairs and upgrades etc.and the knowhow to do it.
  7. Unless its mp3 or similar doubt it will sell.guys on here know there stuff so really the sale side is like early lockdown,empty ?
  8. Any pics,why did you buy it.
  9. i got a message from company i bought it from so im sending it for them to look at.fingers crossed.Many thanks for all replies,i will add the outcome as and when it happens.
  10. Cheers mate,problem is I dont know where to plug the keyboard in,or is it the circular purple socket.think it has a green and a purple.
  11. Cant hear anything.if I remove supply to the hard drive it then puts up the proplas screen and then asks for boot device.
  12. The 2 screens you see it what it did before booting up.but that's all it does now. 20210808_160522.mp4
  13. It's a PC based quiz machine.it has a smallish box with motherboard and harddrive.it did come on ok,but an hour later when I went to play it just had a white screen with blue writing saying like press f4 to continue or f2 to exit.
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