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  1. I've just realised that it's actually a three reeler, and not a clubber at all! Anyone know a courier who works Cornwall?
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-1970s-JPM-HOT-SHOT-FOOTBALL-THEMED-PUB-FRUIT-SLOT-MACHINE-WORKING-/325233682687?hash=item4bb97028ff Thankfully it's in Cornwall, so I don't have to find yet more space!
  3. Brigham

    Club bonanza

    If you take the button out, you might be able to see what's wrong, and fix it. The 'START' button always wears out first. You can sometimes swap it for one that gets less use, such as 'CANCEL HOLD'.
  4. They obviously came to a compromise: Jack-up the payouts to exceed the artwork!
  5. After stumbling on a YouTube video of this in action, I can now tell you that JPM's Housey Housey is on my wants list!
  6. Brigham


    I'm guessing that this is similar to MB Games' "YAHTZEE", popular one Christmas, some years back. I've never played it, just remember wanting to hit the annoying kid in the TV ad...
  7. Great machine. Looks clean, too. Can we have some more pics? If it's Money BANK, it'll be the Copper/Silver version of The MINT, without the 25p Gold Award. Always loved these Brenco machines; so unlike everything else. There was a row of them at Fleetwood, years after they had died out. Does it have the 'chopstick' clutches? They are a constant source of poor gameplay. Any tips would be welcome!
  8. They know we're out here. They just don't expect us to be watching shite like Eastenders.
  9. Not convinced that the £2 cash payout is real. It went from 50p cash/ £1 tokens to 'all wins paid in cash', but still with a maximum £1.
  10. Just collected a battered ACE Penny Monte Carlo, amazingly still on old penny. It's running nicely now, but will only pay the single cherry. Further investigation reveals LOADS of broken-off brass contact studs. Is there a known 'fix'? Pictures to follow...
  11. Can't help with the bandits, but the coach is by Plaxton's of Scarborough; Scarborough being one of my favourite childhood haunts...
  12. Domestic 240v is often available in US homes for stoves and driers. You could run an extension lead with a UK-type receptacle from this.
  13. I'll try and get pics of the inside. If the credit counter is still there, it might be worth a go. I'm a sucker for these counters. In the early days, the WINS used to go on the counter as well as the coin credits, and you could collect them in cash at the end, or play them off. That was on the big Bally consoles, which you only saw in private clubs. I was distinctly under-age!
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