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  1. ARRIVED! This one is the Super 500. It only has the 5p play, no 2p game, but the jackpot is variable. It changes between £10, £15, or £25 seemingly at random. It doesn't change every play. It SEEMS to dwell on an amount until a WIN is registered, then re-selects from the three values. I'll get a picture of the device which does this, as soon as I've got the back open...
  2. Just received my King Tap today. It lights up. I've had a look inside (it tried to fall over backwards). It's FULL of contacts. I'll take another look when I've got some stronger headache tablets.
  3. Cor! You don't 'arf look like Colin Blunstone!
  4. I've just been in touch again. For some reason, I thought it was in Blackpool, which is no problem. Turns out it's in Totnes! 360 miles each way. Not an economic proposition.
  5. That must be what my Crazy Fruit is based on. Over top whack for a poor example. Let's hope this isn't the future.
  6. Not quite the same as mine...
  7. I'm on it. Sounds like a decent bloke, on the phone. He's going to ring me back. Curiously, I already have a machine called Zig Zag, but it's a conversion of a Bradley Challenger from pre-war days. That's for when I have my 'other' hat on!
  8. I'd certainly have a go at that, if I knew where it was, and if it is complete. A BFM conversion, I'm guessing. Very likely to work, with a little attention. PS. Am I supposed to send a message with that keyboard thing? Is it safe?
  9. I could do with the plug-in relays. I wonder who did the new artwork? It doesn't look bad in the picture, but lit up, it might be a disaster. Start price is what I'd expect a working one to end at!
  10. ANOTHER big ugly clubber with no front start bar. Why do I keep bidding on these? I note that the playing cards have given way to multiple bars now. Is that the missing JPM engraved START button, missing from my Super Chance?
  11. Companion to 'Moonraker'. Wear and tear in the Nudge department to be expected!
  12. That's the one! It's not clear from the picture, but the black panel carrying the buttons is not part of the cabinet, but a sub-assembly fitted afterwards. This whole portion is SHOT through exposure to damp. It's so swollen that the plungers below the buttons no longer reach the switches. Packing has been inserted to make the game playable. It's amazingly clean inside, though.
  13. I've brought in a machine which I've been borrowing bits from, on account of the cabinet being shot. I wasn't intending to put it back into use, but I've grown to like these JPM types, and I've seen the gameplay on YouTube. It's called 'Wild Reels', and there's plenty of features to keep it interesting. I'm about to take the back off...
  14. Brigham

    Ten Up

    What would we expect this type of machine to bring? Lesser-known makes in 'as-found' condition seem to be over £100 these days.
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