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  1. Hi folks, I've been pretty busy lately. Here's my System 5 repair I've just finished. Mega happy when this booted up
  2. Yeah I was sensing it going that route mate. With Epoch you need a decent tested board or you just going to go around in circles
  3. Yeah this is it all I can say is the board isn't booting up still. I think there would have been at least a few components battery damaged q1,dp1, q3 that would have needed changing. It's a goose chase now because you can just go around in circles. I think even with bad Eproms the board will still keep trying to pop out of reset (fast flashing reset LED). Apologies I don't think I can help anymore atm mate.
  4. Which plug was the wrong way around? Looks like there's still no activity on the main board. The reset Led should be coming on and the security LED flashing if it's active and running game code.
  5. On the main board. What are the Leds doing when it's powered on. At the start of the thread it looks like 3 lamps only (no processing or running any code- just power). What are they doing now? In particular the reset and security (ignore the word security lol)
  6. Don't worry about the pink wires they're in all epoch machines
  7. Did they video it running after repairs?
  8. Ok cool. That's to show you that the serial link (like a backbone/spinal cord) of the Epoch system is up and running. Going back to the main board how many LEDs are on or flashing? If it's still dead then that would be why there's no serial comms active. Was the rot all cleaned off and new components fitted too?
  9. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    I'm guessing it will be BIN. When downloading Rom sets alot of the time the sound is only in the first set (marked 1 or 0)
  10. Hi just a quick ones does anyone know the correct eprom link configuration positions on the system5 sampled sound card? Eg 1mb Eprom 2mb Eprom 4mb Eprom
  11. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    You can try prying the eprom out carefully- cleaning the legs lightly and having a look at the socket and you might get lucky. But it's probably a fault
  12. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    Hi, its a difficult one to advise you further- it's not picking up the sound prom but without anything more to go on its difficult. Reasons might be Sound Eprom fault (someone has fitted it backwards at some point and toasted it) Game card Faulty (sound processing is on the card) Main board fault (the checks or responses to sound area the mainboard are expecting it's not getting. Apologies I can't narrow it down anymore. Ideally you want to fit the game card in another machine and see if it does the same thing.
  13. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    Ok- I was hoping for 4. Can we have a pic square on of the game card? I still think the same it's not picking up the sound program
  14. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    No sound error would more than likely, be a -can't load sound programs type fault. In the game card there's only 1 sound Eprom fitted. Bfm's are usually split into 2... so trying to find out if there should be 1 or 2 would be my starting point... trying to think if I've ever seen only 1 and I don't think so. Google high and mighty Rom scorpion 4. Download the set1 file and see how many Rom programs are in file. If it's 4 someone will program you one.
  15. You can find all the sets on Rom hustler. My money is on nothing to do with the Roms 😎 could be lost in the weeds there mate.
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