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  1. Cool ...what's that like a pic chip to go with the Roms? I've never had a scorpion 5.
  2. I know that seller... all his boards are totally legit and it's a great price.
  3. You need to reinstall the Gamesoftware via the CF card slot. It needs a battery fitted to retain the software/setup when it's switched off.
  4. Are you saying the Start button input is stuck or the machine is locking up and its like a glitch? Is the button free... it should ping back up after a light tap instantly.
  5. Yeah a friend offered me one thanks if not I will get the Red plastic part of the spring mechanism and fix it. No idea where the pin went though lol. Which Martin are you on Facebook mate?
  6. Hi, does anyone have any of these spare please? This one has buggered itself. 50v, coin controls £1, metal mounting base. Thanks
  7. There's the scorpion 4 tech manual on this site mate you can chase it back the other thing is to watch a few vids on how to check transistors with a meter and diode test and check them. My fault was from the wires in the bottom right hand plug. I traced it back from the hopper. I've not yet had one where its a board fault though so I've not looked into beyond that unfortunately
  8. Yeah so you've at least confirmed its a fault on the board 100%. Just make sure all the pins on the bottom right plug are super clean and if so it needs a repair.
  9. Yeah no probs. I've got one of each smiley and eclipse machine next to eachother and you can imagine they've seen alot of boards and counter testing etc. Because they are so few Ive never tested a 1996 revision x2 square chip version in an eclipse cab... but can do that later. The normal revision board works in everything though no problems. Honestly never heard different boards for AWP, Club, etc until this thread myself. Wouldn't make much sense at all (unless I'm getting trolled lol) There are slightly different power supplies for the two cabinets though. 1 pin is different.
  10. Yeah not corrosion on the board is there any in the lip of the metal tray under the board in the machine? I'm basically saying look for signs of and old leak scale on the crimp contacts ( bottom right plug). See what happens when you try the board in a working machine. If it works its wiring or contacts in TLOR cab. A scorpion 4 fits all scorpion 4s, awp, club, quiz, smiley, eclipse. Fully compatible.
  11. There are a few revisions of the board... in terms of input and output though everything is the same and compatible. You can view all Scorp4s as the same (to my knowledge). Try that and if it works OK it's the wiring... its not bad though. Is there corrosion in the bottom of the board mounting case under where the board sits?
  12. Try the questionable board in another machine if you have a second. I've had it on my Very rich geezer and was just scaley contacts on the loom for me. Could be a fault still. Is it a twin hopper or just £1?
  13. Hi I'm looking to buy a few faulty Maygay M1B boards if anyone has any? Please PM me. I much prefer untampered with boards from fruity people to Ebay boards or previously tampered & repaired boards... pays to be picky lol. Thank you
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