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  1. Generation

    Jpm sru help

    So I love got s mk1 each way nudger that's refusing to start. I've been told the version 1 of the mpu, as it has no battery on the board. Everything on the board looks it's age, but also looks intact. as I start the machije I get the 3 leds light on the mpu, along with a loud whine. A few lamps flicker but no reel movement or nothing. Not really any idea where to go from here on it - way before my time. anybocy have any advice on what to try?
  2. Boards are worth more than the Machine. which is why people don't bother and when these particular one comes up working it gets smashed up for parts mostly. in car terms the machine is a write off. So unless it's extra special to you it's pointless
  3. Mainly because people who have them Don't bother to upload them. then people come along saying people haven't, and then continue the pattern of not uploading their own
  4. People asking why doesn't exist, yet don't do it themselves 🤷🏻‍♀️ That's kinda the issue.. if people who want can't be bothered, then people who don't want are even less likely to.
  5. Slowly getting the ones laying around boxed up. Might be shit I dno
  6. Open up front and drop what's required (£12) into hopper. or if have a refil key turn turn that in its lock and fill it up with what's required
  7. Great work. Really look forward to these updates. Real talent you have, not just spray cans and trim on this one! Well done
  8. Give Matthew potter a message on Facebook. he makes brand new ones, and they're nothing but perfect
  9. Loads of roms laying around. Some labelled some not. mostly useless to me. Any good to you people
  10. I don’t think “transvestite” and “girly boy” is particularly needed. It’s irrelevant. However I agree with rest of what you’ve said
  11. Not sure why didn’t think of that, was only playing it a week ago 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Generation

    Help audio mpu4

    Definitely too fast
  13. Try older ones... as if it’s not been updated for new pounds, it may not be updated for new 10p
  14. Lots machines don’t accept 5p’s. and are you trying old 10ps? Or the newer ones?
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