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  1. Thanks Chloe, looks great!
  2. Keeping mine too, I'm afraid! I still haven't learned all the Astra tricks and set-ups yet...
  3. You're welcome. I've got a SR5 in mine that takes both old and new £1, I like having the choice!
  4. I'd say the new mech is either faulty or just not compatible. Nice to know the machine itself is still ok though!
  5. Does it produce the same error with the old coin mech?
  6. Looks can be deceiving, have you checked all the fuses for continuity with a meter?
  7. No, easy to get to!
  8. Check the mains lead and switch to the left of the hopper first, then check the fuses on the transformer pcb behind the top glass.
  9. Crackerpot Bar JP.mp4 Different tune for the Bars!
  10. Crackerpot Melon JP.mp4 Melon Jackpot on Castle's Crackerpot.
  11. Yeah, still got it. Now with DIY reel window illumination and replacement tower light!
  12. 12 years ago! Doesn't time fly...
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