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  1. They are both parallel hoppers. I believe they can be used on a MAME cab. Parallel hoppers are simple to use. On a compact hopper (the small one you have) you just make sure the opto is pulled high ("Coin count output" to stop it floating) then when you activate the motor you just check for 0v on the sensor (that gets pulled down each time a coin is despensed). Serial is a totally different ball game.
  2. You want to hack the roms to pay out what the decals say?
  3. Come on people, get the discs out. I know someones sitting on some. If anyone does have any I would be happy to do a trade for anything you may need. I have lots of old shite stock piled. Paul's one of the good guys so please help him
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, all sorted now
  5. Be good to get a scan of that
  6. You can get them professionally scanned for about £20.
  7. Love to hear/see this machine
  8. Is that Adders yours? If so can you get a very high res scan please? Can get one printed out.
  9. Thanks Del, i'll drop him a text
  10. Has any of you fine gentlemen got one of the above or and bits from these SWP machines please? Working or not, please drop me a PM. Obviously I don’t expect for free. Cheers John
  11. Those green sockets are problematic too.
  12. I have a laod of these actel chips if any use as pulled em from rotten boards.
  13. I thought I was seeing things :). I even thought "Is this an old post". How you doing?
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