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  1. Yeah top man. Sorted very quick and all working nicely. Had em done before where the acceptance was poor.
  2. Any news on this? Anyone got it?
  3. I came across it lads. Someone grab it.
  4. Hi all Looking for the mounting clips if any of you great guys have any lying around I don't expect anything for free so happy to pay whatever. Cheers John
  5. Player

    Hard drive issue

    Or https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva
  6. Check the 5v rail. That supplies the reset circuit. Needs to be between 4.8v and max 5.2v. It should come out of reset without video card plugged in. I don't think this is official Bell Fruit even though it's in a Bell Fruit cab. I don't remember seeing these.
  7. I always thought the CHAR performed logical operations. Does it just store values that the ROM needs to work correctly. I thought the CHAR was programmed like a FPGA and was a custom IC.
  8. Sorry @netdent. I totally forgot. Do you still want these bulbs??
  9. That sounds amazing. Love to know how it works. I didn't think it was possible to get around it.
  10. Didn’t I get you a glass for this???
  11. Got any pics please?
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