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  1. Looks similar to this issue, have a look at @DrewKrewUKpost page 3 link here all sounds very similar?: https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/topic/11333-mpu5-error-after-battery-pin-removed/page/3/
  2. Vivid adders and ladders I recon, the top-box multi game version https://youtu.be/TR3OyVoVahQ
  3. Thanks 😊 I agree I’d much prefer the 10/100 but with this machine I’m not sure I’ll get one - I may put the roms in tho and enjoy that profile. Yeah @sulzernedtells me there was a £150 version, now that would be awesome! ! Are the £150 roms available I wonder, must look.
  4. All done, just waiting on the coin mech should be here today (thanks Ron) - I decided to leave on old 10p’s and 50’s (have loads!) but upgraded the £1’s. Tests out all ok with my spare mod 2 MPU4👍 Original MPU will go in once Mick does his magic (cheers Mick) 😊
  5. Busy day today but managed to re-build the cab and it’s now all ready for glass (as soon as the frames are back tomorrow hopefully). Looking good !
  6. Same on MPU3 (or similar) - I feel your pain!! (so do my fingers lol) - give me MPU4 any day. Good luck, I too am looking forward to seeing this one in action having never seen it in the wild.
  7. Progress report - MPU4 seemed to be fine until I ran tests and the payout is not working (any tube) - most likely track damage but one for Mick to check for me 👍 Cab stripped, cleaned and ready for re-build once I have touched up a few parts, Cant wait to get this one working - pic of a rather bare club climber!
  8. An original board with battery in situ …. Will remove, fly wire and clean/neutralise best I can but suspect some damage is already done we shall see!
  9. Nice! look forward to the videos! Is that stake-up or multiplay I can see next to it?
  10. Haha yep I really have ! It’s nice to see so many here too who have enviable collections of classics. edit; just as I posted this my rank increased to “old fruity nutcase” - I’ll take that 😂
  11. Latest machine has landed, chuffed as anything with this one (thanks Drew) - few jobs to do but its in tidy original condition, will get the frames re-coated due to the usual corrosion around the corners (will try the chrome look powder coat which is apparently pretty good! we shall see - a first for me). MPU4 has original battery on board so we will see how that turns out, likely a job for Mick we shall see. Cab is pretty solid and tidy, overall a good find! So - if anyone sees (or has) a club double, solid silver & grandstand please let me know they are my 3 remaining wants to complete my early MPU4 club collection (thx) - I would also consider a crackpot for completeness. I cannot believe how quickly I have gathered such a mass of classics and just how addictive this is!!!! 😬
  12. There is a fly wired Scorp 5 on eBay £45 delivered. see here
  13. All sorted Bob and MPU3 is working fine, I managed to get some RAM for under $4 a pop from the USA (unlike the £25 a chip they wanted here!!!) arrived bloody quick too ! happy days and thanks again.
  14. Did you test inputs and press every button a good few times and the machine confirm press/release of each button? its got to be the best way to rule out a switch I recon. The video does look like a program pause, but a button would behave that way if held in. On the video I wonder if you pressed cancel would it have worked? it happened on pressing the 1st hold (from left) Switches may be a red herring but well worth 100% eliminating. Its also times like this a spare MPU is great to rule out and eliminate things, but I know thats easy for me to say!
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