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  1. missed a couple out there mate EM>SRU>System 80>MPS1>MPS2
  2. is it the £1 on a length of strimmer wire.
  3. I will check that on what disks I have
  4. do you mean the disk edition number? if so this machine did not have any disks when I picked it up and IIRC had the standard roms.
  5. Not sure but what a great picture
  6. Came across this today in one of our work storage container's so i thought id take a couple of pics. This is spent nearly 7 years in storage but is still in the same condition it was when i put it there. PSU,Boards and monitors where removed before storage. This is going to be brought into the workshop in the spring for a full restoration. I've been doing loads of software R&D stuff on GUAB hardware over the last few weeks and threads for that and and the 2 machine (the one above and the one from kent)restorations will be created in the new year. A nice few projects for 2021 to look forward to.
  7. ive seen these type of takeovers in my professional life. i can just see JPM with R&D budget cuts, rehashing loads of ideas, tight schedules, quantity before quality and all the good staff leaving within 18 months. results = it’s JPM in name only.
  8. You will need to purchase one in the next 3 days tbh
  9. I’ve just pmd you the roms mate
  10. Right here we go in the zip file are 2 folders one for SRU and one for System 80 there are also 2 files with some RS parts that i think match the originals.With work and other more pressing projects it went on the back burner and stayed there but now i hope this can help these boxes being re produced(not by me as i still don't have time). Don't forget these drawings are over 8 years old and i only had the boxes for a very short time(so they may not be 100% accurate) Test Boxes.rar
  11. I forgot all about this and I have found some schematics and part numbers on an old usb drive(both SRU and System 80).i thought these along with loads of other files where lost forever when my hard drive suddenly packed up a few years ago. im not sure how accurate they are as I only had those units for a few days and just worked it out the best I could with a multimeter Plus it was years ago. i will upload what I have tomorrow.
  12. I’ve not seen them for a while but they used to pop up in an eBay search for TMS9980(iirc they where about 10 quid each) but it was a couple of years ago
  13. I think those AM9980 chips from the US a couple of years ago gave most of us with system 80 machines an ample stock of CPUs they where(and still are)very reliable.
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