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    Hi everyone. I just like to post on a day trip we had today. Skiprat and I ventured north to North Yorkshire to visit our very own electro expert and friend BF74 Ron. He has kindly taken on my Ten Up electro,which has had the same fault since it was moved here. With parts swapped and serviced and still not working properly,Ron decided it was best if he could look at it for himself. We had a nice trip up,and was met by Ron at his gate. What an absolute True Gentleman we have here chaps.πŸ‘ We had some great conversations regarding his days at Bell Fruit,and being a former bus driver. Ha,enjoyed looking at all your models lol. Got to play on his electro club machine as well. Didn't win anything,but it was all fun. Did a short video of this which is currently uploading. Meeting his lovely wife and chatting about machines and railways was right up my street. And to top all this....those lovely bacon butty'sπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† We both had a fantastic day out meeting the legendary BF74 to which I thank so very much,which makes me appreciate so much what Ron does for us enthusiasts here and for electro's he supports. Great work mateπŸ‘ He showed me his coin mech re-programmer. If I had Half a brain,I would have understood the process.lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† As much as I've repeated this to you already, Thanks Ron to you and the missus for an incredible dayπŸ‘ Also,a massive thanks to Skippy for today. He was my chauffeur lolπŸ˜† Always great meeting up with our forum friends here. Ha,still a few to go lol.
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    heres a few of what i have at the moment oh & theres another 30 in another part of the warehouse not sure if im a collector, hoarder or businessman at the moment !
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    Big thanks to Nick these came in the post today so looks like im upgrading the reel deck tonight :-) Coming along slowly but surely :-)
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    1986 Conversion kit on Top up/Tumble.... First Reserve (top left)
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    Got myself some 2708 pulls @matrixnetuk Rripped them (sucessfulley) but have no idea what they are (couple of unknown ones in the dat file already. 26feb rips.zip these were not labled so in the same order as unpacked. got some spare 2708 chips now Oh also got an MPS card marked NL2.1 & NL2.2 bit already in the dat.
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    Morning Fella's , the re-build is coming on slowly but surely Decided to swap my 2p shuffle reel decks over with NDU and swap over the reelbands ..dirty job to say the least. Fitted some plastic plumbers tubing from Wickes to at least get some coin handling going its not pretty but its doing the job on new 10p's. My once working credit display has now decided to drop a segment very annoying The Fluorescent tubes are not working tried the tubes and starters inc the 5amp fuse with new ones still no joy so i guess its a duff ballast --further investigation needed or i may just go with the dreaded LED strips I have a flaky "Double" light that sometimes works ..changed the bulb holder but it still insists to play up just tapping the glass brings it back up very frustrating lol on the plus side I have an operational coin taking and paying NDU :-)
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    Here's a short play video of Ron's clubber I played today. Sorry i didn't really win anything but Hope you can leave a thumbs up or a comment on here or YouTube Not for me but for our friend Ron. Cheers
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    V1.0 but shhhhh we don't need that again 😁
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    coming along nicely had this machine and crackpot does it have the v1.0 roms
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    That would be funny as shit. I can just imagine 2 " I know everything but won't help you/look how big my willy is" chaps going at it. And it's not fair to call superwank or your own people skills out canonman
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    Real dick twitcher of a machine. My all-time favourite.
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    Thought we had the ROMs for this. I'll get JP and version number, if we haven't then i'll dump em. Just means I have to get all my gear out and can't really be arsed. I will though if needed. Cheers
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    Might be safe to assume it no longer is, as that post is 12 years old πŸ™‚
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    Nice one Derek! Now take that big stupid pointless fucking rainbow light and smash it to pieces!
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    Cheers rich .yeah v1 would be great πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
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    welcome back to the happy house mate
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    Thanks warlord. Been a few years for me, & will be slow progress, but had to get up and running first. These style are the only machines that hold fond memorises for me, potluck was me as a kid winning the JP & having to hide while it was paying out, so i didn't get caught playing it in a working mans club back in the 80s. The other is coming soon, the only thing i never sold off was my old bandit, ive had since the 90s now. the 2 others would be smash and grab and bigshot, but to be honest. im not going there
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    if the chips are 30 quid a pop and it keeps a machine you own alive to be loved and enjoyed i dont consider that a big cost its a hobby after all better to have chips available at a cost than none atall
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    Hi Ramon here's the ones you mention - (thanks to whoever dumped these ) Dave. Nudge Up (Barcrest) [Rom].zip Top Action (Barcrest) [Rom].zip
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    Ha ha brilliant vid stef .those lights are a must !totally brilliant machine and great sounds. Totally love the piss flaps too πŸ˜„
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    I have a Cadbury Bournville in my fridge.... 😁
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    I picked some boards with roms up other day mark your welcome to dump the lot mate
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    Great day,that would suit me,and we all know ron is just the best at what he does,nice one chaps
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    Yeah even if it can be done..don’t.
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    Is system80 still about?? Not heard of him for years. He used to be a regular here, was pretty good at getting people's backs up!