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    Hi, This is a pleasant surprise. I was looking for an electro mechanical schematic for quite a while and came across a member on Ebay who prompted me to look at this forum. Have to admit I didn't realise the interest there was in older machine and gaming machine history. It was startling to see some of the TSB's that I sent out over the years and look at the print face being dot matirx or even 'golf ball' print heads. Being so close to JPM from its inception I have some photos and tales which perhaps some might find interesting so I will dig them out Anyway big thank you to riche100 for the pdf and look forward to perhaps getting a paper copy one day. Have a good one! Frank Bird
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    Big thanks to Magik for his patience had a mpu3 board that was working but had no sound he pointed me in the direction of t11 transistor as the likely cause removed and borrowed one from reel 4 tested the board in black hole and bingo happy days. Left this board in black hole and used its board in winspin as it needs all 4 reels to control the spinning top reel. Haven't seen this run for ages since trying a spare board with lamp faults made up big time 20190528_194428.mp4
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    Roms working great thanks louie anything we can help with please let us know what's required VID-20190525-WA0000.mp4
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    Hi as requested roms for downtown scorpion 2 hope there of use cheers tony down town game.BIN down town sound.BIN
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    Found this one on my hdd, converted to mfme 6.1 reelghost.zip
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    I have loads of stories, do you think others might be interested in the development of the products not the products themselves?
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    The lower picture is the cabinet manufacturing facility and from the double doors at the far right a lorry with a trailer would load empty machines and take them to the manufacturing facility (top picture). In fact the lorry and trailer can be seen in the top left picture just to the left of the JPM sign. In the same picture to the right of the factory the large Ford Transcontinental lorry can be seen loading finished product - sometimes, (good times) 1000 units a week. Regards Frank
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    Golden ghost and Downtown roms are dumped and on here now cash arena and another system 1 cash towers are currently with midibob for dumping hes going to upload them on here once done cheers tony
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    Looks like prom 2 is in the rom dat but not prom 1... Enjoy NLN4.1.zip
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    The dips for the percentages are on the second row of dips, mate. Dip switches 5,6,7 and 8 are for the percentages. Dip 5 adds 8 percent Dip 6 adds 8 percent Dip 7 adds 4 percent Dip 8 adds 2 percent If no dips are set, it will default to 72%
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    i just like collecting eproms in folders . like stamp collecting
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    I've just picked up a mpu4 line up. Its 5p on £4 or £2. But does anyone know the dip to change it. It's currently on £4 Jackpot. But I feel it will be better on £2 being 5p a go. I was expecting a simple switch in the back but not seen one 😊
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    Hi, Frank Bird here, that picture bring back some memories, I project managed the product from inception through to negotiations with the BBC and it's eventual release. Can't say I can help with the engineering though as by that time I was just overseeing everything. I have some great stories from those days if you are ever interested .. Regards Frank
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    Welcome Frank and If I'm right great to meet someone else from the electro era.? Money Multiplier was one of two club machines (Superchance was the other) from JPM we installed into North East clubs. This pic brings back memories.
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    Here is some early copy from Coin Slot about JPM and the new Club Machine - Money Multiplier. JPM Poster.pdf Dated January 17th, 1976 and still in the Ferry Road buildings which were the home of ACE Coin before JPM. The building have since been demolished and now the home to the ubiquitous out of town shopping centre. Here https://goo.gl/maps/ha1dDwbzJHKXPuqs8 This was before we moved to the new purpose built factory in Hadfield Road which we rapidly outgrew.
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    Thought it probably a STC or a SAG... criminal butchery... just like the mpu3 changed to those awful 2p conversions in the 80's... 😫 LoL
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    I'm glad you didn't!!! So grateful that you found that for me!
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    At my age it wouldn't make a lot of difference mate. Might be fun to grow a pair of tits.
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    Maybe you'd find it easier if you tried right-handed websites instead.
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    Looks a mess,good luck with it.Be nice to see it up and running
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    Thanks Geddy, i appreciate it I did find your roms, i've attached them for others who might search for them in the future (if you don't mind) Dutch_Roms.zip
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    i bet you got some nice stamps in that collection of yours
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    Hi Rich, I'll do them for you unless you've had another offer.
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    £1000 spare or repairs. "I was told it was working.......so please assume it doesn't" What a CUNT!!!!!