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Posted By:  vectra666 @ 09 September 2014 - 09:09 PM

Next up from me is this lo-tech scorp1 machine from bellfruit , one I've never see let alone played. So I give a Big thankyou to Spa for ALL the resources for this. the roms of which he got from the Northampton raid to his classic layout and the photo's he kindly uploaded for everyone to use. I haven't altered the reel symbols with the £'s on as haven't a clue what they look like on the original machine, but can be easily changed if anyone has any information regarding this.


  shortcuts are -

 start - spacebar

 nudge up - U

 holds - 1,2,3

 cancel/collect - `

 tokens in - 9

 £££'s in - 0


  Plays in mfme's 3.1/3.2 BUT plays in mfme 2.0 better!!



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Toggle %s Manhattan Skylines £4.80p 1024Wdx

Posted By:  vectra666 @ 30 August 2014 - 07:07 PM

Here is a oldie from Maygay by the name of Manhattan Skylines, I've be wanting this layout ever since I saw retrofruits wip from 2006. I had photo's of this on my lappy for some time so finally got around to dx'ing it. The photo's I had, had loads of camera flash over it and the machine was mostly lit, so had to erase all the text and rewrite it.

 Thak's goto Retrofruit/ Madness for the original classic layout from which I gained 99% of the lamping numbers and for the reelbands. To Fuzion for font identification help, To Pook and Tommy C for showing me how to lamp the 7segs which as they say will look better than the original mfme ones so may do this more often in future releases,

 And to the various Playtesters from here.


 Shortcut are =

start = Spacebar

stop feature = S

collect = C

holds = 1,2,3

cancel = `

hi = H

 lo = L

Bank Score = B

20p's in = 9

££££ in = 0



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Toggle %s Jpm System5 Terminator £6 1024Wdx

Posted By:  vectra666 @ 17 August 2014 - 09:06 PM

  Next up from me is this Jpm system5 machine by the name of Terminator, why its got this name I don,t know the only reference from the film is the machine name.

This is quite a fun machine with a fair bit going on. The 3mixed bars trigger feature part, don't know why it's got 3 & 9 on the alpha display afaik it doesn,t do these numbers because of the win instead, only 4,5,6,7 & 8.

This layout due to the images obtained has a fair bit of the text re-written, so it's not all original but tried to get it as near as possible. Not sure if the O on terminator is supposed to be lit or not so its lamped up but left blank so it can be amended if needs to be.

 Thanks goto Bugs and Trouty for the original classic layout of this, to Guitar for the three images he uploaded months back,

To Mavroz for the reel symbols he kindly uploaded for me, to Ploggy for the buttons used from his palm springs flyer and to Ploggy n Samson81 for the font help. I think that's everyone lol.


  PLAY THIS IN MFME 3.1/3.2 as it plays faster and the sounds better in those.



  Shortcuts are-

 Start = Spacebar

 Take Winnings = C

 Holds = 1,2,3

 Hi = 2

 Lo = 3

 Cancel = `

 Tokens in = 9

 £££'s in = 0



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