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  1. I can only use it for spares, I do have a replacement MPU and Eprom card.
  2. That was it, finally won the jackpot on Cash Lines and it paid out in tokens, these two machines are the first I have owned with this type of jackpot payout facility, the wording on the machines is slightly misleading at first but makes stance now. Thanks for your help.
  3. As I only had four spare EPROMS to burn the images to I only burnt the Game Play so I could test the MPU, fortunately it worked but as the monitor is damaged I can only use an oscilloscope to look at the RGB outputs and there is a lot of activity there, I need to sort-out the monitor next but I know this is a problem on it own being 18k, I may need to get an X VGA black box. I am waiting for some EPROMS to arrive to burn the question EPROMS, my concern is the small PLD chip that sits by the question ROMs was also damaged by the fire and I am hoping the code for screen play is the same for concentration, perhaps some one reading this may be able to tell me or have a copy of the correct code.
  4. I cant think why someone would take offence about helping a fellow member out with repairing a old machine, I thought that was the idea about this site helping each other. Thanks anyway for uploading initially it has moved me forward with the restoration of this old machine. Here are some pictures of the damage to the PSU and MPU.
  5. Hello Wizard. Wow, Many Thanks for posting the Rom images, Ill get them blown tomorrow and I can then move on to the next phase of this restoration, I will post how I get on.
  6. I've been watching these videos and I have noticed only the game EPROMS are present and seems to work in attract mode without the questions EPROMs being present. The boot chip on my board has a completely different label on it l to the one shown in the video, Can I assume the the boot chip in the video is a MV1.b.
  7. Hi All. I have been working on rebuilding an old Maygay Concentration quiz machine for some time now, when I originally received it someone had replaced a fuse with a bit of wire in the PSU and the machine caught fire, there is another post with reference to this some time ago, the machine had suffered damage to the PSU, MPU, wiring harness, and monitor but the cabernet was OK, my first thought was to dump the machine but then I was advised that there aren’t too many of these machines around and should try to get it working. I had a spare PSU and acquired a couple of MV1 MPUs but both faulty, I have managed to get one of the MPUS working but I then discovered all the original EPROMs from the Concentration are damaged. I was wondering if anyone out there has the EPROM images for one of these machines. Fortunately I have a set of screen play EPROMS I have been using to test the MV1. Also does anyone know if the MV1.B boot Prom chip program is a generic across all MV1 MPUs or are they different for each game play? I will post some pictures of this machine and the fire damage soon. Pete
  8. Yes no problem, as soon at i get time Ill get them done.
  9. Wow thanks for posting the Cash Lines flyer, very interesting.
  10. Yes in to top right hand corner with the rear door open, when I switch to £4 the token light goes out and disables token entry.
  11. Ill upload some videos and better pictures when I get a moment.
  12. The Jackpot is set at £2 at the moment and it has been won a few times, Ill set the Jackpot up to £4 and see if that changes anything, it may take a while for this to happen, thanks for that.
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