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  1. In: Barcrest Dutch Triple Bank

    By Marco1971, 06/07/19

    The name of this machine is Triple Bank, but the reeltapes shows Triple Deck.

    Triple Deck does not exist in the Netherlands. :hmm:

  2. In: Unidentified Mechanism (play mode)

    By Brigham, 11/28/18

    Two holes in the end-plate for switchable cherry 'bugs', presumably.

    The front-mounted start bar seems to have persisted longer on the 'clubbers'.

  3. In: Unidentified Mechanism (play mode)

    By BF74, 08/18/18

    A 70s Bell Fruit club electro reel mech, it still has the solid reel drums. On later machines they changed to the spoked style to save weight so the leather clutches could operate more efficient which made the reel spins much better. 

    The reel bands are from ADMC, A company that built conversions on BF machines.  probably out of a machine like this one.

    gold coast club electro ADMC.jpg

  4. In: Unidentified Mechanism (play mode)

    By warlord, 08/18/18

    Looks like a bell fruit reel mech but as the machine its out of would be very hard to find out.Its a clubber at least so that narrows it down

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