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    Crimp on a bullet connector and mating socket, that way when you remove the board in the future it is easy to disconnect the soldered wire like these
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    If you save everything in PSD format first and foremost, then it should save everything exactly as you left it. Duplicate the background, untick the original background, and then you can use the magic wand to delete any part you want (Of the background copy) as this is a rasterised image.
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    I had a similar problem with my old hot pot delux it would take 10p but not register them as a credit , but £1’s, 50’s 20’s and tokens were fine mark300 kindly fixed this for me by just heating up the existing solider on the hex board so it could be worth trying another hex board As the problem sounds Similar
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    Check the voltage indicator LEDs on the MPU, just a guess but sounds like the -12v might be down.
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    Funnily enough after using Photoshop for years, I have never used the pen tool! (I use shapes and Transforms). But it looks like something I should learn about too!