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  1. Hi welcome to the site , as you haven’t had any responses yet from the tech guys it might be worth having a look at a site called booze.net he has done some great work kindly explaining and documenting repairs and building machines and he has a section dedicated to mpu4 repairs it’s well worth a look , hope this helps and it would be great to hear how you get on with your project 👍
  2. Nice one Martin reel bands will be on there way next week as I had a busy weekend and had to find something solid to package them in so they don’t get damaged as one cracked when I removed it for the reel but luckily it wasn’t reel 4 😁
  3. fantastic ! , well done to everyone involved it’s looking superb
  4. Here’s a few photos of her all finished , I will try and do a couple of decent videos over the next couple of evenings and put them up for anyone interested in watching with some BIG THANK YOU’S to everyone that has helped and offered to help me with this project cheers 🍻
  5. yep you are right player , I did think about doing that but I had the deck powder coated black so I would have had to touch up where i moved the bars , and then I had my little brain wave with the washers and rubber grommets which I gave a go and it’s ended up looking ok , I now have a spare deck mount in good condition with no rust which I might swop over eventually 👍
  6. Next was the back door , the donor machine back door was not original I think it was from a jpm machine as it was a grey colour , luckily I had saved the back door from the original machine as it was not too bad and I thought I could use it at some point to make a bottom door up for another machine in the future , the only problem was the bump strips on the back were broken and the screws had rusted into the chip board so when I pulled them off they left big holes in the back of the door so I had to use some wider bump rails to cover the holes which I made up from door stop and stained black , I’m happy with the result 😁 that’s enough for tonight I will do some more reports tomorrow thanks for reading 👍
  7. Another problem I had was the reel deck was sitting a bit too far away from the glass so I had to raise it up about 8mm with the use of some washers and rubber grommets like little shock absorbers yes it is a bit of a bodge I admit but it dose work very well and looks ok to me 😁and another probrlem I had to sort out was the speaker hole again because it was a club cab it was in the wrong location so I had to drill a new hole and use the cut out to repair the old hole and fill it , it doesn't look very good in my first photo but after mixing a bit of filler with some dark oak stain it has blended in quite well I think , I had tried with a metal plate sprayed black to mask the old hole and accommodate but that looked worse in my opinion
  8. Line up is now finished ! sorry for the delay as work went bonkers in the build up to Christmas and I didn’t have enough time to spend on line up properly with out rushing and bodging it up 😁 I had a big problem which took quite a while to work out as the start button was working intermittently , after changing the start switch for a known working one the problem still was there so after a couple of nights of head scratching I got the multi meter out and started testing the continuity of wires back to the plug on the mpu4 board from the start button eventually I found that the main wire to the start button had gone green at the plug and corrosion had traveled a good 8 - 10 inches up the wire as each time I tried to strip it it would just snap you can see in one of the pictures the green ends where I cut the wire ,eventually I got to a good bit of cable and was able to joint it and push it back into the plug probrlem solved 😁
  9. if you click on the link and scroll down the listing you should see this bit then just click on contact seller and send them a message
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rocket-Science-10p-Fruit-Machine-/203758381062?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 this one just popped up on eBay might be worth asking 👍
  11. My favourite was save your money for driving lessons 🤣
  12. Hopefully a member on here has bagged it , would be nice to see a video of this one up and running 👍
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