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  1. Brilliant work everyone this is what scares me the most about my mpu4 machines is the chr going tits up , but with the progress and dedication you guys are putting into this is fantastic thank you very much everyone 👍from mpu4 lover ♥️
  2. Cheers Sam it’s not finished yet ,I got a couple more bits to do and then I will do some more photos and videos , I’m away for the next two week so work stops play again ☹️ But I’m nearly there now 😁cheers 🍻
  3. Ok so ive up loaded the video to youtube now but the quality is not as good as the one on my phone not sure what I’m doing wrong ? Any way it’s not finished yet I’m still testing and got a couple of bits to sort but I thought I would do a quick 50 credit testing video and this is what happened I never caught it in this mood in the wild 😁
  4. Yep I got them to make two up at that price each 👍 as I am already thinking about my next project 😁hopefully a bit easier than this one as it’s already a working machine and the cab is ok just needs a tidy up and the frames sprayed I will probably try and spray the lamp mask again if it comes away from the glass easy enough as it really makes a difference with the brightness of the lamps behind the glass anyway more updates to follow as I’m getting close now to finishing hopefully if I get time I can do another update tomorrow cheers 🍻
  5. Ok so a little bit more progress today ,I’ve cheated 😉as it made more sense to get a base professionally made in a little workshop locally for £30 than me knocking one up myself and I’m really glad I did as the finish is fantastic my attempt would have taken at least half a day and would never have looked anywhere near as good here’s a few pictures ,I’ve just got to paint it a quick coat tonight and another tomorrow 😁
  6. Thank you Mike , every thing is taking a lot longer than I expected as this is my first total strip down and rebuild but I’ve learnt loads so far and still learning so it’s something I’m enjoying more as I get closer to smelling finish only problem I think I’m going to want to do all my mpu 4 cabs to the same standard and finish so they all look the same in a nice line 😁
  7. Ok so a little bit of progress I’ve re fitted the loom and started to fit the tubes and payout slides, I’ve had to drill and cut out a couple of holes as this was a club cab so the tube layout was different to the original arcade cab and had to adjust the mpu4 plinth due to the change of cab here’s a couple of pictures
  8. I know I know ! Work and fixing the tiles and re-grouting the bathroom have had to take priority mate 😡but hopefully this week coming no dramas 🤞and I can crack on two half days and I should have it sorted 😁and them cabs don’t need recycling they just need a good home 😉
  9. Thanks player I’m back working local this week so hopefully will get a few hours on it and a bit of progress cheers 🍻
  10. It’s Back up now ,it would be nice to see a collector get this 👍
  11. Thank you nick 👍and I will have a look at the silver Hammerite smooth spray
  12. Hi nick I do have another reel deck base In original condition I also have the vents in original condition the only thing I don’t have is the meter base so if it doesn’t look right when I’ve finished I can swop them bits over 😉 yep I still have the kick step I’m going to make a new base as the sides of the old one were a bit bashed up
  13. Thanks mick 👍here’s a couple more photos of the progress I managed a few hours on Saturday not sure if I will get a chance this weekend but fingers crossed 🤞
  14. Meter plinth made out of the off cut from the top of the cab and the old door which was black ash effect but you won’t see the black ash as it’s going to be inside the cab under the mpu4 mounting plate
  15. So spraying all done now had a go on a couple of extra bits and really pleased with the results and I’ve just tested the meters and they all work fine , result 👍I also sprayed the reel deck base as i got the powder coaters to sand blast it but told them to leave it bare as I thought it might look ok but the more I looked at it I could see the rust trying to start again so a quick coat of rust remover and then anti rust primer then black satin and it looks much better , I also sprayed the token sorter and token catcher and they have come up like new as the plastic was looking tired ,time will tell if it was the right decision 😁hopefully after I have sorted the base and made the plinth for the meters it will be time to start putting this baby back together again cheers for reading 🍻
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