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    it is a Maygay called Nudge Bug from 1981
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    Hi all. So today I got my Big 50 back. Thanks to all involved in making this happen. A huge thanks to Steve Lancett (Steve's Fruity's) for arranging pick up and drop off at mine. Thanks to Reg for putting a post over at desert island and last but not least Niallquin for repeated FB messages sent. Big boy (steve) took a video. Here she is in all her glory
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    Also JPM Fruit Snappa and Barcrest Action Bank mpu4 Thanks massive to Simon who is always the perfect host and for allowing me to film and upload onto YouTube. Cheers mate.👍👍👍
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    Evening guys, anyone watch The Bay tonight on ITV ? in the old arcade this was in there ..looks like an old Maygay to me any ideas :-)
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    Its your first, but I can guarantee you, it will not be your last !!
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    Nudge Bug is listed in November 81, Cash or Nudge in December 81
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    Deffo electro. But can't remember if I ever saw a board inside when the engineer opened the back to sort out jammed coins!
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    So looking at the pic, it looks like the red wire is at the bottom and the black 3 up from the bottom.
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    From yours mate. The big bag of leads has also proved really useful. As the last few I've bought have had no lead 🙂
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    Thanks for the info, I will certainly look into it and keep you updated. Fault finding these without a diagram can be like finding a needle in a haystack, particularly when considering that heating up the PCB has no effect and none of the usual suspects for components or dry joints are glaring at you!
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    Next on my list to do is this one countdown set on 10p with the jackpot at £3 thanks to amot for the roms, and wizard for the emu. should be ready in a few months
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    Nice restoration I'm doing a maygay m1a right now
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    Next if I compare the 1.4.1 game ROM to version 1.6 it has a lot of differences also. But 1.4.1 matches to card 2 . Ok so the files are different revisions. But using the ROMs on 1.4.1 for game and sound, the sounds appear to be spot on. Also, card 2 is supposed to be 1.6 also but it doesn't match the other file , yet matches 1.4.1 - so Im not liking the 1.6 revision even though it does boot. And just as I thought, at first boot there is a sound played DURING the game initialisation - which is exactly where your game card hangs up.
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    Well that doesnt work. It works fine tho when its doubled up! If thats messed up, I wonder if there is an issue with the game rom also.
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    Well the sound ROMs from both your sets from MFME dont work. The only sound rom that works is the original , from folder 1.4.1. I washed them through HEX workshop and compared the files and this is what it showed: As you can see, its reporting that none of the files entries match !!!! When I load either of the other two sound ROMs (read in from set 1.6 or the one in the folder you marked card2 ) MFME reports no samples found. When I load in the sound ROM from set 1.4.1 , I have 100 samples and the sound works. So Im thinking there was either a read problem when you dumped the roms. It doesnt matter that the file is 512K , its basically just the 256K ROM copied onto its self . Im going to have a bit more of a play , going to chop the 1.4.1 sound ROM in half and see if either end of it runs stand alone.
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    That is a Cobra poker converted to a video, Conway bros in Northern Ireland made those poker's, it has the same poker button panel.
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    Next we have JPM Bouncer and a red glass JPM Eachway Shuffle
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    Hi everyone. Have done a few more videos of late recently Including last night when I visited my good friend Nudgeshuffle. Thanks for a top evening mate. Here is some of the vids for you all. Reel 2 Reel mpu4 JPM Plus Nudge system 80
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    If you ever do find a bottom glass, I personally would also be prepared to go collect as the postal / courier service will do their best to break it....
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    it was a long night mate but we got there in the end
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    And they are T5 not T8 9" 6w and 21" 13w most likely.
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    I have had the motors cause this in the past
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    I would want to knock the door to make sure the guy was ok...and all was well with him! Things happen in life like people can become unwell and pull them selfs away from life in general! This is where genuine friends are in need of help