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    A couple of boards in progress. The first one had a burn up of the PSU connector and was looking a bit sorry for itself. Straight off with the battery and change out anything corroded. The PSU lead was really beyond repair and plug A too! Luckily there was no track damage. Once everything was done, powered it up and it worked. Wish more were like that. Looking much better now. Sorry the pics were taken different ways up. The second board was in better nick but on switch on although the Alpha fired up with a battery alarm nearly all the lamps came on too. It then got as far as the game serial number then froze after 10 secs or so with an error bleep but the alpha had already frozen so no error code. At present I'm suspecting the 8279 chip which I hope to get a spare soon so I can prove it one way or the other. It's really annoying when you've used your last spare. I must remember not to do that in future! Watch this space
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    Do they just let you out at weekends dude.Not knowing ron is as likely as not having a mobile phone
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    Probably not as rare as a Barcrest Take Five.
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    Not my machine But a video that was sent to me. Thanks to Nudgeshuffle for the upload onto my YouTube channel.
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    mick,you are a star.Top pannel remade today,I have copied exact original.I have laminated the top and the rest will be painted black.Even done all pilot holes for what mounts inside but maybe you cant see them.Need to get some 8mm dowels now.
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    hi mate started on your board here is a few pics going to need a few of them wire links i removed rom card holder because it was starting to rot in side
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    The 'Red' version was BWB, which typically had the 5p versions; where the 'Blue' version was a Maygay, on the 20p stake. The gameplay was the same.
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    Ron's the bloke who runs the E-M forum.
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    Not a hard one to work out 🤭
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    Cor yeah imagine the frenzy if an Albert square turned up! I don’t think I could take it.
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    Nice job... the mdf once it's blown does loose a Bit of integrity. Once it's gone/glued back it will still be able to be orbital sanded flat. Also long as its sealed/filled nicely it will look like new when refinished. What thickness is it 18mm? If it's just one of those panels I can trim you a replica if your really struggling mate
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    For metal i use plasticote primer and satin black.for paint brushing like cabinet sides i use wilko satin black.
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    If anyone has pics from the late 80's and 90's from the east coast please post them here. Ive got nothing from my childhood actually in or around arcades just video and pics from the beaches and caravan parks. Be interesting to look back if anyone has any! Skegness / Mablethorpe / Ingoldmells / Chapel St Leonards / Vicars Point etc....
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    them to square things on the bottom
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    Good progress today,resprayed button pannel and top metal pannel.Painted the 2 sides that bolt on.The cabinet swelling im drilling several 5mm dia 2 inch deep holes and injecting wood glue then clamping tight for 24 hours.This will hopefully pull it back in and give it strength.The glass was posted today so will see what happens there.Carrying on now with cab repairs then making a new top section.Also cleaned all buttons on removal.
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    may be for tokens or some think all so check the pins on the coin mech are not bent where the loom plugs in to it
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    Hallo Louis Bee, I am still finding my way around here. Just now I see your response .. The board is of the Chico the Bandit game. The game is so nice, I played it only twice ,back in the nineties.
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    Good stuff. Decent rom session today all in all Keep em comming
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    Here's the layout in question i shall edit the release thread to Nudge Money £2 Dx Mfme6.1+.zip
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    Here is about the last of this batch of ROMs, maybe a few pics of machines that the roms were in the dat file to come. EWN MK1 EWN_£2)P1.zip EWS 13A EWS 13.zip (Cheers SAM) S-SH S-SH_5p-P1.zip LAN 17F LAN_17.2F1.zip And Last but not least Ndud Ndud 10.zip Enjoy!! Nice one Gary.