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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello and welcome Enjoy your stay here
  3. Thanks chaps. Nice game and awesome sounds... 👌
  4. hi guys does anyone have any decals for a barcrest club pontoon please any help is greatly appreciated thanks
  5. Hello all I'm George from Rugby. I've been a member at FME and DIF. I'm here because I watched Chopaholic's latest video about the sound ROMS FOR Omega and thought I'd sign up and have a look around.
  6. Many thanks for sourcing these roms.
  7. hello and a very warm welcome to you enjoy your stay
  8. Hi Wizard. I have the QPS version of this machine and have been looking for the £15 ROM set for years, dont suppose you could help me please? Would be very grateful. Gav.
  9. OK for those of you who want to know here are the combinations for getting the hidden features on this machine SB = Single Bar DB = Double Bar DB DB SB = Win Series DB SB DB = 12 Nudges SB DB DB = Mystery Win DB SB SB = Choose A Win SB DB SB = Reel Match SB SB DB = Step To Nearest Win
  10. Hello there to everyone. Im Adam, 33 and based in surrey. I have always loved a good fruit machine and been hugely interested in them as an enthusiast.. So finally given in and brought a fruit machine i used to play all the time in my local as my first buy. (Barcrest, Yabba Dabba Darts) Looking forward to finding out more, chatting to fellow owners / Enthusiasts.. Kind regards, Adam. 😊
  11. With a Failed machine and no Art ive decided to do a PDX for the 1st time Taken me 2 nights to work out things Just the top 1/2 to complete and it will be finished hopefully by tomorrow night
  12. A little video from a well happy Dutch man mike hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/2gQbo-TU8aY
  13. On me break at work right now, so when I get back after 6am, will give em a run
  14. After a few hrs work heres the dutch owners game and monopoly? Sound roms could someone check if there a different revision cheers Tony omega(1).zip
  15. Last week
  16. Many thanks again for this one mate.
  17. Oh man, what a delightful treat this is 😀 Those sounds bring it all back - Bronski Beat, Black Box, Fine Young Cannibals, Steve Silk Hurley, Sabrina Johnston, Dream Warriors...my word, they're all there! Massive thanks to all involved for getting those sound ROMs 👍
  18. Think there were 2 variants of 2p play shuffles. One that gave you 4p for 2 of a kind wins and one that gave you a 10p win but with no holds.
  19. Saw this at weekend,not over exciting.you buy it dude,put you on the ladder.
  20. Thank you got limited space for machines so it helps and I can convert it in less than an hour 😊
  21. And I think they made a 2p £1.00 or £1.50 jackpot called silver shuffle ctl conversion
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