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  2. Show them ahair dryer bazz. See if you can rescue them. Good 2nd batch are coming Thanks for showing us and sharing. Hope my 2nd set from my printers ok tomorrow lol
  3. The spacing between the fruits in the areas circled doesn't look right and i do not think it is with looking at them not being flat. If you have checked them then they will probably right. Reel 1 looks to be the nearest.
  4. Yeah they stuffed them up. Didn't have an issue getting a reprint. Should have proper ones soon. Shame. Cant believe someone didn't see that before boxing them!
  5. Can certainly see the poor job now
  6. Only because the old ones won't stay flat Nothing to worry about ive checked
  7. They do look pretty good reproductions but looking at the side by side pictures, there "appears" to be different spacing between the fruits on the old and new bands?
  8. Shame - and nice pun. I quite fancied one of those retro white T-Shirts 🤔
  9. Was going to say dave that they look pretty good .cant see the poor lamination
  10. This shows it.... badly made. Such a shame ive had supersize print do me so many....
  11. Photos do this no justice the lamination is creased. Just visible here on the 3rd reel above grapes with 2 you can see one reflecting. In reality they are awful. They are already re doing them.
  12. So.... to my sadness This is what arrived..... somewhat annoyed and awaiting re print HOWEVER it shows ive got them spaced right
  13. Great read - I hope he comes back with the next chapter!
  14. Yesterday
  15. That is not the one but is a sweet little number, reminds me of when I watch 80's programs like Minder, it is always that ONE that sticks in my head.
  16. Well it’s finally happened after two years of searching for one and missing out 3 times ☹️ I finally got a fantastic offer from a very generous member Mike B 😁, who had had the machine for 5 years but had never got round to fixing it up the machine had never even been unwrapped from where it had been sent by courier as the silver sprint courier label dated 27/02/2016 was still attached to the shrink wrap that was undisturbed around the machine , so I was not going to miss out a fourth time and it was off to sunny Cornwall on Saturday morning it was a 600 mile round trip that took 11hrs in t
  17. only 9 are you sure about that mate 😁
  18. probably about as much chance of me winning the lottery😁
  19. It's a JPM, they used the Bars on a few games, this Speculator club electro was another example..
  20. Had a lot of help from @Bungle and he found the images, they were not great and there was some redrawing to do but we thought the gold cab would be something a little different besides this is dedicated to one person as stated above and of course everyone to enjoy.
  21. wow so great to see you here enjoy your stay
  22. Hi everyone, I am new to the site, just discovered these great machines ..Looking forward to playing more of them
  23. Looks spot on tbf. Good work Big J
  24. I will get photos of the Cash or Nudge schematics and post them on here if needed.
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