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  2. Looks good Clo. I think the photo misleads on the target rings. They are concentric circles heading into the centre, not offset as per your layout, but that might be design feature. Played the big brother of this at Sulzerned house I think. Nice game.
  3. Previously been suggested it is an Associated Leisure convo.
  4. I remember them back of the arcade little kiddy’s specials.
  5. Is there something special about this machine? I haven't even worked out who made it. It looks like the sort of small manufacturer or third-party conversion that I'm currently looking for, though. Anyone got anything McCormack or R V Smith?
  6. Bit anxious eh John, I say patience but don't blame you really as machines like this are not only iconic but anytime I see one on here I shoot my load in my pants. I really must stop visiting the Mecca.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Very nice, love the way you've done the target lamps, looks really cool! Thanks for this release @Clo06 its good fun to play.
  9. Hello joe i hope you enjoy your time here
  10. Sorry about the lack of updates on this, I am slowly working on it but I'm currently working away from home. will hopefully have it finished soon.
  11. hi i'm johan and i'm new here i was looking for info on the internet about my system5 and i found the youtube vids from magik what was great to watch, only i could not understand the english lol but great vids thats how i came here on to the forum looking for more knowledge about my system5 and mpu4 have a nice day all
  12. Very nice ron 👍👍👍
  13. OOoooooh!. Not seen one of these for a long time. Barcrest was a bit miffed by ACE sidewinder success. so they released this, which wasn't that bad, and another Video machine which had 5 mini 3 reel set up's called Take 5ive. I was wondering if you could win 10 quid in tokens off one game, but that was illegal I suppose
  14. The follow up to Haunted House. That game had some many features, that at first glance looked like a lo tech
  15. Don't know how this flew under the electrocoin radar but it did.
  16. Another Project 5 quid. Played this in several seaside arcades, but not long enough to see what kind of streak it had
  17. oldskooler

    cash kicka.JPG

    Rare JPM machine. Released in the Superbars cabinet.
  18. oldskooler

    gold strike 1.jpg

    Great colourful machine from early MPU4 era. Shame it was let down, by a flat profile.
  19. oldskooler


    Locomotion. Nobles clone of Bell fruits Nudge Gambler. There was several of these at Knowsley Safari Park. Absolute dead weights
  20. oldskooler

    multi money.jpg

    Another Maygay lo tech. Never saw this one, but the double win line and cash bank, indicates it was a rebuild (or the machine I'm thinking of, was a rebuild of this??). Machine I'm thinking of is Double Money. Switchable 10p/20p stake
  21. Summit coin. They made a batch of oddball machines
  22. oldskooler

    prize finder.JPG

    Looks like a rebuild of Nobles rail road
  23. Brenco. Great machines, and could be a bit of a buzz if the ground / earth connection was bad
  24. oldskooler

    Crazy cash.jpg

    Cheap rebuilds from project. Could go nuts on the crazy cash holds, same game play as Jokers wild
  25. Carfield..you paved the way, and then imploded..
  26. Saw this in a lot of dodgy places, taxi ranks, bus depots, train stations. Just wasn't an interesting machine from Maygay
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