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    Just a small mention about one of the no limits that I picked up, thanks to colinjackson1990 ( I think Colin lol) for giving me the heads up on them, Steve Lancett for the help and a massive thank you goes to Louie Bee who took the time to repair the boards and help anyway he could.👍
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    Thats how it should look Chris Job Done I managed to get the reelbands before the glass when i back converted my 2p Shuffle lol
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    A quick video of the attract mode... Big50Attract.m4v
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    Well, I didn't think it would ever happen but the notorious and elusive Big Fifty is now part of the collection! There's plenty of work to be done to bring this gem back to some sort of former glory so stay tuned!
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    Cheers, the price was a bit of a sting at £420 considering the condition of the MPU but I can handle that! And yes, the relief when it was finally in the house was immeasurable!!!
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    Thanks Vectra! I heard of these going absolutely mental over the years, like all the way to the top three of four times in a row. Never got it myself, most of mine ended on three or four quid! I did have a few go all the way and maybe £1 or £2 on the next go. I'll give this some hammer and see what I can get.
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    if you want i will have a look for you if it helps
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    or has some one swapped the wires over
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    They are not triacs, they are darlington transistors for the lamps. Triacs are AC switching devices for the solenoids, lockouts etc One dodgy transistor won't cause the symptoms you are experiencing. I guess you need to work out whether it's a row fault or column fault
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    I have some global stealth tech so i can add a little. It's usually found in the millennium mark 1&2 cabinets... I've seen dated from as late as 1999. (Looks more like 94 era) It's fairly reliable, much the same as configuration as JPM impact... battery damage on the game card eventually kills it, but it can take slightly more damage than an impact cpu card as the battery is better located. The tech is a comparable level to Scorpion 2. It was popular on Globals club machines which are fairly 'player unfriendly' low frequency jackpot machines. The version I have has a scorpion 4 type power supply that maybe an Diy replacement. In terms of timeline it seems Global switched to Epoch/elegance cab after this short Era.
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    Very nice Tris! So glad you got this, hope the price didn't hurt too much either. Must have been a huge relief to get this through the front door after all the fucking about! Good to see it running, yes the board needs a good cleaning but hopefully minimal work for you. Nice find.
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    Old tread, but I know I would add Global - Stealth Tech 1995 only ever used in a small amount of machines it seems. Global are usually known for rebuilds mainly on M1 and Epoch
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    It's Castle's own design, Mach2000. It later evolved into ACE's sp.ACE tech.
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    Wheels added much later. It was so damp when I got it I had to struggle to open bottom door. It’s dried out now but it was definitely sat on the wood for a long time. Was a lucky and good find thanks to rich and another machine I didn’t expect to ever see again I’ll get it sorted when time allows and post when done