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  1. Does anyone have a link to the ROMs for making a RAM clear card? Do they need a CHAR PIC in them or do they work with any? Any help appreciated!
  2. On the note of the actual thread….. if anyone’s interested now. Pic chips for certain machines are available off this company at a cost of £25 plus vat and delivery. I emailed regarding one for £25 Addams Family ROMs and they have the one needed a BC025. if anyone needs one give them a try. Chris Street emailed me back in no time with a yes we can and price. They also supply ROMs if you don’t have anyone kind enough to flash them for you, thanks to the Mecca I am lucky with those :-) good luck all.
  3. Worth your effort mate. Proper job just watched the video. On another note you couldnt help with a Barcrest BC025 pic chip for the Addams family mpu5 game card, evidently that’s what I’ll be needing. Seems as hard to get as your reels where mate 😂😂😂
  4. I’m totally baffled as to how they got white around them. That makes no sense whatsoever as there’s never been a white outline from the minute it got scanned the background was disposed of. They do look the dogs mate. Well worth doing, and at last. They fit!!! 😂😃
  5. Not that I hold them very straight! 😂🤣
  6. Heres the rat race ones that Tony scanned on the same scanner just printed by different printers..... They all added up when measured and should be good. Sure they will nail it rich, if these had been wrong too id believe we stuffed it up but they are fine mate. Looking forward to seeing them when they get it right 🙂
  7. I’ve had a word with Lidl, they said they will be happy to supply bands to the public in runs of 5 I just need to print them all??? 😂😂😂
  8. I made some for nick out of emulated art with just “guess” measurements and I think they are ok, I’ve done PCP ones from Johnnos art and they were ok after sizing in Paint shop. The rat race are ok when flat but these ones have all got one thing in common. Supersizeprint.co.uk did them on duratrans. These evil ones that Rich is doing are with a different printer and reverse printed on acetate. I’m no expert but once I got the ruler out it all added up on screen and bodged on a4. im sure the printer will come good it’s just not the norm, the art should be spot on, the first lot were off as were rat race after being scanned. That messed them about a lot. This time rich. Be worth the £10,000 😂😂😂 next try some backlit mate. They are even worse 😂😂 looking forward to seeing them on and working. Fingers crossed not long now mate.
  9. What was even more worrying with rat race is the original bands placed over this set of reels didn’t seem right either. And this is the deck it should go on....
  10. Whats even more odd, when editing we did from top to middle and bottom to middle so the bottom and top on that exact size paper / plastic should have always matched up. If any in the middle had been nudged wrong and been a bit out I would get it. JPM logo finished exactly where it should on those measurements and top fruits started exactly where they should. May well just be a case of printers scaling it a mm or two and they all line up. Can’t believe the luck your having with them.
  11. What worries me rich is that they look exactly the same as the original ones that we adjusted and printed on a4 to match them up and check they looked right with the originals. They seem as far out as the first ones and the second art really was spot on after using patched a4 to measure it up. Very odd, it’s a shame after all the effort and money but sadly it seems to be the only way to get reel bands as people do a few then stop. They’re not as simple as they look. The second art wasn’t that far off mate I’m sure of it. An a4 laser printer set too not change scale is a bad way to check it and even that lined up. Great that the printers took it on as it doesn’t look the same size at all from those. you’ll get there. More patience than me mate 😂😂😂
  12. Yeah they stuffed them up. Didn't have an issue getting a reprint. Should have proper ones soon. Shame. Cant believe someone didn't see that before boxing them!
  13. Only because the old ones won't stay flat Nothing to worry about ive checked
  14. This shows it.... badly made. Such a shame ive had supersize print do me so many....
  15. Photos do this no justice the lamination is creased. Just visible here on the 3rd reel above grapes with 2 you can see one reflecting. In reality they are awful. They are already re doing them.
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