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    a few roms untested courtesy of nick [ sulzerned ]
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    Thanks to jayne.sharpe7 for the roms, and to player superbank and orchid for the pre release bash and orchid for spotting an error. and of course the usual thanks to wizard for his amazing emulator. set on 10p play with the jackpot @ £4 the usual shortcuts apply. hot shot.zip
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    It's looking like a problem with the main board. If the eprom card, sound card and cpu card are all from a guaranteed working machine. It can only really be the motherboard. I had one like this the other week it seems like a boot/reset fail. I'm not hearing an 'alarm'? So not sure about that. Be careful how your touching those chips and parts too mate you should wear an earth strap. One bit of static can kill a board. P.s one of those reels looks familiar to me!
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    Yes I have been caught like that, and so have some on here as well, you buy one and it looks good, not blacktoped or counterfeit, works fine, so you buy more and like you have found only one or 2 in the batch work and they have very counterfeit traits! The trend is when they reprocess them they are either lower frequency chips with tops ground off then remarked as faster devices with laser markings which are not even in the correct font! Or they are pulls reprocessed but in grinding the legs there is no static protection so the die is damaged by static right away, or the chips limp on for a while then fail shortly after once you have bought them! Either way counterfeits are now rife!! It’s a big problem getting good decent chips which will have a long life!
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    £10 / 25p Edition here too Bfm's Money to burn £10 Wdx Mfme6.1+.zip