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Found 26 results

  1. jr1888

    hi all

    mfme v 5.1 looking for this to play andy capps games
  2. BarcrestPlayers

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Hi I’m looking fir a scorpion 2 power wire as mine has to much corrosion on it, and corrosion has spread up the wires and ruined the crimps. Has anyone got one? Also would May consider a MPU to lol I know it’s a long shot. Thanks ! 
  3. domy121

    Fruit Machine Chip Burning

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help. I've got a Popeye system 5 fruit machine. When the sounds play some seem to be out of sync to the machine. Is this a problem with the sound rom and if so is anyone able to burn a new one? Kind regards, Steve
  4. stevende85

    The Mob MPU4 - Erratic Display

    Hi Everyone Recently bought The Mob by MDM, and until now it has been faultless. Playing about with it this afternoon though, it has developed a strange fault where the display is showing random characters. This machine will still play, and payout, just doesn't display properly. I have traced the cables from the display down to the bottom of the MPU4 board, and both ends are secure. Looking for some guidance as to what to check next? Thanks in advance! Steven
  5. Hi, I`am a new user here and used to play plenty of old fruit machines when a bit younger. And enjoyed playing adders and ladders plus a machine called the jester. Iwas looking for a site i used a long time ago in which i downloaded a file to enable roms to be added so i could play the old style fruit machines. I`am guessing this is the right place, but also noticed that the download section is not available to me at the moment, and was woundering how i could get to play those slots again. Been playing some facebook slots, but they are not the same and i do love the old style machines too, infact i did once own one, and if i had a place to put one i`d even buy a adders and ladders slot for my home. Anyway hope someone can help me out and show me how to play these games once again on my laptop. Thanks in advance Craig
  6. Hi there. I have a mayday machine of pick your pasos. I was playing one day and I got jackpot but had less than 20 in the pot and the alarm sounded. I turned off and on again like many times before to reset the payout but it got stuck with the LD1 Flashing, LD3, LD4, LD5 and LD2 are solid and L6 is off. The battery was removed before leakage and was working fine in a home environment. I have a video of boot up to show what happens if that helps anyone. Thanks
  7. Hi there I have recently brought an impulse Pick your pasos fruit machine. it had slight damage from battery leakage but i have fixed that. I was playing yesterday and it was all fine and then the PSU started making a weird noise. i moved the machine up some stairs and plugged it all back in but the power supply seemed to stop working. does anybody have the pin out for the PSU / Power Supply so i can check the voltages. Also, on the main board (the one with the game and sound cards) and the LD1, LD2 and LD6 are not lighting up at all and the ALPHA lcd board doesn't get power at all. its not the cables but i think its the screen its self. Thanks in advanced
  8. Hi there. I'm not sure how to start a specific thread so I'm sorry if this annoys by posting in the new members section. Does anyone know of someone who will come out to take a look (and hopefully fix) my Barcrest Star Wars A New Hope machine. I'm in Liverpool. Left in an non working condition by the delivery people, much to my dismay. Any help would be great as this is my first machine and I'm completely useless. Thanks for your time.
  9. pads1111

    M1 M1A or M1B

    hi everyone, I've got a faulty maygay mpu, its a 1989 machine and it says Maygay M1 version B I've been thinking I've got a m1b mpu but mine is an earlier model is it? would my machine take a m1a or m1b mpu or any other one for that matter? also if i find a used board that will work with my machine, what holds the specific memory for that machine to work in the correct way or is the programme the same for all machines of that age. i know this is basic electronics but its new to me, any help would be much appreciated. thanks pad
  10. 1970karl


    Hi guys I have acquired a Barcrest roadhog machine that I am trying to save . The problem is it has had the glass butchered to change the jackpot . I have a reasonable spare top glass from when I built my own but I need a good bottom glass . So if anyone has a good bottom glass or a pair I would be interested . Would be a shame to scrap it . Thanks in advance Regards Karl
  11. Hi can someone help me. I have a Turboplay from Barcrest (G2 cabinet) mpu5 Coin Mech type SR5 parallel interface (Dutch model). It will not accept any coins i tried to teach (euro coins) The coin Mech was working perfect until i tried to hook it up to the site kiosk software. I think i changed the value and path. I hope there is someone that can help me.
  12. Hey all, I recently just bought my self a Club Monopoly 1.1 Fruit machine. I bought it for £50 knowing the coin input was not working. Still I bought it and found alls that was needed was the plug a leas into the mechanism. Anyway, now I just would like some help with other things. Firstly, I cant get the refill key to work on the machine. it fits and turns but nothing happens... Also the machine does not pay out when you ''Collect' it just makes a sound as if it is paying out when it doesn't. I know it isn't the solenoids as they work fine when i go into test mode. I'm not sure what the problem is but i think it may be because i cant get the cash box or back door switch to work so it may think they are open? Oh and one more thing. The machine plays sounds suck as features and so on but there is no music playing in the background like I thought there would be. I have seen two pins on the MPU that say speaker and there are two connectors that I think should go in there but when I tried it I blew a main 12 V fuse... Whoops. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Also i can send any pictures that are required
  13. Hi all and thanks for accepting me, I have brought the most awesome fruit machine today (a Maygay Donkey Kong), it just spoke to me so I brought it! but its not working (knew it wasn't when I brought it but I just love it!) so I know I will be driving everyone mad until I get it working, Thanks in advance for your patience
  14. paultee

    mpu3 white plug rewire ?

    I have a Barcrest Pots of Money.It was recently switched on after a few years of neglect.It worked well for about 15 mins.Then there was some fizzing and it stopped working.The white power plug had a wire that appeared to be corroded.From the inside 2 holes were brown.I notice on the forums,that you cannot get a new plug.Being a total novice,could someone please tell me how to remove the wire and the internal plug clamps,clean/replace and refit.Do you also think that the socket on the mpu3 may also be damaged?
  15. Hi Everybody, I have just picked up an old Maygay Coronation Street machine which does not work. I have some basic knowledge of what i should be looking at and seems to be the mpu is not coming out of reset to turn the +12v relay on. i just hope somebody here can help. Barry.
  16. bazza

    Maygay Coronation Street fault

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I have managed to pick up an old Maygay coronation Street machine which does not work. I have some basic knowledge of what i should be looking at but need some help. It seems like there is a problem with the mpu not coming out of reset to allow the +12v to work. Has anybody got any ideas? Barry.
  17. Digby

    What it is

    I was clearing and old store room and found these. Are they psu? They are light which makes me think they are not
  18. borgred


    can any one tell me were i can get a diode for my mpu its location is d45 on the board its a saucer shaped diode with curvy legs or a modern replacement please
  19. borgred


    i have just copied a film file to DVD but when i play it back there is no sound on this dvd.the file is perfect when played tried the dvd in my tv and still no sound and also put a another dvd film in my computer and thats fine any help please
  20. FrutiyRob

    Psycho Cash Beast Help....

    Hello Every1, I am not a complete newbie here, I had an account a while ago and was unable to use it... (or remember it ) You guys have always been fantastic in the past, now I got 2 more machines and problems (most of which have been fixed.... At the moment I am only concentrating on the PSYCHO CASH BEAST machine.... I have got the machine back to a working state, It powers up fine, loads fine, takes the credits.... then there's a problem... The machine just wont let you press start to play the machine, I have tried changing the button parts over etc but still no joy... I'm thinking this is probably 1 of 2 things..... 1) there should be a minimum amount of money in the machine before it will play (it has about £1.40 in it) 2) lose wire somewhere??? Please help guys. Many thanks Rob
  21. mgstevieg

    Carry on Clubbin Global - Issues!

    Hi there, I am new to the scene so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction! I have recently purchased a Global Fruit Machine being Carry on Clubbin but the machine is not currently in a working order. I plug the machine in and power appears to reach the main power unit at the base of the machine - there are also various LED's that glow red inside the machine (Four on the main circuit board and one next to each reel all glowing red). However none of the front lights light up and there is nothing at all within the display screens. The reels fail to move also... After looking into it on the web it sounded as though the cause was most likely a dead battery which I have had replaced and re-soldered but this hasn't provide a solution. im not sure if the board itself has been coroded by the faulty battery? Am I on the right lines here? I have added some pictures to exaplin this better but if any of the boards need replacing i wouldnt know where to start looking for the parts. i have been searching on EBAY for replacement boards and spare manuals but Im unable to find anything for this machine? Any help would be brill!
  22. lalakijilp

    Barcrest MPU3 Help!

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am 18 years old and live in The Netherlands. Since we went to the pinball hall of fame in Las Vegas me and my dad have a passion for pinball machines and arcade stuff. We have got 3 pinball machines, one arcade machine and a slot machine. Recently I bought 2 slot machines that weren't functioning for 20 euros. I thougt well maybe I can fix them. I have been reading your forums and it has been really helpfull. But now I am stuck at a point where I dont know what to do. It is a Barcrest machine. The name is 'Coin Shoot' and it has a MPU 3. This is what I did so far: When I plugged the power cord in only the TL lights turned on. No other lights or sound. Sometimes the display would show 00000000 but a lot of the times it would not show a thing. I could move the reels by my hand. I checked and replaced the fuses and I figured the MPU was broken. I took the MPU out and the battery leaked, and a condenser and transformer were missing. So I took the 100% working MPU3 out of my dads working slot machine (magic replay). I plugged it in my machine and turned the machine on. The TL lights turned on. All the other lights remained of. There was no sound. The hopper mechanism (not a hopper but a slide system) started to make a clicking noise. The message on the display said: ‘Coin peoeroud’ or something like that. This time the reels were stiff and I could not move them by hand. The noise didnt stop so I turned the machine off and back on. This time the ‘slider’ didnt make noise. The display showed two zero’s (00) at credits. I put coins in and they just came back out. At the back of the machine I triggered the coin mechanism by hand (so it would think i put in coins) and nothing happened. I turned the machine off. When I turned it on some weird symbols came up on the display. When I turned it on later it showed 2 zero’s again, but this time on the other side of the display. Then I discovered there was a wire loose. There was one wire sticking out of the white cable bundel. I uploaded the picture of this. I stuck the wire back in and a clicking noise came from somewhere near the transformator (correct word?). Nothing else happened. What should I do? The fuses are intact, the MPU is 100% working. Is the game itself (the ROM) broken? I am not really technical but I would like to learn some more and I would appreciate your help! I added a bunch of pictures for you to see whats going on. I can always make more just ask me. Thanks
  23. drdrax

    simpsons beer guide help

    hi guys new to this forum.. would really appreciate any help with my simpsons beer guide fruit machine. i can get the strim alarm to disable can this even be done. every time i try and collect any winnings the alarm goes off displays error strim alarm 1.9 the few moments later say iou and the cash amout . i have then have to turn the machine off and on. please help me thanks chris
  24. drdrax

    simpsons beer guide help

    hi guys new to this forum.. would really appreciate any help with my simpsons beer guide fruit machine. i can get the strim alarm to disable can this even be done. every time i try and collect any winnings the alarm goes off displays error strim alarm 1.9 the few moments later say iou and the cash amout . i have then have to turn the machine off and on. please help me thanks chris
  25. lee hooper

    loom ?

    i have a barcrest life a beach and it has a nv4 note acceptor loom is plug into it but the other end has two plugs were do you put them i have pictures thanks for your time