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  1. Hi all. I am pleased to be able to bring you my latest MFME redraw - Lite a Nudge (MK1) from JPM, running SRU Tech:) This is another one for us oldies! For shortcuts please use the README.txt Special thanks go to the following people: Wizard (RIP) MFME creator. @Midibob for providing the extremely rare ROMS. @Richy100 for the Lite a Nudge flyer included with this release. @Line Up Chris for his helful Youtube videos and the Bell pics he sent me. Here is the layout: Lite a Nudge Deluxe v1.1.zip
  2. Hello well first of all let me start by saying I never realized how much interest there was in the product and the industries that I enjoyed as a younger man. As much as the industry was interesting and fun to be in, the company JPM, was something very special. Considering the company as we knew it ceased to exist many years ago, most of the individuals that enjoyed working together, and playing hard together, are still in contact with each other. Several people on this forum have suggested that stories about the early days might be interesting so I have decided to attempt to write some humorous lines about those days and the product. This is obviously from my point of view and so it's in a way autobiographical, but I started on the production line, went through to the test department, moved on to development, migrated to customer services promoted to customer service manager, was asked to take over development, was part of the Marketing team and then project managed the new SWP so I guess mine is a particularly wide view. If this seems self indulgent or self promoting it's not meant to be so be honest and re-direct me if I drift off subject. I still work, I enjoy working with a bunch of geeks, lunatics, and research amongst other things renewable energies, water purification and believe it or not mobile phones and beer brewing, however that's another subject altogether. Strangely, at least six of us used to work in the gaming industry, no one else from JPM, they are not that old 🤔 however several from Astra games which obviously I had a big hand in setting up. I'll gather some facts together and come back with more pertinent information. Regards Frank Bird .......... Continued ..........
  3. Hi there, newbie here, I've just bought a Ser 2 nudge shuffle, is there such a thing as a manual, sorry if it's a previously asked question. If so, where can I get hold of one. Many thanks, Nick
  4. Every single JPM vogue machine ever made, will be posted below. Am I missing any? Comment below.
  5. Hi Guys It is time to go back to the eighties with a very special 2p machine called Golden 2's. CTL did a really good job of converting JPM stuff to 2p play, and this is no exception! A massive thanks to Louie Bee for his ongoing work in provided resources, including the ROMS's for this game:) Thanks to Paul Gee for his youtube video, which was all I had to go on regarding any images when redrawing, and Richy100 for a last minute pic which had some detail that I missed in the video. Thanks also go to HitTheSIx for a good old testing, and of course thanks to Wizard for making everything possible with the mighty MFME:)) Anyway...Give this a try as it really is a worth a play! Golden 2's - CTL - final.zip
  6. Hi Guys Here is my new DX version of Nudge Shuffle from the early 80's. I originally did a this a year ago, but did not draw a proper cabinet for it, so I have spent a good week updating it, specially for your entertainment. Thanks to Liam for the manual included in the folder, Dad (dadsfme.com) for the ROMs, and Wizard for the amazing MFME:)) For further info please read the Read Me File.txt Have fun guys:) Nudge Shuffle (Cab) V.1.zip BTW: If anybody knows what the switch Reflex On/Off means, please let us know (I have left a check box on the layout for it)
  7. Hello, I'm Dave, Proms & Decals - I'm after some £5 jackpot and 10p Stake or lower, PROMS to replace my £8 PROMS along with replacement Decals please Reel Bands - I have several fruits machines with melted or smoke stained reel bands I would like to replace. If anyone can help my number is 07951201542 and my email is DApierarcade@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Guys As a special Christmas treat for you, I am pleased to bring you my MFME version of Bar 7. This uses USA ROMS that Richy100 managed to get from Ian Eason:) Fortunately they are the same as the UK ROMS as far as gameplay. The only difference seems to be the lack of a 50p change facility and token input. I was able to make this a UK machine, thanks to some top glass pics Richy100 sent me during the draw process:) Included in the download folder is: READ ME.txt for short cuts and full information Personality Pack. AKA Bar 7 Manual (Thanks Richy100) Flyer of the original machine (Thanks Richy100) Thanks to Ian and Richard for your support:) Reg (desertislandfruits.com) for final testing, and finally Wizard for making everything possible with MFME! Download and have some nostalgic fun: Bar 7.zip Happy Christmas:) Andy B
  9. Hi Guys Here is a DX version of JPM's Club Vegas from 1982. Hopefully there will be some members on here that are actually old enough to remember this? A big thanks goes to Louie Bee for uploading the ROMS, and some pictures on which this is based off. Thanks to Richy100 for providing the flyers (inside the folder). Thanks to Reg (desertislandfruits.com) for testing. And finally, thanks to Wizard for providing us all with MFME and its evolution:) Shortcuts and further info is in the Read Me file if needed. Download Layout: Club Vegas v1.zip I hope you enjoy this.....Andy B
  10. Hi Guys Here is a little 80's treat for you. Thanks to Pete.w For the roms. Tommy C for finding the Logo Font family for me (desertislandfruits.com). Your very own Riche100, for kindly adding the enclosed Kicka flyer, which was the £2 predecessor of this. Dad for final testing (dadsfme.com) And to Wizard for making everything possible with the magical MFME:)) Have fun guys! Andy B Bouncer - JPM.zip
  11. Hi Guys Here is a special treat for all the old school players! Double Top From the early 80's, on 10p play with a magical £2 jackpot in tokens! (Best played in 4K or 8k in portrait mode) I have included both sets of ROMS, that were kindly uploaded to here, by Louie Bee, and Midi Bob, so thanks guys:). Also thanks to Louie for uploaded a few pics, which helped me draw this monster! Thanks to TopShaun (desertislandfruits.com) for play testing, and a special thanks to Wizard for making MFME the backbone of fruit machine emulation, and for final checks on this before release:) Have fun guys, and I hope you enjoy playing this for many years to come. Short cuts are in the Read Me file in the folder. Layout: Double Top JPM (SRU).zip
  12. Can't wait to start exploring and reliving my youth on here.
  13. I'm totally new to any of this but I have always wanted a fm in the front room and my partner picked this up yesterday for free it has all keys and powers on beautifully reels spin but then wow alarms sounding and shows the error code 2.4 I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me with the restoration of this beautiful machine please I'd love to be able to use it and show my children and grandchildren just how cool the old machines are thank you in advance
  14. Hi all got a bit of a annoying fault on give us a break Impact, all the money is going into the regular tube but the machine is trying to payout, out of the overflow tube so there’s no money in it. Any ideas? Tried refilling didn’t work
  15. Any thoughts on this? Magik recons it’s a early vision due to its colour, thought I’d post it on here.
  16. I am Looking for a tested MPS2 board to get my JPM Superfruit spinning again. If you have one for sale please contact me. best regards, mischa.neuteboom@gmail.com
  17. Hi Folks, I managed to supply the board with the needed voltages again. The switched part of the RED MPS1 power supply failed but i overruled it with a PC PSU. But now the next thing is that the machine doen't seems to boot. Visual inspection: The NI CD battery is corrosing. Could a dead battery cause the boot failure? I have just cleaned all corrosion and removed the battery. All connections/solders looks ok now. Should I put a new battery in it? Are there more things to look after? Attached an image of the 8 segment LED before cleaning and removing the battery.
  18. Back to the old-school with this one. A fantastic old JPM lo-tech machine called Hi Ho Silver. Set to the classic £4.80/20p. On the system 5 tech. I remember playing this all the time when I was younger, and playing it again on the emulator brings it all back. A great suck, and streak machine that JPM liked to do back then. Expect a good four, or five repeats on the jackpot when the time is right. Unfortunately there is a slight issue on this when you get the jackpot on the Red/Blue Sevens. There's a bit of slowdown, mainly because all the lamps that flash during the jackpot sequence are 'Blended'; which has a big effect on the speed. The issue only happens when you scale the layout, down, on smaller monitors. If you play it at full size, there's no slowdowns. Another oddity is the lamps on the buttons. They sometimes light, erratically, and I'm not sure why. It might be hold-hints, or an emulator issue. All the credit in the World must go to Paulgee. If it wasn't for him, and Jonno, this machine might never have got emulated. Not only did Paulgee send me the new rom dumps (that Jonno kindly dumped for him) from Paul's own machine, he also sent me reel images/order, and a video of the lamp sequence which helped my an huge amount in getting it completed. High-fives all around! Use MFME6.1 to play. Full list of credits are: Jonno: Dumping roms. Paulgee: Offering roms to be dumped from his own machine, plus reel images/order and lamp sequence video. SPA: Flier that was used. Shortcuts are: Hold/Nudge 1 - 1 Hold/Nudge 2 - 2 Hold/Nudge 3 - 3 Hold/Nudge 4 - 4 Cancel/Take - ` or T Start - Space 20p Token - 9 £1 Insert - 0 Enjoy this great JPM once again! Hi Ho Silver DX.zip
  19. Been a while, but I've got another old-skool favourite done. A DX for a JPM system 80 machine called Fortune Trail. The 2p version of Mystery Trail/Spin. Use MFME6.1 to play. Huge thanks to the following people that made this layout possible. alex74: Classic Layout, And Roms. Louie Bee: Pictures. riche100: Cabinet Picture. Road Runner: Reel Images. Enjoy! Fortune Trail DX.zip
  20. Hello, Just given my JPM Casino Crazy a quick clean up. It all works !!! It has a ME115TS with the orange £2 adapter attached. Obviously the new £1 means i'm going to have to send it away for reprogramming, but I also want to remap the coin routing. Does anyone have the pinout for the 18 pin routing plug? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi everyone im new to this forum so bear with. I have a jpm casino 5liner currently having my boards tested and found that I need some new game eproms. Do they have to be the same or could i use different ones
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