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Tuppenny Topper

Tuppenny Topper
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After 20 years of MFME, finally we have pictures of my favourite childhood machine, Tuppenny Topper.

We think it may be have been manufactured by Associated Leisure. It is MPU3 and shares similar symbols and sounds to Barcrest's Line Up era of machine.

At 2p play and £1.50 jackpot, £5 could last a whole evening and you'd probably still have enough money left for sausage, chips and a bus ride home!
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13 hours ago, TuppennyTopper said:

Hopefully it will be emulated one day...😉

Give it time, with the advances in mfme the last few years I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not completed by the end of 2020

maybe nudge amusements aka frig or whatever he’s called on here 

as he’s made some excellent layouts from scratch from this era 

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