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  1. So something definitely changed here as in it’s moved a reel along ? As in from reel 2 to reel 3 😁 It can get confusing this lol keep at it I’m sure you’ll crack it
  2. Would swapping the white plugs over be worth a shot to see if the fault moves ? Maybe not as you say it’s come up with two numbers already ? I did this on mine and it worked but I’ve a different machine with different alpha display and faults come up with wording and numbers? Be careful with the plugs and the wires that go to them there delicate and a right bugger to get off😔
  3. There’s some really good threads on here with similar issues and most do eventually get resolved, some easily as a loose plug or some not like a problem with board components. A google search can bring you back to the Mecca on a thread with similar issues and are well worth a read.
  4. Introduce yourself and a little about the machine with a few pics on a new post in the help section of the forum, they are some very knowledgeable and helpful people on here that can help.
  5. Possibly, the battery can leak and cause all sorts of faults. On a lovely machine like that it would be best to find out.
  6. Ah great thanks for that I’ll have to take a look and see if it’s still on there ! Hopefully not 😁 All the best with your project
  7. Hi people, I bought an old pace de soldering station of e bay. The hand-piece on it is shot unfortunately so I’ll need to replace. It will be around £150 for a second hand one off e bay ect. I have seen a whole set up on Amazon for £150 which includes a soldering iron too? Would this be good enough for my purpose for learning or will it damage the board if it’s too hot ?
  8. Hello Robbie, Sorry I can’t give you a 100% straight answer as I’m fairly new to boards ect. However it does look correct hopefully someone with more experience will give you the Thumbs up 👍🏻 shame about the battery leak! I have a mpu4 board I need to check to see if there’s a battery on there 😞 why they put these things on there I have no idea 🤷🏻
  9. Looks fantastic what a lovely find 🙌🏻 And all those tokens, ha
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