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Found 9 results

  1. MTC

    MPS2 JPM Super Fruits

    I am Looking for a tested MPS2 board to get my JPM Superfruit spinning again. If you have one for sale please contact me. best regards, mischa.neuteboom@gmail.com
  2. Please alle me to introduce mezelf. I have no stealth, but do have some taste. Especially in eighties and early nineties fruitmachines and pinnballmachines. Nu name is Mischa Neuteboom, a single father of a 14year old angel named Angel. We live in Amsterdam and what used to be a bad habbit, playing fruitmachines while smoking and drinking, has turned into a fun hobby, in which my daughter is also becoming an enthousiastic player. I was directed to this platform for lovers of fruitmachines by a friend, who runs a simular Facebookpage. In the Netherlands we mostly have JPM, Barcrest and Bellfruitmachines. However these models are different than the ones in the UK though. At home I have a Blackjack by Barcrest which is played almost daily. Last week I thought I had found myself a jewel. A Project Coin Machines Ltd. called Chico the Bandit. The cabinet is near mint and the owner told me it was running well and we made a deal. As I arrived to pick it up, he told me that for the first time it would not start and ensured me it must be a fuse only. I took it home, took it upstairs and had a closer look. The batteryleakage was there. That was a great disappointment, especially when the people on the Dutch platform told me not to keep hopes up trying to find another PC-92-108-003 MpU board. But, your moderator does have good hopes I will find what I am looking for here 😀.. So if you have read this boring introduction and are able to help me please do. Best regards , Mischa Neuteboom.
  3. Hello all! Just another new user with the intention of helping and getting help for a machine i just purchased.. So yeah, i found this place, at last! Kind regards, Lee
  4. I'm a gamble machine's mechanic in the Netherlands. I repair a lot of machine's Air Hockey Arcade Machine's PhotoPlay Pinball Racers Slots Also i can re-program different type's coin validators Coin Control C120 / C220 / C220B / C230 / C335 / C450 / Sr3 Mars Electronics Mms100 / Ms111/ Me115 / Me126 / Me129 MEI Cashflow 115 / 126 / 129 / 330 / 340 / 560 Nri G10 / G13 / G18 / G40 I'f you have any questions you can mail us EuroGaming@Live.nl
  5. Hi there - I have Gridrunner - used to work just fine but been standing a while and now doesnt boot up at all, no lights, nothing. Once turned on I just have the three green lights - similar to so many other threads, and have the sound of the alarm kind of feintly hissing through the speaker. More recently now the top led(reset I think) is rapidly flashing and there is a clicking sound from the speaker....which eventually goes and solid green light comes on, but still nothing. The PSU has all bright green lights lit - bit noisy but think it always was.... I really want to prove the MPU faulty but its so clean and no sign of damage at all - but I dont have a clue how to test the board and roms. Can someone help me - Id love to get this back up and running Thanks Giles
  6. tofts

    TECHNICAL knowledge required!

    I have an EPOCH MPU board that probably gone south, although I'm not 100% certain. No, i'm not just going to replace it as thats what everybody seems to do, then throws the old ones away which is stupid as these are going to become rarer and rarer. Simplified problem: The machine boots (partially) and most of the lights go in to demo mode, and reels attempt to move. But nothing more. Now for the techy bit. The problem in detail Power supply was buggered to start off with, as there was no -12v rail, which turned out to be a faulty cap whos ESR was way way way off the scale. I also replaced all of the caps on the board while I was there as some of them were a little bit suspect after 20 years. This stabilized all of the rails some what and got rid of some excess ripple that would never have helped. I also discovered a fault resistor, well at least what i thought was faulty anyway, R20 in the PSU which is the drop from the 240v mains power in to an opto-isolator via a dioide, was burnt and I was unable to ascertain the exact value. I believe that it is meant to be 100k, but I can't be sure as the colours were burnt off! This will adversely effect (and this is where I am guessing now) the sync pulse and/or the line power sense which could be the fault, but without a diagram or such, its difficult to say. The MPU board battery had burst, no surprise. It has destroyed a multitude of tracks, and taken a surface resistor and generally made quite the mess. Once the PSU was sorted, this board wouldn't boot properly and only three lights would show up. I repaired all of the broken tracks, replaced the surface mount resistor and cleaned up everything checked and double checked. The board now lights up correctly with top to bottom lights as follows. ON, OFF, ON, ON, ON, PULSE. The game then boots as described above. So I scour the web for a manual, diagram, schematic and none can be found, well the one I did find is in the maygay manual and is of such poor quality that I can't read it! The serial output lines have data on, and appear correct but again need more info on output pulses! It would appear as if the FPGA is not being programmed correctly on boot, as ROMS 2 and 3 are not being accessed. Chip enable should be pulled low and they are not, BUT this could be normal operation as we are only currently in demo mode. ROMS 0 and 1 are enabled and AFAIK are outputting correctly. This could just be a partial boot problem or it could be a dead FPGA, i am not sure. All of the pins on the FPGA test as per the Datasheet, but its a little ambiguous. The 16MHZ crystal is oscillating perfectly with a beautiful sine wave so no issues there The bottom line is, I know that I can repair this board, but I NEED a schematic or a better quality copy of the maygay manual. Or alternatively answers to some of the queries! Just to recap, R20 in PSU - What is the value? SYNC Pulse - What frequency/amplitude? Pink cable - Currently outputting a sine signal of aprox 4.7v, is this correct and again, frequency/amplitude? MPU - Are all roms accessed simultaneously? I will keep working on the board, as being able to actually REPAIR these rather than replace, would be eternally useful to all. So If any one has any info, it would be of great help. Thanks, Jody
  7. bazza

    Maygay Coronation Street fault

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I have managed to pick up an old Maygay coronation Street machine which does not work. I have some basic knowledge of what i should be looking at but need some help. It seems like there is a problem with the mpu not coming out of reset to allow the +12v to work. Has anybody got any ideas? Barry.
  8. bigoz81

    Barcrest club frenzy

    Can anyone help me?????. I have a barcrest club frenzy that is displaying alarm 54-11 cpu bus error pc2a7f6 1ddcoooo**** i have replaced the mpu, the reel driver and the power supply but no change. Any ideas???