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    Yes he is very good indeed.The only guy i trust with my coin mechs,he always goes the extra mile
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    Yes Moon Bug used an electromechanical reel mech with a motor and solenoids
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    Easy enough to fix but the right desoldering tools are a must if you don’t want any board or track damage
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    most likely the lamp board, they can be fixed but most don't bother this was a reel board, fiddly but can be done first row of bad chips! found a bad one! nope that did not cure it, second go at bad chips
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    I had shorted out hundreds of Bell Fruit machines. It's not ideal but I have never seen any damaged caused from it. MPU5 can cause damage (I found that out lol). With the machine switched off you are fine to short battery out on Scorp 1,2,3 (dutch market) and 4. Obviously disconnecting the battery is always advised but like i say I have done it LOTS of time with no problems.
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    It’s a maygay triple M I have one Moon Bug Sorry about wonky pic it’s the only one I have
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    This is going to JPM Stu Saturday morning , you’ll have to speak to him mate I don’t have the equipment to do it.