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  • JPM's 'The Joker'
    JPM's 'The Joker'
    Have put this back to the 10p tokens - think I need a few more for all my machines  - am hoping to build this in to the shelving unit for the lounge when latter gets done!  
  • JPM's 'The Winner'
    JPM's 'The Winner'
    The token slot was blanked off and would like to restore this - tube and payout mechanism are there as well as the slot on the front - but all the gubbins behind the slot is missing so need a repla...
  • Bally's 'Sir Nudge'
    Bally's 'Sir Nudge'
    Would like to restore this to payout the tokens again.  It's missing a coin tube for the 10p tokens and the coin shoot that sits above the tube and directs coins form the coin acceptor on the...
  • image
    Sorry, mate.  Joke went over your head.   It's just all the images you've uploaded are upside-down. :D   Just noticed that you've got the deluxe version of Drop The Lot.  A...
  • image
    No sorry totally british thanks for reply

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