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JPM Clubber.

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Yes its an AWP. its a conversion but not JPMs.

It started as a JPM called The Hit back in 1976. with a 40p token top win line,

Apart from the win lines it had the "hit" feature when started the feature reel (Reel 1) the player has a number of skill attempts to stop the reel on hit symbol, every successful stop would payout a token. 

As the payouts went up to 50p tokens It was then converted to a machine called The Marksman in 1977 this was not a JPM conversion.

Same game, same feature just different glass, reel bands and background colour from blue to green with new name.

This next conversion to The Hot Shot is again the same game, same feature but now on £1, probably on all cash.

The conversion is from a private operating company up here in the North East.

The Hit jpm 1976 .jpg

the marksman my conversion on JPM the hit.jpg

the hot shot main glass.jpg

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