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Super Two £4.80 Dx

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 Next up here is my 500th Fme release and it's back to the 90's for me with this revisted slot "supertwo" the sister machine of "TakeTwo" which i thing take two is better.

I'll let you decide on that one. play em both side by side!!!

The reason i've redone this as the earlier version i made was a tad small (1024) so found the original image i made up and relight it, making a few changes to the original layout

thankyou goes to the original supplier of images @launton i think as he owed this machine before Steve Lancette had it

what more can i say, other the Enjoy and Happy Gaming just like its 1991

Now i must push myself into making a new layout for the 501st Fme release


Super Two Dx v2.zip

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