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JPM System 5 Popeye Error program card


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I have a problem with my JPM Popeye system 5 machine. When I start it up, I will get an program card error. The alarm sound is then triggered. After that it work as normal. I have checked the card, nothing strange as I can see. I also checked al the connections. What I noticed it that on the card on the picture a red ligt is flashing. Is that normal? Doe anybody has any idea what it could be?









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Yes the Red lamp flashing is normal, it's to indicate that the serial connection to the coin/payout board is active...

It's unsual to see the plastic case still on the main system 5 board these days. Is the cmos memory battery still fitted onto the main board? If it leaks it can cause so so so much damage.. 

Before it kills it it can cause errors especially if it's leaking downwards onto the expansion card on the front and reset and voltage check area. The boards are virtually unobtainable now so I highly recommend you have a very close look for battery alkaline damage.

Is the kart error only when you power up the first time? Does it do it when you close up the doors too.

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I have made the battery external yeas ago. The board never suffered from battery corrosion. 

I will check if it makes the error also when I close the door.  I will let you know.

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